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  1. I used to play RCT for hours every day around 10 years ago and haven't really played much since. I had RCT 1 and got really excited when RCT 2 came out and I loved it. When 3 came out I hated it out of principle because it was too real so never bought it. Should I just get over it and start playing RCT 3 (with the added bonus of new stuff I've never seen before) or is it really disappointing so I should get 2 and complete that again? Thanks!
  2. well, ParkTrips, some of us do if for love more than hits... 50, 500 or 5000000000, hits - i don't care, what I care about is whatever feedback I get from here - real coaster lovers - what you guys want - it or is it not necessary? well, to be honest, I'll probably build it anyway out of my own love and obsession, but if anyone would like to beta test/become a staff writer, PM/email me at iblamefish@gmail.com with the subject NEMESISINFERNO (to get past the spam blocker) me to let me know!!
  3. I used to have a website call B&M Online, it went through loads of address changes, but was quite popular back in the day about 6 years ago (2nd in google for 'Bolliger and Mabillard' and in the top 10 for 'rollercoaster', here is a snaphot web.archive.org/web/20030608155458/http://bm.digital-coaster.com/ Did anyone look at this site (it used to have around 50 hits a day), and would anyone like me to bring it back? I really want to bring it back, but with the new 'web 2.0' stuff, really want loads of users to get involved too. If anyone would like me to continue with this project, let me know! PM, or email me at iblamefish@gmail.com I hope people replay to this! If I get more than 20 replies, I'll do it! And so people know, if you email me - please post a reply here too so others can see how popular (or not!) is it. Thanks, Clinton
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