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  1. Supposedly this twitter account @wesisrad knows the announcement. KI tweeted them "Don't spoil the surprise!" This has been the most interesting post:
  2. ^^Rutschebanen at Tivoli was built in 1914 and has a cable lift.
  3. I'm still curious as to why there are magnetic brake fins on both of the lifts rather than anti-rollbacks. Very interesting.
  4. The tango isn't a joke. They've talked about how scripting is the new 'big' feature on the forums at NLE and you're able to create just about anything with some talent. That's how the dive machine splash, the (presumably) blinking lights and the tango are all functioning.
  5. Or it has nothing to do with that and the intention is to increase the anticipation of the first drop. I always really liked that on the Giovanola hypers! I definitely don't think it would matter on this ride whether the lift slows down or not though, as the airtime I'm seeing is already el-toro-and-beyond insane.
  6. The LSM coaster looks sick. It looks like there's a Stormrunner ish roll right before the brakerun too!
  7. This is insane...other parks take note, this is how you hype up a ride!
  8. If this thing turns out even near how incredible Texas Giant is, it'll be a needed upgrade to colossus. Of the two times I've ridden (one being backwards), I've just been unimpressed. The first drop is strange, and the turnarounds are painfully slow. Though the park will only have one woodie if this does happen, I think it's for the better. As a side note, what if they took the high five and took it a step further, dueling zero-G rolls? It'll be interesting to see what Rocky Mountain does with a coaster that has a particularly simple layout!
  9. ^Installing custom content is just as simple— maybe even simpler on Macs. That's with the disc though.
  10. Projekt Helix's layout changes are making the coaster even more unique than it was already. Inverted top hat/corkscrew!?
  11. ^^^ I've always loved how that element rides and how it looks. Can't believe it hasnt been used more! And of course my favorite!
  12. This is really brilliant. The only thing that looks really out of place are those mountains, maybe tone them down or just get rid of them.
  13. Wow, I never noticed how incredibly in need of a new paint job tatsu is until now!
  14. This brings up a great idea they should make maggie go underwater and have a loop at the same time!
  15. Update! Sounds like we will be getting the game sooner than we all thought! 4D Track Track Switch Updated Catwalks New shadows (B&M FLYER!) Radius comb Radius comb
  16. ^That is just plain beautiful. Imagine the new possibilities gerstlauer has with those trains!
  17. If anybody has been to the Atlantis Resort in the bahamas, 'The Abyss' slide actually scared the life out of me! You have absolutely no idea what the slide's layout is until you actually ride it, because it's hidden in the power tower. To my surprise it felt like 90° in the complete darkness, only to leave you crashing through a waterfall in an underground cave at the end. Absolutely insane.
  18. I think a larger blitz coaster like mavvie would be great, and with it's not incredibly large footprint it would leave room for future expansion as well. I really hope we don't see another B&M, this park desperately needs something that people think is crazy.
  19. ^ None of these things have opened nor have been built yet, so you can't say they're 'overrated.' Also... they're brand new pushing-the-limit rides, what are coaster enthusiasts supposed to talk about?
  20. Pleasant Surprise(s): Mean Streak! Every year I'd been to the Point Mean Streak had been either closed or I just had it at the bottom of my list and never got around to riding it, but in 08 I finally got around to riding it, expecting the worst. But it wasn't that bad, and it was interesting to ride such a long coaster. The first drop was also a lot of fun (I didn't feel a trim). It was definitely nothing special, but it wasn't the disaster everyone made it out to be. Riddlers Revenge SFMM: Never had been a huge fan of standups but this was a really fantastic ride with a full layout. Big Thunder Mountain DLC: I'd only been on the Magic Kingdom version up until recently and I wasn't expecting much from it— but boy did I have a blast! What a well rounded ride. Unpleasant Surprise(s): Matterhorn Bobsleds: This just hurt. There wasn't a really great moment in the ride, and although its fun to be in the mountain and disney rides are always interesting, it was just an odd experience. Bizarro SFNE: Don't get me wrong, I do love this ride, but it's definitely not all it's made out to be. After riding millennium force, I didn't really find it that 'amazing' like everyone said. There was a serious rattle in the spaghetti bowl section the first time I rode it, but it's progressively gotten better.
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