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  1. Valleyfair 1. Renegade 2. Wild Thing 3. Steel Venom 4. Corkscrew 5. High Roller 6. Excalibur 7. Mad Mouse
  2. I'm putting a bet on Harley Quinn's Spinsanity I can't see them putting the DC label on a fourth part of the park, especially not for just a flat ride. Spinsanity, though, is a solid guess. I especially wonder if ERC will get a paint job to go with it's new digs.
  3. Hardly a surprise, especially if whatever it is is going right next to Batman.
  4. Asked the Enterprise crew today. Last day is August 24th. Get your last rides in.
  5. It's sad if Orbit really is gone for good. That was one of the original 1976 attractions. To take it down without any publicly-released notice (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) feels wrong
  6. Some "red-headed stepchild" parks don't even get capital investments year after year. The fact that we're getting anything is good news, and a Star Flyer will add something new to the skyline. You're right, it's not a roller coaster, but it is going to give Valleyfair an update on it's curb appeal from the highway.
  7. All the RMCs, originals and Iron Horse conversions All the Intamin MegaLites El Toro Nemesis Ultra Twister (Rusutsu Resort) Dodonpa X2 Boulder Dash Balder Blue Fire Maverick Cheetah Hunt Phoenix Flying Turns Bizarro (SFNE) Jack Rabbit (Kennywood) Phantom's Revenge The Beast Also, everything at Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Phantasialand.
  8. I've been enjoying this game fully for the past week. My strongest Pokemon so far is a Hypno with CP912 and I just need two more Eevees to have enough candy to evolve my strongest one. I'm going to try to use the naming hack to get a Flareon. What's really amazed me about this game isn't how many people got on board (it was always expected this would be huge since it was announced), but how many complete strangers are socializing with one another over this game. I went to Valleyfair and MOA this weekend for Pokemon Go, and usually when I go to places like this, nobody says "boo" to me. I was approached by many people who could see I was playing the game asking about my Pokemon or if I've seen a Jynx nearby or anything like that. Even struck up some good conversations. It was a completely different experience than my normal solitary weekend outings. It's funny some parks have good Pokemon and others don't, but I wonder if that's just the territory built into the game. Valleyfair had a plethora of Pokestops (Dinosaurs Alive by itself had about 10!), but nothing but Rattatas and Pidgeys to catch. MOA had less Pokestops but far more of a Pokemon variety (I caught my first Magnemites, Voltorbs, Koffings, Abras, and even a KABUTO there!), and kudos to MOA for being great hosts to the Pokemon Go players. They had phone charge stations in the rotunda and were really accommodating to all the people who came to the mall to play the game. But that's the whole point of the game. You have to go out to find which places are the best
  9. No matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice, I must ride this before I die
  10. EDIT: Ignore this... I can't figure out how to delete this double post...
  11. Yeah, the big indoor ride you're seeing is The Underground. Don't get your hopes too high. It is an indoor wooden roller coaster but it rides more like a dark ride than a coaster. That said, Adventureland does have quite the eclectic coaster lineup. Besides Underground, the park has one of the very few Hopkins coasters (Dragon), an early-age CCI (Outlaw), and their oldest coaster Tornado. It's part of the charm though. You get the feeling it's a park that has no interest in following trends or chasing records and is perfectly content to be the nice little park it is.
  12. If you're staying in Des Moines, then at some point you should definitely go to Zombie Burger for lunch or dinner. It's about 10-15 min from the park. Well worth it as the food options are pretty blah once you're inside the park. As for the park itself, Storm Chaser is like nothing in Minnesota, so if you've never been on a Windseeker or a Starflyer, that would be a must. G-Force is a great spinning ride inside an arcade. Great to ride if you need to get out of the sun for a bit. Sidewinder is an outside-facing Frisbee, unlike Mutant Masher at NU@MoA, and the outside ones are more fun in my opinion. Ride it if you've never ridden one before.
  13. This was Alpengeist for me. It's gorgeous and massive but it rode rather "meh" for me. The flow of elements didn't feel natural like it did on other inverts I'd ridden. Still a great coaster, but not one of the best inverts ever like I had been led to believe.
  14. I love Wild Thing's crew, but I have to give props to Excalibur's crew as well. They have a lot of energy and hustle for a one-train operation at a dead-end of the park. Their operations are what make it so I end up riding it more than once.
  15. The overall ride experience is the biggest sell for me. Airtime, elements, intensity, the whole shebang, and followed by that is re-rideability. Setting though will often get a few brownie points. I might consider a coaster that is merely a good experience on its own to be a great experience if it uses terrain or goes through the woods or over a lake, etc.
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