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What is the best floorless?

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The ones I've been on rank like this:


1. Dominator

2. Medusa

(big gap)

3. Scream!

4. Batman-The Dark Knight

5. Bizarro


Dominator is just such a different ride when compared to the others. It doesn't feel like it is rapid-fire inversions, and it does other things as well. Medusa is really good too, but it does seem like the second half is a bit uneventful. As for the others, Scream is the smoothest of the three (at least in my opinion), but I'm not a huge fan of the layout, Batman is the shortest, and Bizarro...well, it's Scream but rougher and with an annoying soundtrack (better location, however). I like all the floorless coasters I've been on (floorless is my favorite type of looping coaster), but some are better than others. Also, although not technically a floorless, if you wanted to include Griffon it would be between Dominator and Medusa.

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Only been on Dominator, so I'll say Dominator


Has someone told B&M that the Midwest is utterly devoid of their leg-swallowing loopy goodness? It's not fair living 1000 miles on either side of the country from one!


I'm still suprised that neither SFSTL or WOF have opted to add a floorless yet as they'd be prime locales for such rides ever since Dominator left the region.

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Dominator seems to be at the top of most people's lists, and I, for one, have to agree.


1. Dominator

2. Bizarro (SFGAdv)

3. Hydra


Just a note: I like Hydra, but this past August when I rode it, it had a significant rattle that really prevented it me from thinking higher of it. It's a beautiful ride and has interesting elements, great airtime for a postive g-force oriented ride, but it doesn't navigate the track as well as other B&M's.

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While I've enjoyed all the floorless coasters I've ridden, Dominator is by far my favorite.


1. Dominator back when it was at Geauga Lake

2. Medusa @ SFDK

3. Bizarro @ SFGAdv

4. Scream @ SFMM

5. Hydra @ Dorney Park

6. Batman the Dark Knight @ SFNE

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First off, I don't hate any of these coasters, just ranking them in favorite order.


Superman la Attracion d'Acero


Dominator (haven't ridden this year, so haven't experience the rattle)

Superman Krypton Coaster (best location)




Dark Knight


Bizarro (the sound has ruined the ride experience for me)

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I've ridden Dominator, Bizarro, Medusa West, and Scream. Dominator would be the best, if it weren't for its rattle. The rattle puts it about on par with Medusa West (Strangely, Medusa is the only one of these four that is still just as smooth as it was opening day)

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#1) Bizzaro

#2) Batman Knight Flight / Dominator

#3) Batman the Dark Knight / Batman the Ride (SFNE)

#4) Hydra the Revenge.


Bizzaro and BKF are both great coasters and I had a hard time picking a favorite... Batman and Hydra are both really mediocre and I had a hard time not putting them in a tie for last. lol


I've always loved Medusa (or Bizzaro whatever), that's an awesome coaster and probably the most underrated coaster at Great Adventure.

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I have never been a big fan of floorlesses and I posted my vote in this thread before but I have ridden a few more since then...here asre mine in order of preference:


1. Dominator

2. Hydra (this may come as a surprise but I loved the Jo-Jo Roll and the uniquesness of the layout)

3. Superman: Krypton Coaster

4. Medusa West

5. Bizarro

6. Kraken (I don't understand why this one gets such rave reviews...I find it boring)


I think the only US ones that I have left are Scream and Batman: The Dark Knight

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