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  1. It's not so much that people are referring to the two water parks in the area, the more the merrier I'd say, but it's that they're both operated by the same company, If I the consumer were to buy a combo pass, I intend to visit both SFoG and WW. With the addition of Hurricane Harbor, why should I even consider the option of a pass to both parks when I can just visit SFoG/HH for the price of a regular season pass. I personally live between the two parks, but why should I now make the drive to White Water when I can just exclude that cost from a regular season pass. Nothing there convinces me to spend more money. If these wer operated by two separate companies then the two could seriously compete with each other, drawing the same waterpark-seeking crowd to whichever was the better park. Why would SFoG now compete with themselves?
  2. Dude, Pacificoaster made one just like that! Same colors and everything.
  3. Im liking this. I think you could afford to have more shrubbery among the trees, and maybe use more land textures to break up all of the grass. Grass isn't everywhere in real life, you know. Maybe open up the foliage near the station too, since you can't really see it from the midway. That, or place a sign out front. Just something to acknowledge the ride. The hut over the queue entrance is a nice addition, but maybe put a roof on it to make it into a watchtower or something. That could help the theme of the ride.
  4. People seem to think that RCT3 is the only game that can made to be realistic and to look good. RCT2 has the same amount of custom objects moreorless, and with a bit of patience can be made to be as realistic as possible. Some people just haven't seen enough hyper-realistic parks to decide that.
  5. This is awesome! The fact that the actual trains are being made just shows the level of dedication you have. Fantastic.
  6. I love how clean the construction of this is. The tube-style supports do wonders.
  7. RD, I'm just wondering why that sort of rule has even be made? If people want to theme their stuff alongside the actual challenge, just let it be. I guess I'm just missing the point of all the "extra" rules of these more recent challenges.
  8. Re-theming the rides is forbidden? Way to suck the fun out of this challenge. Good luck to those actually willing to participate.
  9. In all of my entries thus far I've had a fictional "Apollo's Parks" brand. This obviously includes my own rides and ideas and such, as the parks have shown. I'm I okay with sticking to this?
  10. Any update here? Or is this the current version? I just don't want to start on it if I shouldn't.
  11. Some may have seen this already, but this is my interpretation of a little Superman-themed ride that recently opened.. SCR80.BMP
  12. That's such an awesome video! Are the black bars intentionally shaking? Or is it from a camera stabilization effect or something of the sort? Either way it's great! On another note, this is one of my favorite additions to the SF chain this year, and I'm glad it turned out looking this great. Hoping to see more like this in the near future.
  13. These rules seem to be missing one from previous challenges. There is no "all rides must be operational" rule. In a previous challenge I used track to add a touch of theming, not "hacking" it into the game, but just not making it a full circuit. Can I do that here? Not saying I am going to, but let's say a touch of track or something is used. Would I be DQ'd/banned for that..?
  14. I seriously think some of you guys are reading far too into these.
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