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  1. Wooden Out & Back- Boulder Dash Wooden Twister- Cyclone (SFNE) Wooden Racing/Dueling- Lightning Racer Mine Train- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (The Magic Kingdom) Wild Mouse- Wild Mouse (hersheypark) Bobsled- Stand Up- Riddler's Revenge Floorless- Scream! (SFMM) ((I need to go on some more)) Mega-Looper- Kumba Flying- Tatsu Suspended- Big Bad Wolf Inverted/SLC- Dueling Dragons Hypercoaster- Bizarro (SFNE) Giga Coaster- Strata Coaster- Superman: The Escape (if that counts) Boomerang- Zoomerang (Lake Compounce) LIM- Arrow Multi Looper- Viper (SFMM)
  2. 1. Bizarro (SFNE) 2. Boulder Dash 3. Apollo's Chariot 4. Tatsu 5. Xcelerator 6. Revenge of the Mummy (USF) 7. Dueling Dragons 8. Lightning Racer 9. Ghostrider 10. montu
  3. Great report! It got me excited or my trip out there next summer, but why didn't you get on the Dragster?
  4. Disneyland California Adventure Knott's Berry Farm Six Flags New England Six Flags Magic Mountain
  5. Great bear is easily the worst I've been on...although Ninja at SFMM? ending with a lift is never fun. for best I would say that I love the ending of boulder dash at Lake Compounce, or SROS (Bizarro) SFNE because it is powerful and continues the intensity of the ride
  6. from my experience best: Xcelerator or Tatsu Worst: timberline Twister haha
  7. The Dragons are definitely my favorite of the ones I have been on, but I also love Montu and Alpengeist was good too...I actually think I have loved all the B&M inverts I've been on other than Great Bear...
  8. WOW that was an amazing PTR... thank you for sharing those pictures it made me really want to go there
  9. 1) Scream! 2) Batman: The Dark Knight that's all I have for now I think.... not a great list yet.
  10. Warped tour 2009 on sunday...best concert(s?) I've ever been to!!!!!!!
  11. LOD does need some love and care, but I think after Jungala was built it would be in BGT's best interest not to re-vamp a current kiddie section but add more rides elsewhere...perhaps not a large coaster, but a small coaster or a pair of decent flats...just my opinion though.
  12. I like Talon, Titan, Kumba, and Raptor, but my all time favorite is Ghostrider
  13. Steel 1: SROS: SFNE 2. Dueling Dragons 3. Apollo's Chariot 4. Revenge of the Mummy (USF) 5. Xcelerator Wood: 1. Boulder Dash 2. Lightning Racer 3. Ghostrider 4. the Comet (The Great Escape) 5. Cyclone (SFNE)
  14. S:te definitely is the loudest I've heard so far.. the Hulk, BTMRR (Disneyland) and Kumba are also on my list, but S:TE can be heard throughout the park
  15. Great PTR it makes me wish that I had gone to Texas instead of Cali. =/
  16. I was at SFMM today and waited 3 hours for X2 (dang 1 train operation crap)... but I heard to things that sparked my interest during that wait. the first dealt with X2 and Viper and the person said, "If you look over there (points to viper) you can see when it was x, this is x2 (points to x2) the second was less laughable and much more interesting...The GP was talking with her friends and said that the ride spins in the second loop so that it travels it sideways. I kept trying to figure this out but couldn't hmmm...
  17. ^Agreed. Your park need a water ride...perhaps a log flume?
  18. I have both collections of Park Maps of parks I've been to, and Pez lol
  19. ^No Is your coaster count higher than your shoe size?
  20. Heroes is my favorite hands down...It's just awesomeness IMHO
  21. I'm arriving in LA on Sunday, and my schedule goes as follows Monday: Knott's Tuesday: Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure Wednesday: Six Flags Magic Mountain Thursday: Six Flags Magic Mountain I have some questions... I've Already been to SFMM, but the other 3 parks are new to me so I was wondering: What order should I hit rides at Knotts? same for Disney. do you think Xcelerator will be back up by Monday? and finally, how crowded will the parks be?
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