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  1. Still going with my guess from page 535. I don't care if it's wrong, it just sounds cool! In all honestly I think that kyleparks77's theory about the wingrider to flyer coaster is more likely (don't worry, I've read this whole thread and I know you thought of it first). I guess we'll see in 10 hours!
  2. My guess on the ride name is The Storm. When Paula said there was a clue in that Holiblog post, the title "Happy Bastille Day!" caught my eye. The first and only thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word "Bastille" is the famous Storming of the Bastille. Maybe the clue she was talking about didn't have to do with ride elements, but the name of the ride itself. The Storm!
  3. Nothing really points towards a dive machine, the project was mostly pointing towards a launch coaster before we began speculating that it may be a B&M. The area it covers seems large, and seems to stay with the terrain. Although, we can only see a certain amount of footers right now. Which clues pointed towards the new addition being a launched coaster? I honestly can't recall any clues that made it obvious that there was a launch. Couldn't the long straight line of footers just be...a lift hill? I'm going to revise my previous guess and give my final locked in prediction: B&M terrain hyper or giga. Book it.
  4. To defend my B&M 4D prototype statement a little, I'll say this: As soon as I mentioned a 4D coaster, it seems as if everyone began comparing to the other 4D coasters. This is understandable, but impractical. X2 has many issues because, yes, it was a prototype, but nothing even remotely similar had been done before its debut. B&M's 4D ride (if it happens) will essentially be a Revision A of their Wingrider model. I'm sure if they are working on the rotational seat concept, they aren't going to make it "unreliable" - years of testing and research has probably gone into this. C'mon, they're B&M and we know that they like to play it safe to a degree. They are known for reliability and I'm sure they want to make sure their product remains that way. Secondly, Arrow coasters were notoriously rough. X2 was rough, which makes sense to me seeing as other rides made by this manufacturer can be painful. This doesn't necessarily mean that all 4D coasters ever made will be rough, though. Since B&M coasters are notoriously smooth, why would their version of a 4D coaster be painful and jarring? You could argue that the motion of the seats themselves may cause discomfort. An Intamin Zacspin (which swings freely) will experience much more rotational acceleration than a 4D coaster, therefore causing a much more forceful and out of control experience for the rider. The 4D coasters run on a "3rd rail" that can be programmed to rotate at any given speed/acceleration that the manufacturer chooses. Like I previously stated, since B&M likes to play it safe to a degree, I highly doubt they would put any intense rotational motion into the seats themselves - this would cause more discomfort to riders, and more maintenance for the park. So, all that being said, I still think it kind of makes sense that this could be the first B&M 4D coaster. It could also be a ton of other things; heck I don't even really want my statement to be true, it's just my guess!
  5. My official guess after much thought is a B&M 4th dimension prototype. Wingriders are a test phase for B&M to prove they can pull off the cantilevered train design, at least in my opinion. Now that the design is proven, why not make the seats rotate? The rocking, tossing, and turning motions of the ship are right there, and inversions are too!
  6. Poor word choice there. You made my day though, so thank you.
  7. I'm one of the Penn Staters that EastCoastn spoke of above, and I'm really excited to finally get some engineering experience in this field. Any stories anyone has of past internships in the industry would be great to hear, and meeting and connecting with new people is always awesome too!
  8. No one is going to believe me, but I waited an ENTIRE DAY for Batwing on it's opening day at Six Flags America. I waited 9 hours in line for the ride as it broke down countless times, and when I finally got up to the platform, lightning was spotted in the area and they simply shut the park down for the night. I wish I was making this story up, but yeah. Waited 9 hours for Batwing and didn't even get to ride.
  9. ^^ Goliath looked great to me. Since I have never been to the park before last weekend, I never got to see what it looked like without Goliath, but it looks really nice. Paint looks great, and I kinda liked the green towers to be honest. The only weird thing about the ride at all was that it's so close to Flashback, but I don't expect that ride to be there much longer.
  10. Just went to SFNE for the first time over the weekend, and the park really exceeded my expectations. The landscaping was nice, the employees were friendly, and I especially liked the smokehouse. The crown jewel of the park, Bizarro, was freakin' amazing. New #1 ride, even with those crappy restraints. I was made aware that the audio on it was new this year, and I actually kind of enjoyed it. It was a mixture of different songs instead of the previously used sound bytes. I was wondering if anyone has ridden it with the new and old audio and which one they think is better?
  11. "How was your ride? Unbuckle your seatbelt, unbuckle your seatbelt, unbuckle seatbelt, unbuckle your seatbelt, unbuckle, unbuck-, unbuckle your seatbelt, unbuckle, unbuckle and exit to the left."
  12. I believe that metal piece is there just there so that a proximity sensor can be attached to the track. At least I hope.
  13. Nice trip report, ahh I wish Bizzaro was still Medusa, the color scheme was one of my favorites. On a side note, every time I read "Coasterbration" i read it as "Coasterbation," which is also fitting haha.
  14. Where can Cedar Point fit a new coaster? I don't think they have anymore room for a coaster unless they take one out. I guess that isn't too unlikely, but I don't think they will do it for next year. The place that a coaster would best fit is in the area where Cad/Turnpike cars are located. Which is right next to Raptor. Which is green. Hmm... I'm with grrt. I think CP will get a B&M, but not this green one.
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