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What is the best floorless?

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1)Medusa (West) Very smooth, fun, an the zero-g roll is just amazing!

2)Bizarro, WAY better than Scream, it was weird riding it because I've been on Scream so many times that I was expecting it to suck, but very smooth, and just a fun ride!

3)Batman (SFNE) A little rough, but I enjoyed the layout.

4)Scream flat out sucks.

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Kraken is a very underrated coaster IMO. Every time I ride that thing it just seems to get better and better. Has a great first drop, unique layout, good pacing, decent forces (compared to most other floorless B&M's) and always seems to have short lines, thanks Manta. I haven't been on very many floorless's but think Kraken is probably pretty hard to beat.

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I've been on Medusa (SFDK) over a hundred times. I've only been on Scream! 4 or 5 times. This makes it hard to compare the two, especially when they are both "parking lot" coasters. If I had to rank the two, I'd probably put Medusa above Scream!

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I've been on Bizzaro, Kraken Dominator, Sheikra and Griffon. Of the traditional floorless Dominator in a land slide with Bizzaro second and Kraken is just bad (I ranked it below my one SLC!) IMO. Kraken is OK in the front row but, I don't like to wait 20 minutes more for it though. Overall Griffon is the best of the 5 though.

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I've been on Medusa, Medusa, Superman, Superman, Scream!, Batman, Kraken, Daemonen, Dominator (in both locations), and Hydra, and I think Dominator & Karken nearly tie for my favorite. I absoultely LOVE coasters that have two vertical loops that are located in different parts of the ride, so Kraken automatically gets bonus points for me. The other one that I really like a lot, despite it's size, is Daemonen! It's a great little floorless coaster that should not be overlooked!



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