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  1. Which means there should be plenty of goodies to get You can see a few skateboards in there
  2. I have a friend that lives in the house across the street from Michigan's Adventure and the biggest complaint he had was that the parking lot lights stayed on way too late. So to make up for it he started letting people park in his huge yard for cheaper.
  3. I prefer Mean Streak trimless. I enjoy a rougher coaster to begin with but I find MS much better with no trims.
  4. Fahrenheit for some reason felt like it had bad wheels everytime I rode it, so it was rather rough everytime. I mean Intamin wheels go bad all the time, I have experience in that, but this was pretty bad. Fahrenheit is great and all but a little tame to what I prefer. Nice layout though.
  5. Stengel dive looks fine to me, I guess it doesn't bank as much, but the drop after the second launch looks weird. It drops first then turns. But it also says that it has 2 trains and that doesn't require a MCBR.
  6. Shivering TImbers could use some new wood or Timberliners. PTC could design and build new rolling stock. Sorry not a ride but it has to be done. Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster need some new paint pronto. Thunder Canyon could use rafts of all the same size or new rafts all together, well really just the bladders. Mean Streak, does not need to burn down, but could use a RM treatment. If not, new PTC's and a new lap bar release mechanism in the station. Mantis needs the 3rd train and a faster way of loading the trains. Top Thrill Dragster could use some new head rests, and the return of some of the effects. Disaster Transport needs all of its theming back or the building taken away. Space Spiral needs a new cabin. Corkscrew (CP) needs only 2 trains, send one of the trains to MiA and add a transfer track to Corkscrew (MiA). Maverick could use some awnings in the queue.
  7. Looks amazing. I want to go there so badly, even though I'm not a fan of HP at all.
  8. Wolverine Wildcat is my favorite of the Summers/Dinn coasters. Probably most likely because I grew up a few miles from the park and would go all the time from the moment I was tall enough to when I moved away in 2006. It is a wonderful just after a rain shower.
  9. I really enjoyed BBW. I was very glad that I got to ride it before it was taken out and I'll be bummed from here on out that I won't be able to take a trip down that second drop again. Times are changing and the cost per rider to maintain these older rides is becoming too much. As much as I'd like to see it happen, if Big Dipper is ever saved and rebuilt, after it's first year the ridership will severely drop and it'll be harder for which ever park to maintain it.
  10. Michigan's Adventure. I know they already have 7 coasters and the park is tiny, but they could really use a Mega-Lite. Plus they are the only CF park to not have that BIG steel monster, besides CGA (they could use anything at this point). The GP only wanting bigger/faster makes sense but I have done a fair amount of travelling and most people at other parks don't even know a 420 ft coaster even exists. There was a group of people in line for Storm Runner that were saying how cool it would be if they made a coaster like it that was faster and taller. They were shocked when I told them about TTD and Kingda Ka. Depending on what region you are in or what nearby parks there are, size doesn't matter. When MiA built ThunderHawk people all knew that it was a ride that your feet dangle like Raptor. I'd say 80% of the guests at that park have never been on an SLC before that, but the crowds love it there. MiA could get the Wisconsin crowds using the high speed ferry to Muskegon, the people from up north, Indiana and Chicago area looking for something new, and the park has been doing better and better every year since the CF acquisition. The only other places that I have been that I could see getting one would be Kentucky Kingdom, Great Escape, Lake Compounce (put it back by the second train station), Waldameer, Holiday World
  11. I just hope Blackstone knows what they are getting themselves into getting a new concept coaster BGT and potentially BGW. Intamin doesn't have the best record with new type rides. (TTD, Kingda Ka, Maverick, StR) Still surprised Formula Rossa opened with no prob.
  12. Blackstone making the mistake of going with Intamin to build Cheetah Hunt and probably the BGW coaster in 2012. Haven't they paid attention to Cedar Point's new Intamins? TTD, Maverick, StR
  13. Years ago at Six Flags Great America I was riding Raging Bull and my friends and I were in the 3rd or 4th row and the guy in the front seat was wearing a bandana. First drop it flies off and over our heads, when we returned to the station some guy walks up that was sitting in the back and hands the guy his bandana back. It was cool.
  14. In 2005 when I was working Magnum, I was doing a track walk (Where you look for items that people have lost while on the ride) and as soon as I had stepped uner the turn around I heard Dragster launch. I turned to watch it, and I notice something fly off the top of the hill. I stared at it for a little while until I noticed that it was kinda floating, and coming my way. I watched it float down ight to the area I was in, and it was a guys hair piece. Gross. I have too many park stories, most of which I can't share but if I think of any others, I'll share em.
  15. Any of the FlyingDutchmen, Firehawk is my favorite though
  16. Good, it really is a nice waterpark and even Jungle Jack's Landing is rather bare, it is good too. Everytime I go though, the Sea Dragon is down. I'll look forward to seeing this go in.
  17. ^ Thanks. Seeing I don't use any tools like Newton or AHG, it can be a little tough to get the track perfect.
  18. Peryton, named after a creature that is half stag, half bird. This was a coaster that I spent a bit of time on. I received a lot of crap at nolimits-exchange for the magnetic brakes before the second lift because they said magnetic brakes weren't realistic. Obviously they have never ridden The Beast. Hopefully you enjoy and let me know what you think. PS- yes I know some of the trees are rather close to the track, just haven't fixed that yet. Peryton.nltrack Peryton for NL Logo Top of Second Lift Wide Shot
  19. ^ Your fountain story reminded me of a fountain story of my own, and I remembered that I took a picture of it as well. So I was at Kennywood in 2008 and that rock work and fountain between the Turtles and the Lost Kennywood entrance had a bunch of kids just climbing all over it and not a single parent, employee or anybody seemed to care. They just climbed all over it for a while so I took a pic. Get off the rocks!!!!
  20. Ahh Cedar Point Visual Board Training......I've taken my fair share of those.
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