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  1. VF consistently ranks toward the bottom of the CF attendance...and a 20 million B&M won’t solve that. Accept it! Seriously, go to MOA or go to the Dells or Great America. Valleyfair is basically a small pedestal above Michigan’s Adventure.
  2. Awesome review! I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies (or Indiana Jones....I know), but this ride looks absolutely fantastic! Question on the ‘drop’ part, how subtle would you say it is? I love how people scream in all of the videos I’ve seen, but I imagine that’s more from the surprise aspect of it. Do you lift out of your seat at all?
  3. Gyeongju World is the top park in Korea now IMO. I’ll take two solid, efficient B&M’s over nonsense with schedules and PT operations currently taking place at Everland and Lotte World. Plus GW has a pretty decent collection of flats now too.
  4. Maybe it’s a Mardi Gras style parade where there are boobs everywhere. Did you guys ever stop to think about that??
  5. I worked at Camp Snoopy/Park@MOA/NickU for 5 years and could tell you some stories! If there were a reality show on the behind the scenes operations of that place, it’d be must see TV! #debauchery
  6. And then thoroughly pat you down and make you remove your tightly-secured wristwatch, put it in a locker, and then wear a wristband on the ride with the locker key on it.
  7. I didn’t check it out. ‘That’ does sound very Korean though
  8. I liked Fireball, but it’s not a coaster I could ride over and over. It has a solid layout and several pops of air, but it’s a bit too shaky through all the transitions for me. I’d say it’s a top 20-30 wooden coaster though. Megalites are simply fantastic and probably the closest you can get to perfection on a coaster (especially of that height and speed). Definitely a 10! Sheikra has my favorite B&M dive coaster layout. Obviously this one lacks the themeing, but the 10 across seating really makes the ride experience a bit better. I’d probably give it a 8.5/10 but would still take
  9. Day 4 (Nov. 20, 2018): Haichang Ocean Park Ocean Park had been open for less than a week when I visited and the park was still very much under construction. It’s located at Lingang Avenue station on Line 16 which was about 90 minutes from People’s Square and about 50 minutes from Disney (1 transfer). Go out exit 1 and hop on the free shuttle bus. Look for the big white bus with the park’s orca logo on the side (it comes every 10-15 minutes) or you could walk directly to the west for about 15-20 minutes. Upon arriving at the park, you are greeted by the park’s impressive entrance and s
  10. I love these shows! They're so dramatic! Still gotta go with "no bolt guns, no Tatsu" as my favorite quote.
  11. Queues were very manageable both days, but I would highly suggest going during the week. Soaring will absolutely be the longest queue whichever day you visit so plan on getting a fastpass for that right away when you arrive. After that, the longest queues were for the RC Racer in Toy Story land and Seven Dwarfs, so I would actually plan on hitting RC Racer early. Perhaps head into the park and reserve a fast pass for Soaring right away and then head over to Toy Story Land. I don't feel like I missed out on the "good bits" by using the single rider line. In fact, the single rider line for
  12. You’ll be happy to know that Pizza Hut is indeed still there, but I settled for a Dunkin Donuts latte and a ‘mystery’ meat skewer. I passed on the ropes course. It was open and looked nice, but those aren’t really my thing.
  13. So I bought a 2 day ticket and had to enter through the main entrance on both days. But once you’re in the park, you can use that Disneytown entrance.
  14. My second day in Shanghai was Sunday, November 18th. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate this day and I spent most of my time indoors eating dumplings, drinking tea, and sleeping. If you’re in Shanghai, google (with a VPN) “Yang’s dumplings.” They were fantastic! Days 3 & 4 (Nov. 19-20, 2018): Shanghai Disney Ok...I have to say something very important here. Listen up! I had somewhat high expectations for Shanghai Disney. I’m a former WDW College Program-er from 2011 (RIP Great Movie Ride) so I love most things “Disney.” Furthermore, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit all
  15. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays...or whatever else doesn’t offend you in 2018. I made a trip back home to Minnesota for the holidays from Seoul, South Korea, where I’ve been living for the past seven years. I found a super-cheap flight on Delta from Shanghai that was $700 cheaper than a flight from Seoul, so I decided to swing by Shanghai on my way home for what would be my second visit to Shanghai. I first visited in 2013 and I have to say, I love being pushed outside of my comfort zone and I love adventures and all...but Beijing & Shanghai were a bit ‘to
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