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  1. In 2008 I went on a East Coast trip with my friend Zingoman and others and what happened at Coney Island was the stranged thing ever. We were walking up to the Cyclone and some guy asked us if we wanted to see his friends alligator. We kindly declined but he insisted, so we agreed. We walked into the depressing remains of Astroland and sure enough there was a guy with a conversion van sitting there waiting for us. He pulled out a tiny little gator and we were rather confused. Then he just started putting it in our hands. Then there was a rooster, and an iguana. Then the real gator. Here are pics, take a look The old man's conversion van Bryan holding the little gator Mike with the gator A rooster Yep, let's do the obvious. Put it on our heads. Here's Mike Zingoman's Turn The iguana on my head Let's add a rooster to the mix Oh, here's the gator He really liked his gator Put it on Jimmy!! Get in there Greg
  2. Roar just doesn't have the oomph that the other GCIs have. I was looking forward to it so much and it was such a let down
  3. A lot of people are mentioning Shivering Timbers. I dunno about that. I haven't been on it since '08 but it seemed a fine then as always. The maintainance staff there isn't the best, nor that good, so I see ST's issue as a train issue. I am all for Mean Streak getting it's layout fixed and some new trains. Having worked that ride and other woodies, MS has the worst PTC's ever. Son of Beast has just too boring of a layout and as much as I liked the loop, the ride has been neutered when they removed it. Nothing will respark it's interest. I haven't been on Hades since opening year, but if it is seriously getting as rough as people are saying, then Id love to see it get the toppers. Rocky Mountain could be the savior for Kentucky Kingdom, restoring the Twins isn't going to be easy, or cheap. Since TT needs rehab and new trains, RM and Gerstlauer could be great partners for KK. These coasters could also use the toppers- -Comet @The Great Escape -Predator @Darien Lake -American Eagle @SFGA -WIld One @SFA -Thunderbolt/Cyclone @SFNE -Rolling Thunder @SFGAdv Now if the whole Texas Giant rehab is a success, will RM only rehab existing rides or will they maybe start making their own coasters? I don't see GG or GCI building with RM track to begin with. I dunno, maybe S&S could get back into woodies again.
  4. China is going nuts right now with their parks and it's really making China a destination hot spot for coaster junkies. After watching that video of GCI's new woodie over there, China is my top destination spot right now. China is kind of growing like Dubai is but not being as ridiculously outrageous as Dubai.
  5. I'm all for Nashville getting a park. They used to have Opryland. Even though I've never been there, my girlfriend absolutely loved it and is still upset that it doesn't exist anymore. There could be a music themed park in that area, similar to Hard Rock/Freestyle. The only difference is that they couldn't charge $60 at the gate, pay all the employees $10+/hr when they hadn't even opened yet, and they would have to advertise. Nashville does have some larger city neighbors as well; Memphis, Louisville, St Louis, and Knoxville. That's just my opinion. Oh, if they did a Downtown Disney/City Walk type place and had it full of Honky Tonk bars, I'd be totally ok with that.
  6. Shoot, I forgot SkyRocket. Really great ride, smooth as glass but not my favorite
  7. TTD Maverick Wicked Twister Kingda Ka V2 Flight of Fear (Dominion and King's Island) Backlot Stunt Coaster (All 3) Steel Venom Greezed Lightning Joker's Jinx Storm Runner Rockin Roller Coaster I think that's all of them I enjoy the older launchers, so Greezed Lightning is my fav launch of the bunch.
  8. So my season is done until 2011 and I want to start getting ready early. I have a decent Camcorder but it is bigger to todays standards and uses MiniDV tapes. I also have a older camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7. I like the camera but it's getting a little old and it's a little big as well. With every park seeming to get more strict about loose article policies, how do I get pics and vids while in line? I have stopped carrying my camcorder because of the required camera bag and I don't feel like paying a $1 for every time I ride a coaster. I took barely any pictures at Rye Playland because of their ridiculously strict loose article rules. What types of carrying bags do you use? How are those Flips or Bloggies?
  9. Ugh, Cedar Fair. I can let awful coaster names like Flight Deck and Back Lot Stunt Coaster go, but the moment they start placing cookie cutter coasters around is when I disown them and will probably stop working for the company.
  10. I spent 3 years as a ride operator. Two of those years were on Top Thrill Dragster. The control panel is quite extensive and you really need to pay attention while working. But being a ride op isn't so bad because if you miss something, one of the other crew members will see it. Most modern rides will not let you do something that will allow you to harm somebody very easy. It's hard to run trains into each other unless you really know what you are doing and you have a vendetta against whoever is in the train. But all in all, even though you do the same thing over and over, for weeks in a row, it becomes second nature and you don't even really think about it, it just happens.
  11. I'm all about Knoebels. I think that Twister and Phoenix are great, but the park just doesn't do it for me. I've been there once and I was there 3 hours before I was done with the entire park. Knoebels gets my vote.
  12. Well they did add the waterpark and the GP liked that. But I will agree with you, the only reason I kept going back is because I feared the end for the park and I wanted to get in as much as I could before it's end.
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