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  1. I grew up a few miles from Michigan's Adventure and got a season pass every year. It was like $50-$60 and we would go a few times a week as kids. Now I look at Cedar Point across the bay from my backyard everyday. Neither are my favorites but I will always love them because they are my home parks.
  2. I've been on Dominator, Hydra, Batman, Medusa/Bizarro, and Griffon. Dominator is easily my favorite, it was better at GL because of the water, but it is still great at KD. Hydra is a distant second, I love its odd inversions and it's just a different ride. Batman is a nice little compact coaster and Medusa/Bizarro is ok, it was the first so that's cool. The new sound system needs to be louder as we all know how loud a B&M is. And Griffon is a little different but really give the floorless feel if you sit on the outsides. 1. Dominator 2. Hydra 3. Griffon 4. Medusa/Bizarro 5. Batman
  3. 1- Six Flags Great America - Great Park, I think it's the best of the SF parks that were bought. Marriott knew how to set up a park, and SF knew how to maintain that park. Raging Bull is one of my all time favorite rides and Viper is unbelievable. 2- Kings Dominion - I just really like the atmosphere here and it's a pretty park. Dominator is my favorite coaster and it looks great here. Haven't been there for I305 but I can't wait. 3- Cedar Point - I am majorly burned out on this park. I have worked there for 5 years and it doesn't excite me as much as it should, but I can't deny their amazing ride assortment. 4- Kennywood - It's just a perfect little park. Great rides, perfect atmosphere. I just wish it wasn't in an undesirable location of Pitt. 5- Dollywood - Between Thunderhead, Mystery Mine and Tennessee Tornado, this park has a great assortment of rides and the theming is wonderful.
  4. I'm down, as long as when I buy it there are included brochures from far away places like last time. P.S. - Have you ever even used your Wii Speak?
  5. I would only have coaster dreams after a long day of checking harnesses. I would dream that I was working and checking more harnesses. Not a fun coaster dream.
  6. Definitely Raging Bull back seat. The second drop of Big Bad Wolf was a great one. Also, Whizzer has a great first drop, i love that turn at the end of the drop.
  7. I'd have to go with my home park, Michigan's Adventure. Hit the coasters in the morning, then head to the great water park during the hot hours, and then back to the water park. It's only like $25 to get in and they have a world class woodie. Great little park.
  8. That park can really fill up fast. I've seen it slightly rainy and there were, what the supervisor we were talking to us said, 600-800 people in the park. But also, I have seen the park so pact that every line was spilling onto the midway and the midways were packed. Maybe you can hope for a little Northeast cold front and scare some people away.
  9. Thanks, That's what I could come up with too. "A shadowy construct, fathomed by scientists that their wits' end of the quest of the answer to everything." It just doesn't really make sense, and the words are going to be on screen so I can't make any mistakes.
  10. I am working on a project, a Kinetic Typography project for class and decided to use the Millennium Force Promo video. All is going well except I cannot figure out what is being said at a certain point. This is what I have: At the turn of the millennium, there were signs. Was there something out there? A higher intelligence? A mysterious force at work? Beyond words, beyond comprehension, beyond.... beyond. What will the new millennium bring? I can't make out the next part about scientists and their fathomed constructs. Once they start talking about Beyond time I can get it but I just can't understand that part. I have included the MP3. Can someone please help me? millennium force promo 1999.mp3 MF Promo
  11. I will agree with the Discovery Channel top 10's. I used to watch those every time they were on TV. Even if I had already seen them plenty of times. I grew up in Muskegon, MI so MiA was just across town. We only ever went once a year and didn't start until I was about 6-7 years old. Zach's Zoomer was the first coaster I ever rode and I rode it like 45 times that day. It was a big deal to move up to the bigger coasters. I tried Corkscrew the following year and then Wolverine Wildcat the year after that. I had never been to another park before and this was all I knew. Those places in the videos seemed so far away. I remember watching the Thunderbolt at Kennywood and saying I'll never get a chance to go there. I've been there every years for the past 5 years now. My Aunt and Uncle invited me to take a trip out to Cedar Point the first day of summer break after my 6th grade year, 1998. Shivering Timbers had just been built and we took a class trip there before the end of school and I finally got that after watching it being built for so long. I was still weary of Raptor and Mean Streak but did everything else at CP that year, Magnum's 10th anniversary. Back when Chaos, Troika and Dodgem 2 were where Dragster is now.
  12. Viper at Darien Lake is the worst. The seats are lower so the harness can go down further on me. Normally the OTSR hits my shoulders and stops and leaves some breathing room but Viper is just brutal. Not to mention it's an Arrow/Huss that didn't work.
  13. ^ That's totally terrifying. I love the Vekoma flyers, and with all the harness on those rides, this is still really scary.
  14. I've never really had any issues with lapbars/seatbelts coming undone or loose. The only real uncomfortable ride I've ever had has been both times on Viper at Darien Lake. The seats are lower and it doesn't let my shoulders hit the OTSR as easily and they staple everyone so badly on that ride. It's the only ride I can't ride due to it hurting too much.
  15. Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney comes to mind. I have friends that used to work at Disney and they would all go to PI after work. It never got rough or anything like that. Disney was able to monitor the empoyees and were making most of their money back. Now, everyone just goes to City Walk. I could have seen a few of the clubs closing but not the whole place. And then they kept the area open but with a bunch of abandoned buildings. Let's hope Hyperion Wharf doesn't suck.
  16. The whole CGA/49ers issue is huge. The forever changing the name and adding of trims to Tsunami/J2/Hell Cat. Th13teen being a total flop. Terminator Salvation first having effects, then no effects, and now no license. SFNE's Thomas Town being closed and possibly dismantled after only a few years of operation. Flying Turns. The Frequent Faller at HersheyPark. How could I forget Son of Beast and it's just sitting there.
  17. Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure. Back when it was all white and Wolverine Wildcat was the parks BIG ride.
  18. ^Are those times including traffic? I can see Cedar Point from my back yard. I used to live a few miles from Michigan's Adventure. From the lot next door
  19. ^It's sad when a major park's "best" coaster is potentially a boomerang. Michigan's Adventure. So of course Shivering Timbers, with Wolverine WIldcat close behind due to nostalgia
  20. ^I wonder if the colored balls all correspond to a certain item, like a duck pond and the clear ones actually hav special stuff.
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