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What is the best floorless?

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Here's my order...


1. Kraken ~ I just love the layout plus the loop that is burried half in the ground.


2. Superman - La Atraccion De Acero (Spain) ~ It's great when a B&M doesn't have a mid-course brake run to slow it's momentum down. This ride was great and I love the floater hill and the fact that we almost killed a bird when rideing it.


3. Superman Krypton Coaster ~ A coaster built half on top of a ravine and half on the bottom...what more can you ask? The first drop and loop are amazing.


4. Medusa (West coast) ~ Gotta love the non-cobra roll whatever it's called. It's a great parking lot coaster!


5. Scream! ~ Parking lot coaster that shakes a lot...not a fan.

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Bizarro owns all floorless. The ride is intense with the audio and fire. The mist is amazing and the auger leaves me speechless.

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This does all of the talking for me...



I also thought that Hydra was very, very good.


Third through 6th for me consists of Medusa, Dominator, Scream, and BDK.

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I'd have to go with Medusa/Bizzaro. I can't really comment on the Bizzaro retheme as I haven't ridden it yet, but I will have by 4pm today . The ride just has such a fun layout, including the best zero-g roll i've ever experienced.


My 2nd choice is Dominator, followed by Hydra.




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I have been on SheiKra but I don't consider it as a floorless coaster. For me it's a Diving Machine with floorless trains. I think some people think the same thing as me and others not....




2.Medusa (West)

3 Bizarro


5.Batman: The Dark Knight

6. Hydra: The Revenge

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My favorites are:


1. Superman Krypton Coaster


2. Medusa (west)


3. Dominator (back when it was still in Ohio)


4. Scream



Superman Krypton Coaster is by far my favorite. The mixture of elements along with the terrain makes an amazing experience.

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1. Dominator (only rode it back in Ohio)

2. Medusa/Bizarro

3. Kraken

4. Medusa (West)

5. Scream

6. Batman: Dark Knight


I think 2,3, 4 all kind of run together and Batman at SFNE would be WAY below them.


I loved Batman/Dominator in Ohio, it was so unique that it was by far my favorite floorless. The turn after the first massive loop is awesome and the drop off the block is pretty nice in the backseat too.

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I've only been on three, well, technically two since Scream! and Medusa east, I mean, Bizarro are pretty much the same.


The ones I've been on are:

-Medusa west

-Medusa east/Bizarro



My favorite is Medusa west, but it would be cool to ride Bizarro with all the added effects and theming.

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Only been on 2, Scream and Medusa (West). Scream is meh, parking lot theme, rattles like crazy, just not that enjoyable. Medusa is my favorite, awesome drop, smooth, fun roll over/sea serpent, its just better to put it into simple terms. Medusa is a very a good re-rideable coaster, where Scream it only is if everything else has a 2 hour line.

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