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  1. Local here. Haven’t stayed, but Pine Barn is very nice (also a great restaurant). Keep in mind that it’s right in front of a fairly large hospital so there may be some traffic with employees coming and going.
  2. I live 15 minutes from the park...haven’t seen any flood watches or anything of the sort. We haven’t had much rain recently. I just saw on accuweather that there was a flood advisory in Elysburg. But I'm guessing an inch of rain isn't going to shut down Knoebels for a week. Should be fine. Like I said, we haven’t had much rain before today so the water levels are fairly low. The Susquehanna is projected to peak at like 8 feet in Bloomsburg which is 10 feet below flood level.
  3. I live 15 minutes from the park...haven’t seen any flood watches or anything of the sort. We haven’t had much rain recently.
  4. First and foremost, this expansion looks dope. I’m definitely in the “the current entrance is cool and quaint but it doesn’t work for a park this large” group. Another interesting thing for me as a local, and something that’s become increasingly interesting over the years, is the Hershey/Dorney dichotomy. In the late 90’s I would say they were fairly similar in stature; you could even give Dorney the edge because Hershey didn’t have a waterpark at the time, but it’s crazy to see the different routes each has taken. Hershey has emerged into a destination park with a roller coaster collection that stacks up with the best in the country, and Dorney has remained relatively stagnant and has been relegated to a local, sort-of-regional-but-not-really park that I would imagine most enthusiasts/park goers are ambivalent about.
  5. I’ll still grab one just to have it, but when technological advancements have enabled you to offer the same thing in an app, complete with ride wait times and GPS that can give you the quickest route to whichever ride you want, it’s hard not to think that they’re obsolete.
  6. I think it’s pretty dope. It reminds me a little bit of the town in the movie Big Fish that the main character stumbles upon.
  7. I live in Bloomsburg. Thankfully the rain has stopped and it looks like the river is going to crest before flood level, which is a huge relief. The ‘11 flood pretty much destroyed 25% of town, last thing we need is another.
  8. We haven’t gotten this much rain in the area since the ‘11 flood, but thankfully this doesn’t appear to be as bad...just a little water in my basement. Some local posted a video on Facebook of staff loading all of the carousel horses/carriages onto trucks a few days ago, so if nothing else the semi-regular floods have made Knoebel’s pros in how to prepare and limit damage in whatever ways they can.
  9. Kinda surprised myself. Great America could’ve done some solid business with a Cubs-themed ride after they won the World Series.
  10. I’ve never hate-ridden a roller coaster before so I’d like to thank Kennywood and the Steelers for opening up that window of opportunity for me. Keeping it 100 though, it’s a brilliant marketing decision. The Steelers are basically deities in every area of Pennsylvania other than Philly and its suburbs, so I’m sure people will flock to this area.
  11. Inverted: Talon, Great Bear, Raptor, Montu, Alpengeist, Batman: The Ride (SFGAdv) Sit down: Kumba, Incredible Hulk Hyper: Nitro, Apollo’s Chariot Floorless: Bizarro, Hydra, Dominator Stand-up: Mantis Wing: Wild Eagle Flying: Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFGAdv) Could’ve swore I had been on more but 16 isn’t terrible.
  12. They have deals for people staying at New York New York, IIRC it was like $2 cheaper and it was BOGO tickets.
  13. Maybe I’m a masochist of some sort, but I rode it last January and it...actually wasn’t terrible. A middle of the road coaster, sure, but it wasn’t the torture machine that I was expecting it to be. Actually heading back out to Vegas on 2/8 so I’ll have to check this out.
  14. I'm at the park now, and it's been crazy packed all day. Lightning Rod was about an hour wait, Wild Eagle 30-40, Tennessee Tornado about 30. Fire Chaser was over an hour all day so I didn't get to ride, but hey, got to cross a few firsts off of my list: -First RMC -First Wing Coaster -First EuroFighter -First Arrow looper that was enjoyable and didn't suck
  15. If you just want to hit coasters you won't have a problem at all. Hit Lightning Rod first (for a variety of reasons). Then if you want to be strategic hit Firechaser next followed by Mystery Mine but honestly if you just want to follow the loop you'll be fine too. It really doesn't matter that much. You're doing yourself a tremendous disservice by not seeing any shows though. Thank you for the help. I feel you about the shows, they've just never been my thing. If Kendrick was playing, however....
  16. Hey guys...I'll be visiting Pigeon Forge/Nashville next month and plan on going to Dollywood on Thanksgiving day. It's my first time there, so obviously I'm not very familiar with the park layout, lines, etc. The park is only open from 4-9 and I'm a little worried that I won't have enough time to hit all the roller coasters. Would it be safe to assume I'll be able to get to everything in 5 hours? I don't plan on seeing any shows or riding any flats.
  17. -Rode Dorney's Woodstock Express alone...the embarrassment is slightly mitigated because I was 13 at the time, but still bad. -Got stung by a bee while riding Comet at Hershey and spent the rest of the ride swatting it away/grabbing my neck/panicking as though I had just been shot
  18. 1. SkyRush 2. Apollo's Chariot 3. Nitro 4. Steel Force 5. Magnum
  19. SkyRush and Storm Runner by a decent amount for me. Honorable mention to Phoenix/Twister and El Toro/Kingda Ka.
  20. I mean they're basically getting a new coaster and replacing a bad one with a decent to good one.
  21. Sounds more like it just didn't live up to expectations rather than being overrated, which is a different thing. Those expectations set by just about everyone on this site. Thus making it overrated. I don't post here that frequently, but I don't recall anyone ever comparing it to Holiday World. Of course it's going fall short of expectations if that's the benchmark. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be 15 minutes from a bigger park like Hershey than be 15 minutes from Knoebel's, but it's not overrated.
  22. This happened while I was in line about a month ago. Turned a 30-ish minute wait to a little over an hour.
  23. Sounds more like it just didn't live up to expectations rather than being overrated, which is a different thing.
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