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  1. I go to Kings Island every week in the summer, ride anything except Diamondback first! It will be an 1-2 hour wait.
  2. Ok, I tried to do the fence thing. I spent most of the time on video. I got 15 minutes!
  3. Basically! Well, the beast kills even more on the second part of the ride!
  4. Um, same old bumpy, but the second part of the ride after the lift hill, kills your thighs. I think it gets worst every year. Also I was dissapointed because the Adventure express also killed. Do not ride Adventure Express. Maybe because it is just the opening day but you never know.
  5. Sorry, I didn't ride much that day. I didn't ride anything in Planet Snoopy. it looked good to me though.
  6. Hello! My first trip of the year was Kings Island! April 17. It was an awesome day even though Invertigo broke down 3 times that day. everyone was scared to ride it! Here was the day's conclusion, Diamondback x2 Adventure Express x1 Action Theater x1 Beast x1 Crappy day. Right? Most things were hour waits but I got a lot of video to make into a video. Here are some pictures.They are a little our of order but, not too much. Is that Kings Island I see? If you look closely your can see a B and M Hyper named Diamondback. Yay! Diamondback! Time for Beast! The Diamondback Drop! Airtime hill! 2 Airtime Hills Time for Vortex! Curves and Inversions are my best friends! Corkscrew! I love arrow! Racer! One of the world's most painful coasters! Vortex and Racer! The newest fashion is rugged wood! Attention! You are now entering an area filled with 2 coasters! Firehawk and Flight of Fear! Firehawk! I haven't ridden it yet. is it painful? A picture of Invertigo without a car! Same as last one! The ride wasn't running! Because of this! This can't be good! Drop zone! More Drop Zone! Closed again? Flight Deck! Yay! Did I mention that I love arrow? This will close my pictures of arrow coasters for the day! Now I will show you how Plane Snoopy turned out. Charlie Brown's Wind Up! P.S. No, I did not ride this ride! A tad of Charlie Brown's Wind up with most of Woodstock Express! Next up is BOOOOOOOOOO! Blasters! Then Joe Cools's Dodgem School! I didn't take much pictures in Planet Snoopy but I will show you all that I have. Woodstock Express is blue! More blue! The train is cool! The Drop! Surfs Up! More blue! This ride should have water since it is a surfing ride! I shouldn't have to say anything for this! Snoopy's Junction! The little train ride in the woods! Linus's Beetle Bugs! The new theater looks stylish! Random photo! This was closed, but it looks good! Flying Ace Aerial Chase! This speaks for itself! Planet Snoopy! River rafting! Did I mention I love Diamondback! Had to ride this again! Well, this wraps it up! Thanks for looking at! Best ride evar!
  7. I will enter. I am still not very good, but I will try. Don't say I am not ready.
  8. OK, the recreation is done, just smoothing, scenery, supports, custom stations and que line to go.
  9. Well, I understand everyone's advice but I want to take a big step and just see how I do. I am not trying to be mean and ignore your advice.
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