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  1. Never got this anywhere near finished due to having to much fun on Seaworld and other stuff but here's the layout I promised to post Looking back at this it was a good layout and if themed well I could've won but yeah I was too lazy ^^ Anyway have fun checking this out and if anyone wants to use this plz say so I'll have no problems sharing cuz its just a raw layout basically Have fun... -BG- coaster TLM contest2.SV6
  2. I had a layout and an idea but no time, I think I'll post the layout here and just get it over with^^
  3. Ye saw that too, still I'm liking it, I only hope it'll be true...
  4. I hope you mean the release of the monthly micro and not the entire park. For the entire park I'd say get some testers going that you don't miss an accolade because you rushed it and sent it in before it was actually finished...
  5. I won't show a screen yet but think Intimidator305 with my own little twist...
  6. Its the best object for the invisible entrance huts hack so I'll use it anyway I knew about the suppblok with the roof but I didn't need it for that purpose...
  7. did you use son of beast trainer for the diagonal stationaries? if so cool hacking dude, haven't tried my hand at SOB but I'll definatly take a look into it.
  8. Hello boys, care to have me whip something up for this, just for the freakin fun of it^^ I'll see what I can come up with on this... btw can I parkdat a supportblocker in this? I'll need it for some hacks
  9. MY GOD, the onl thing I don't like is the colour of the track... are you planning on adding sceney?
  10. well its basically being smart with merges but I'll make a how to some time this week, have vacation then if you guys want the stationary trains I'll do those 2 but that's a tricky one but I'll explain that in the thread... But this question for the mod or admin of this forum, CAN WE PLZ HAVE A HOW TO OR TUTORIAL SUBFORUM PLZ, this would make everything a lot easier...
  11. Srry for not answering anything yet but I've been swamped with schoolwork atm, as soon as I've got time I'll make some how to topics for you guys, but as I've said I'll take specific requests so I'm not explaining stuff you guys already know so I don't waste my time with pointless threads, just post wich how to you want and I'll reply if I can do the specific hack or not and I'll make the how to then... Examples I can make, ferris wheel lift for a rapids ride, Stationary train in transfer sections, applies for any stationary train you want placed aswell Simple realistic stations for coasters and flats.... the non-glitching wooden catwalks on B&M coasters... to name just a few,
  12. that is where it goes wrong with RCT2, you can't accurately do those, you have to use those ugly big quarter loops from the 4D, I've tried with merges and stuff but it can't be done in a way it looks good imo, LL merges are better for the type of ride though....
  13. You obviously haven't been to Knott's Ghost Town. My budget doesn't allow to go that far for theme park visits, I hope you'd understand
  14. I can make a zacspin but it doens't look anywhere near good in RCT2, believe me but if you really want to try I advise you to take a closer look to the 4D coaster
  15. HAHA, it was actually but I just got angry that I hadn't finished it by now so previous monday I started working on it without any side projects getting any attention untill this was finished... I basically did 15% of the park in this week alone
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