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  1. I've stayed there back in 2015 while visiting. Totally recommend it since it's conveniently close to the park.
  2. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for five years… PROJECT Nu Era make it’s debut a day early and it’s more detailed than it’s predecessor PROJECT 2010. All heavily detailed and free-handed. It is my most anticipated project to date! Featuring five major roller coasters, all located in different areas around the park, themed to a specific time, place or era. These areas embark resemblance on previous projects and based off of other Six Flags parks. Ride projects include today’s manufacturers from Bolliger & Mabillard, Vekoma, Chance Morgan, Zamperla, Premier Rides, Funtime, Great Coasters International, S&S Power and many more! The themed areas are the aspect of the park and are breathtaking. The centerpiece which matches the logo, appears to coincide with the Solar Eclipse later in August. Within the centerpiece is a major attraction, dubbed the Centennial Screamer. A 250 foot S&S Triple tower giving thrills and birds-eye views of the surrounding park. Once you are at the centerpiece, let the compass guide you on your next adventure into the Nu Era! Now live on DeviantArt: http://fav.me/dbfr5h5 PROJECT Nu Era
  3. Partial Story: "...we had to sell off the Floorless Coaster, Suspended Looping Coaster and Zierer Tivoli Family Coaster. Those coasters were being sent off to another theme park to premiere in 2010. Although the family coaster was scrapped and replaced for the park later on." "What was the reason behind it?" "..." ...to be continued. What the park looked like 10 years ago. Hope you guys liked this little update. Yes, it's been a while with an artwork update. Busy with life, you know. Illinois Adventure Park is 10 years old now. Paper is still fragile while doing this update, but nothing bad happened!
  4. I've only ridden two of them. 1. Goliath (SFGAm) 2. Outlaw Run (SDC) Hopefully more will be added in the future...
  5. 14x17 inches. Thank you! I'm really keeping the detail sharp on this one.
  6. Sorry for the double-post. Here are more previews just to get you guys pumped up on this next project! Just click on the photos to view the detail. Giant Inverted Boomerang next to Rio Bravo River Rapids. Paradise Island area in the water park along with a lazy river and Wahoo Racer. Centennial Screamer - S&S Triple Shot Towers.
  7. #2017 A little preview of what's going to *hopefully* happen in 2016. Anyone want to take a few roller coaster guesses in the blurry picture? (Except for the ones that I'm letting you view that aren't blurred). Excited yet?
  8. Merry Christmas, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted a previews/teasers of my latest project that I was working on. Well anyways, that project has been revised and the park is being completely redone. The old layout had a bit of an issue and was hard to work around, so a new park design was re-instated. The rides and roller coasters are in different areas as well. Here are the new previews, enjoy! Knight Flight Wing Coaster Wahoo Racer slide. Bonzai Beach - featuring Wave Pool, Typhoon Twister, Bonzai Pipelines, Tornado and Cabanas. Inspired by Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia. Prowler meets Renegade (Dubbed The Villain in drawing). 130 meter Nu Era SkyScreamer on right.
  9. Love Option #1. Having a Twitter feed on the right gave it a nice touch. Plus, the minimal layout closely matches the Forums layout.
  10. I was at a State Fair back in August of last year. The only rides I rode on were the Wave Swinger, ARM Drop Tower and Wipeout. Every other ride had signs that said: No Single Riders. Back in 2007, I rode almost everything there with no problems.
  11. Another preview! S&S Triple Towers, I find these as perfect centerpiece attractions. Notice the fancy pathway details?
  12. I've been really quiet lately. Here's a preview of Mind Eraser in my new project I'm working on... Giant Inverted Boomerang anyone?
  13. Seems that I've been kinda quiet lately. Well, I'm currently working on another massive project and I finally posted a preview on my Facebook page! Check it out and click the link below! (Sorry, but the preview is Facebook exclusive only!) http://www.facebook.com/bens.amazing.artwork
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