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  1. They don't seriously go through those harnesses that fast, do they?
  2. I think I recognize the Miller layout from Watkins Woods, am I correct?
  3. Why is Tidal Wave on the Flash Pass list? Every time I've seen it it's either closed or a walk-on.
  4. I've seen some people use the 3 bench wooden coaster train for this purpose. It looks decent.
  5. Looks nice. Can you give me the link for the spider ride.
  6. Maybe if you could do 3/4 of a standard loop and then dive straight down from there. Another thing I've thought of is starting with a dive loop, then having another, circular loop (see Thriller/Zonga) right next to it, you could also do this straight off of the lift hill with 1/2 of a heartline roll replacing the first half of the dive loop.
  7. http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/01/drive-through-ferris-wheel.php Amusement parks are sick, but they are just not efficient, like you have to drive around to find a spot and park your car and then walk everywhere. I mean, they have figured out food and money with drive-throughs, man can drive on the moon, why can't they solve amusement parks? Wait- it seems that they have. Dutch artist John K├Ârmeling has built a 100 foot diameter wheel that can take four cars on a trip. ADMIN EDIT: I've edited your post so that it's now interesting to read and informative. If you're going to post something to TPR, please don't just post a link and NOTHING ELSE, please try to put in an least a little bit of effort to make your post interesting for the reader. I've added a picture and a few lines from the article. This will really help our readers decide if they think the link is something they are interested in clicking on. Thank you! --Robb
  8. Ok I'm guessing that kidturns was derived from sharkturns, but seriously, where did these names come from
  9. Here is a small hint for my next project after Nautica. SCR17.bmp If you recognize this layout and are under 20 years old (raises hand), you really need a life.
  10. Generally speaking I like it. When I saw the screenshot, I thought that this thing would have bad g-force issues, but surprisingly enough, it was just fine. I like the aesthetic aspect of it as well. The biggest issue I see is the terraforming, which is not entirely realistic. tubaplayer
  11. I think I am almost ready to post this for download as soon as I figure out how (help please ) and make a few small changes SCR15.bmp First off, I have a support in the middle of this transfer track that I need to get rid of (circled in red) If anyone knows a good non-cs way of doing so (over water) that would be much appreciated. SCR16.bmp Second, I would like to present "the box" (again circled in red). I don't like it. Any ideas on how to make it less ugly would be great. It has to still house a couple food stalls and a restroom.
  12. I added transfer tracks to Nepune and Hades. I also put some theming on Hades' lift hill SCR13.bmp Escape from Hades transfer track/ lift hill theming. What do you think of the towers. Yes? No? Llama? SCR14.bmp Neptune transfer track.
  13. Okay, I have made some changes. What do you think? If you like it, I may (try and fail miserably to) post it for download. It will require both expansion packs. SCR1.bmp I have added more landscaping to the islands SCR3.bmp Escape from Hades, a new water coaster featuring a tunnel under the midway and an exciting splashdown into the ocean, has been added to the park, giving the park it's first water ride and a second roller coaster SCR4.bmp I personally think it adds a lot more life to this area. SCR6.bmp I fixed the supports on Neptune's lift hill. SCR10.bmp I also fixed the mini golf course. SCR12.bmp Current Overview
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