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  1. Since it's been 5 years since I've been, summer of 2009, I'd really be interested to see how much value the Fastlane is. I usually go to parks alone, easier/more enjoyable for me, and I can remember all to many times at KI in quene for The Beast, Racer, Flight of Fear, etc., thinking, 'Man, I wish their was a single rider/fastlane option for ::INSERT RIDE::.'
  2. I'd say Wood: 1. The Beast 2. Raven Steel: 1. Big Bad Wolf 2. Adventure Express
  3. -Camera w/ small case -Canon Powershot S5 IS (8MP) -4GB Card (plus extra 2GB in case I get trigger happy) -Extra batteries -Keys -iPhone 4s -Wallet and if possible and wearing cargo pants a 1L water bottle.
  4. Man, it's been a long while since theirs been an 'official' POV for the Beast. Glad to see it's coming directly from TPR. At least from the two screencaps released so far it looks like their's been a good amount of retracking. Can't wait to virtually ride the re-worked Beast. Also thanks to everyone who provided insight, opinions, and especially pictures of Banshee, media day, and opening day on behalf of at least one KI fan who wish he could've been there.
  5. Nice catch. I really like the track colors, but the scheme on that train not so much. Having the same, or similar, primary color as the track doesn't look too good. I'd rather see the primary as black, secondary (gray) the same, and the stripe down the side as orange. Hopefully, that's what the other train looks like. I can't wait to see what the "new" Bat looks like in a twilight setting with the leaves grown in.
  6. From the people I've shown, they think this rides a farce or going to have huge problems with it. Lol. Mostly a GP mindset though and they don't know that rides like this have already been built.
  7. @Robb, thanks for the info on B&M changing from Stengel to "in-house" designers. Never heard, or thought, of that when comparing the differences betweeen the older B&M's to their newer creations. It makes all the world of sense really. Also, it strengthens my appreciation and favoritism for Stengel Engineering in modern times and coaster history. In regards to Banshee, the ride looks increasingly amazing. We've all seen how beautifully bada$$ the track/layout looks and with the development of the theming/quene the whole aspect of the ride is really coming into view. The sign looks really unique and the theming is "adequate" to say the least. The quene, from what I've seen, could be better, but oh well. Only question I have is, if anyone knows if the stations walls' color scheme/paint is finished? I really find the 'Mindcraftesque', blocky blue, visually displeasing for the overall color and theme of the ride. Anxiously anticipating media day and some third-party pics.
  8. Hey man would you mind delving into how you make these time-lapse? I know how to make one in general, but how do you rip the images, consistently, from the web? If not that's cool thanks for the vids!
  9. http://http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/12/17/3824576/homestead-reaches-for-the-sky.html While I somewhat doubt it, this could be a clue to the Florida location. Orlando is probably the most feasible area, but South Florida has been trying to establish amusement style attractions, and parks, for decades. Despite something seemingly insane for the area, maybe this tallest coaster, I can't see any park or themed ride taking off in the area.
  10. Lol. I've been thinking that. Something along the lines of "KI went all out making 2 new rides after they demolished SoB." On another note, I really like the color schemes chosen for Banshee and The Bat, but also the fact that they renamed Top Gun/Flight Deck to The Bat. IMHO, they should have done that after the rights to Top Gun were no longer theirs. Better late than never though. Hopefully I can get up to KI this year to get back to my "home-away-from-home" park, if not just to ride Banshee and Diamondback(still haven't) but to also get some new pics of the park(haven't been since '09). Come on media day!
  11. Wow, really don't like the new Stinger paint scheme for Invertigo. Like someone else said the red and yellow really fit into the Action Zone, or whatever its called, area. I also don't think the rides going to stand out as much with this color. With the original yellow/red it was one of the major rides you noticed while driving up to KI. I don't know now. The Crypt... Back when it was TR:TR, like most people say, was an awesome experience. Right after the Tomb Raider things were taken out it was still good. Around the summer of '06/'07 is when the ride hit it's peak. The ride sequence was intense and extremely fun, but every year I've gone back and it hasn't retained or even come close to what it was that one summer. Hopefully now that its gonna be they just leave the space open except when Haunt comes around so their's a new, better view of both The Beast and Diamondback.
  12. As always nice PTR. I've never been to the actual visitors complex at Kennedy Space Center, but going "behind the scene" kind of with an engineer I know that works there and seeing countless launches of shuttles, rockets, etc. I can say that the complex farther East of the visitor center towards the beaches is very interesting. Especially getting near the building that use to house the shuttles, the launch site, and the old somewhat decrepit launch sites. Such as where the Mercury and Apollo missions took place. I got a question too. Are you guys looking to go on any adventures down into the Glades, Big Cypress, or other "wild" type of adventures? 'Cause I'd be glad to recommend some places in Central, Southeast, and Southwest Florida to visit for nice tastes of the wilds of Florida.
  13. Pantera. Best drummer/guitarist combo, favorite guitarist, and great timing.
  14. Being the dog. Whats worse than having to deal with 90 degree temperature's and high humidity at night?
  15. Extremely excited for this years HHN one, because I haven't been to a park since last years HHN, also at least at this point in time it seems like it's going to be another great event. Looking forward to a few of the house's: Poe, The Thing, The Forsaken, and the holiday themed house. The pictures of the scarezone construction don't look too bad either. I'm looking forward to the Thing being in a soundstage and if they develop it anything like the Wolfman or Dracula of 2009 it should be great; I also think that the The Thing and Winters Night should be in the same soundstage since they're going to be cold and a similar theme. Anyone think since they're actually going to run HRRR this year and since Rocky Horror's gone they'll put some music from it on the ride, in addition to Halloween/spooky music? Just a speculation. Going October 1st, a Saturday, not my choice. Hope its not too crowded, going to buy an express pass, going to be expensive but I've bought one the last 3 years and it's really been a help; especially on Saturdays. Anyways, a PTR and review of most or all of the mazes, scarezones, etc. should follow.
  16. Wow really? I wish they would just come out and say what they have planned for this ride/area. It's like they're trying to do it behind our backs.
  17. Nice pics and captions Reon. BBoBH did loom to be a little more mature oriented when I saw the POV. I hope it has a chance of being liked as much as Scooby Doo was. Look forward to the next installments.
  18. That was a really nice TR. I'm glad you like the Beast, the night ride IS fantastic. I really like your pictures, especially the one of Vortex going into the Batwing where you make a remark about the paint. How long have you been trying to make it out to KI? And glad you finally did.
  19. This was a very hard hard decision, but in the end I had to go with GCI. While they can't always be as forceful or "crazy" with inversions and like an invert can but I love the way wood coasters run and how they feel especially ones from GCI. So that's why I ended up pickin GCI
  20. Since I've been going to, every summer since I was a baby, I've always liked Invertigo. That being said, all the times I've been there it has been down it's fair share of times. I've never seen it valleyed but most of the time it's been from restraint problems and lift problems. I don't think it's really a lawn ornament per say but it is probably used as something to spice up the front of the park skyline. As for the comment made about Top Gun/Flight Deck's time coming to an end, I sure hope not. I much rather have that than for them to take it out and have B&M invert despite how much I love those beemers. A B&M invert would be nice but I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon; that really is all KI is missing roller coaster wise, IMHO.
  21. Nice TR, pretty nice pic, overall nice. Robbs advice was basically all ya need to know. In reference to the Beast, it has been gettin bumpier over the years somehow I can bear it pretty fine despite my size. The helix at the end is pretty tough though. Thanks for the TR, hope to see some more from ya.
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