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  1. Man, you put me on the spot. But I'll say Intamin. (I am personally a CCI fan but that wasn't an option) Xpress or Joker's Jinx
  2. ^ I didn't notice that So Cal. Nice job spotting that. That really needs to be changed.
  3. Hi everybody! Sorry about not posting for a while. School, hockey, and soccer have taken over lately. But anyway, here is what I've got! Construction Year (1972) Hi again! I haven't been able to update lately.Work back at headquarters has been busy. But I got to visit the park today. And I must say, Iam impressed. Check it out! Shot0196.bmp This is one of the first rides added. The Merry Go Round. Shot0197.bmp This is another ride. Rotor. From seeing testing, I'm not sure I can handle it! Shot0198.bmp And the last two rides added for now. Tea Cups and G Force. G Force is a Tilt A Whirl ride. Shot0199.bmp This is an overview of the park so far.
  4. So in a few weeks, I'm going to Kings Dominion and I want to know what to expect .I know Intimidator 305 is going to be awesome but I'm not sure how crowded it is going to get. I live up in the NYC area so this is kind of a rare place to go for me. My friend went during spring break but I'm not sure if the crowds are going to be just as large. Please Help!
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