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  1. ^Overlapping timezones in a multiforce zone create fractionally smoother transitions, but hey, it's your coaster! Have fun with it!
  2. Give it some time. My contest is still waiting, only about 7 have signed up.
  3. Ohh...Don't mind either of my comments. It just sounded like you were getting it for the first time.
  4. Oops! I didn't realize that was his first post, but his age isn't posted. But it isn't the best to start a contest before you've got the game. I didn't mean to be that harsh but that is the realty. I just think that it should be locked because he doesn't even have it and he's hosting a contest. He needs to become acquainted with Nolimits beforehand. If he had played around with it and posted some of his creations to get feedback, he would have a more successful contest and no one would really have a problem with it. I needs some work done to it to get better comments for it. I really only said it was the worst I've ever seen because the hot doesn't have the game. Sorry if I've offended anyone. I apologize for my earlier comment.
  5. You don't have Nolimits and you want to host a contest? Sorry but you don't even know to build Nolimits coasters, let alone know how to judge them based on the effort that goes into them. You don't know how much effort really goes into them. Ask anyone who has played the game for a while. And a custom recreation? This seems to contradict itself. I think you need to slow down. A lot. This contest is by far the worst I've ever seen. Sorry, this is pointless.
  6. Nothing wrong with that, intentional or not! Anywho, it looks like you had a great time! The pictures were great too! Are you a professional photographer?
  7. You forgot the heartline roll! that's my favorite, but I chose Zero G because it is usually the most similar because they're both heartlined. An inline twist is hardly similar to a heartline roll.
  8. Sorry chris_____, I honestly cannot remember the titles of threads. I had no clue it was this. But I think the line that Robb posted that makes you put 'NL' and 'RCT1/2/3' before the name of the park/coaster applies here. Yet I can recall Beethven's entire Sonate Opus 2 No.1 from memory...I am totaly weird.
  9. Maybe you should put RCT2 into the title. I came here looking for something else. But while I'm here I have but one more thing to say: Only post pictures if you think that people will enjoy them. That last picture show no talent or skill of anything. Just random stuff that looks like PAX's design team threw up all their useless designs. onto a chunk of land. And...It's a bit off topic from what else you've been posting. Sorry, just my personal opinion. EDIT: I don't really know what the design limitations are for RCT2, but I've seen great things from it.
  10. 6. Yes. Once the party bus starts serving food, a nuclear holocaust could start and no one on board would notice. Thus, Gertrude could sneak on the party bus.
  11. How do you get 'I like boys in small tights?' Never figured that one out... ^False. It's OVERFLOWING with shit. But, it's a great opportunity to have fun!
  12. Maybe a PM to Robb is in order...
  13. This may be stupid but, Why does Alton have zoning laws? I know it's the treeline but why would it be that?
  14. ^Or, in the review section, link to other sites directly to the review.
  15. ^With 'upload attachment.' You simply browse from your computer for the images, add the file and repeat until you've posted all the pics you want posted. You can also make comments below them by typing in a comment below the add the file button.
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