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  1. Robb, you brought a really good point on Twitter that I think is worth re-iterating. Disney, and ONLY Disney, is capable of combining guest safety with guest satisfaction. I literally got into an "argument" of sorts on Facebook because some brainwashed Cedar Point employee kept INSISTING that these heinous policies that you see at Cedar Fair parks are nothing but necessary. Further, whenever I brought up the fact that places like Disney have made it possible to balance safety without overly restricting guest freedoms, his response was always "no, because what if an idiot does this..." So yeah, I don't think any of us are wrong to believe that there is a "better way" to handle this.
  2. H O L Y C R A P I just rode RailBlazer and I still haven't collected myself in response to it! It may be short, but goodness, it's like a mini Maverick or something. So forceful, so smooth, and so fun! You all need to come ride it. (I know, I'm a little late to the game.)
  3. I didn't think it would, but it totally did. Really quite an astounding experience if you can get past the fact that it's incredibly short.
  4. ^Medusa treatment? lol Actually wouldn't Nylon wheels make it better (faster, stronger) because of the harder wheels? I'd think so? In either case, I still love that ride, but it's intensity really depends on where you sit.
  5. ^LOL, I suck at coming across as funny. Apologies, but that was a total joke. I'm sure we have a coaster on the way.
  6. ^Yes, obviously a Sky Screamer. I can’t wait to laugh and prove everyone wrong when it opens next summer.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the apology! Believe me, I'm not trying to pee in anybody's corn flakes here! Bruh, some of us are eating here.
  8. ^That's quite a way to say hello! Reported
  9. ^ I was appalled when I learned that TMZ decided to release the call of Chester Bennington's 911 call. Even for TMZ, I thought it was a new low. It's sad how groundless our society is. Further, it's sad that our society doesn't seem eager to change.
  10. ^ If I may ask, did it look any different to you? Slower, or less spinning at all? I'm one of the few who actually loves 4D coasters like GL, so I'm curious to hear. Thanks!
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