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  1. If you'll excuse the bump, I found something quite relevant. It would appear Yokohama Cosmoworld found its way into a short scenery cut in a show this season. This is from the anime Hamatora: The Animation.
  2. Given that both layouts appear to be the same with the little Twitter feed being the only difference, I prefer Layout 1. It gives us a little extra content accessible right on the main page that in no way detracts from any of the other features. The rotating images are still large enough to clearly be a main attention grabber. Overall I think both options are great in that they are fresh new looks that retain the TPR style everyone's grown accustomed to. So when it comes down to it I'd be happy to see either one!
  3. Maryland won? Against V-Tech? First time in 60 years? Bowl eligibility? What's this world coming to?
  4. ^This this this! Kiniro is on my watch list. I never got around to it last season, unfortunately. Speaking of Engrish, though, I'm watching Golden Time right now and it had some pretty funny Engrish moments this week.
  5. ^ Dude, I cannot agree more about Nichijou and Aku no Hana. Nichijou is one of the funniest series I've ever seen, and extremely heartfelt. Aku no Hana is just a friggin' head trip. I saw the first episode without knowing anything about it beforehand. I decided to go check out the manga... I ended up staying up the whole night reading all the available chapters. The animated version did a beautiful job capturing the atmosphere. That scene in the classroom where Kasuga finally cracks? MY GOD. Tears everywhere. From your list, Ive also seen (and enjoyed) Elfen Lied, Gin no Saji, and Kill la Kill. Kill la Kill is exceeding my expectations so far. It's so frenetic and insane and I love it. And don't worry about geeking out; sometimes you just gotta express it, haha.
  6. ^ Noted. I will have to try that this fall. I mean I've never had a crowded day there, but I've been spoiled by its usual short lines. Anything above 10 minutes is too long, hahaha.
  7. I'm quite amused with myself because amidst all this news I'm most curious about T2. Don't get me wrong, it's all wonderful news and I'm especially intrigued by TT's pending "refurbishment" (RMC, RMC, RMC, no whammies, STOP!!!!). But with words like "complete makeover," I can't help but wonder what that means for an SLC. Like others have been saying, I would guess this includes new trains, new paint job, and probably a theming re-vamp in the same vein as the Superman to Bizarro re-vamps (tunnels and fire DO make rides better).
  8. Whoa... and that's one helluva long ride, too, from the looks of it. This would be the first thing on my summer to do list for next year if I had the required funds, but alas, I do not. -__-
  9. Wild One. ^ Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to say El Toro too! Photo taken by me
  10. Just stopped by SFA for a quick visit. Here is the quick run down of what I did: Mind Eraser (1 lap, walk on, 1 train operation) Welp, I got my one lap for the year. Until 2014, Mind Eraser! And it's still the same orange and yellow except for the blue Kia advertisement wrapping on one of its trains. Apocalypse (1 lap, ~15 min., 1 train operation) I can see how on a busy day 1 train operation would be a problem; the staff was just doing "okay" with dispatches. Overall, I still think it's decently fun except for the exit of the corkscrew---major head bang-age. Joker's Jinx (1 lap, ~10 min., 1 train operation) A great ride as always. Batwing (1 lap, ~10 min., 1 train operation) Thank God they repainted Batwing's supports; they're now a very nice, dark charcoal color as opposed to rusting, faded purple. And I think I grow smidge more fond of this coaster every time I ride it. Superman (2 laps, ~10-15 min., 1 train operation) Maintenance was still working on the red train while the blue train seemed to me to be running well. Objectively, it was still kind of shaky. Personally, it didn't bother me and I had a blast as always; full train and hauling ass! Wild One (1 lap, ~15 min., 1 train operation) Sadly, I would have to agree that Wild One is running rougher than last year. However, it was running fast and still gave good air over most of the hills and nice laterals in the helix. One thing that has not changed, however, is ride down time. In the 3.5 hours I was there Superman, Batwing, and Wild One all had breakdowns. They all got back up and running in relatively short time, but an inconvenience nonetheless. Meanwhile, over in "I've been running with PTC's for the past decade plus change" land: I think something is missing...
  11. In the D.C. area? Well I could tell you the weather, but then it would be the complete opposite 10 minutes later anyway. But if you must know, currently in the 60s, mildly humid, cloudy, and I think there's something wrong with the sun 'cause it's really dark outside...
  12. "Watch the World Burn" - Hans Zimmer, The Dark Knight Soundtrack
  13. ^ These. Shout out the King's Dominion crew! It was great meeting and spending the day talking and riding coasters with fellow TPR'ers. I gotta hand it to everyone's endurance and dedication too; I was exhausted by the end! Hope we see each other again in the future, and I certainly hope I will be able to join the cause again next year. Also, a huge thanks to King's Dominion and Cedar Fair for (1) hosting this spectacular event and (2) providing me this wonderful omen of death to hang over my bed!
  14. Wow, we raised a boat load of money right there! Great job everyone! Also, just came home from school to get my TPR package for this Sunday. Thank you Robb and Elissa, I'm really digging the nifty bag!
  15. I didn't know anything about Gwazi's future until I went and saw that, so I figured the members of good old TPR would be able to confirm my suspicions or at least fill me in on the latest rumors.
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