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  1. and Georgia Scorcher, which is the best designed standup coaster. I would think they'd save them for their own B&M stand-up coasters.
  2. Pretty much any station at California's Great America... Gemini is really bad for both function and image. Also I've always hated the front car line for Xcelerator. It is way too long, and most guest don''t even know they are waiting in a front car only line
  3. Yes, there is a ton of comedy gold on SFMM's Facebook page right now. I really enjoyed this one Capacity?
  4. Thanks guys. I would love to see a Maverick style ride put into Knott's but I just don't see that ever happening. Fantasy Village - United Kingdom Progress on the park has been picking up, lets take a look! The Park Entrance/Main Plaza has been taking shape. Should look much better once it is filled in with foliage. Lycanthrope River Rapids is a ton of fun! Banshee is quit a unique attraction! Journey To The Forbidden Garden is a great thrill for the entire family! Knight Race (ecaR thginK) is an awesome family coaster that even has a little something for the thrill seekers! Forwards, Backwards, Racing... This ride has a lot to offer! Progress check for all the parks FVUK FVJ FVW FVEuro FVE More to come shortly.
  5. I agree that a Superman themed ride is a bit out of place at SFDK, but no more than a Tony Hawk or V2. I think Zonga would have been a great name for this ride, but... Superman and Lex Luthor, next year is going to be a good one for us Californians.
  6. Dreamworld was working with Intamin for a new car for Tower Of Terror before, but it was Six Flags that came up with the idea to make the car so it was capable to run both forwards and backwards. Intamin shared this with Dreamworld, and they were to first to get their car(s) manufactured.
  7. Revenge! Dreamworld stole their car design and the idea to run it backwards. SFMM steals their drop tower idea and provide a coaster that can acutally hit 100mph (evnetually both backwards and forwards.) I'd say SFMM for the win!
  8. Oh No! Even SFA's video got screwed! I really like the paint job on Apocalypse, lets hope it looks that good in real life! I would be really nice to see if they theme the queue similar to SFMM's and add the Fire Jeep effect. Of coarse some tunnels would be rad.
  9. I am very impressed with Magic Mountain transforming a ride that I thought "needed to go," into a great reborn thrill. The Superman make over was my favorite addition for this year, and next year they really stepped it up with something unique.
  10. That Zonga Slab O' Concrete sure is getting a lot of use. First Zonga, then Big Spindamoneum, and now this! Can't wait to visit one of my favorite parks and ride this crazy thing!
  11. I would love to see a Zamperla Disk'O Coaster at SFMM, but sure more coasters is okay too.
  12. Behemoth, Leviathan... Flashback, Déjà Vu... I remember my first time playing RCT!
  13. Lately I've been working hard on Fantasy Village East. It is so close to being completed, I can't wait to show off a completed park. Today's update comes from FVUK! So I kind of created this fictional coaster company that offers 3 base designs. There is the 5Car - This product offers trains with 5 cars and 4 seats per row. They are available in Sit-Down or Stand-Up. Then there is the 2Car - This product features 2 articulated cars with 4 seats per row. The 2Car allows for tighter, more aggressive elements. And last there is the WideCar - A single car with 6 seats, this coaster is intended for dark ride style configurations and story telling coasters. All Fantasy Village parks offer 3 coasters by this manufacturer such as the 5Car Dragon coasters at FVE, FVW, FVEuro, and FVUK. The WideCar Dark Castle coasters at FVE, and FVEuro, and the 2Car coasters such as Nitro at FVW, and Banshee at FVUk. Banshee @ Fantasy Village - United Kingdom Like Nitro, Banshee hardly gets off ground. The first half of the ride features tight twist and sudden direction changes. The first half of the ride ends with nearly complete stop in a dark tunnel. The second half picks up with a surprise launch out the tunnel sending riders into a massive helix. Coming out the helix riders inter a unique inversion called a diving turn. Though Banshee isn't very big, it packs a ton of punch and unique surprises.
  14. ^I was actually really looking forward to getting Demon Drop. I know it didn't make much sense in the park, especially when they said the ride would keep it's same "theme," but there is a unique thrill/terror that comes from those kind of drop towers.
  15. Viper @ Six Flags Magic Mountain Rode it yesterday in the very last car, and boy was it terrible.
  16. I will be making my long awaited return to the park tomorrow. Saying goodbye to Deja Vu is my first priority, and if the line isn't God Awful maybe I might experience Green Lantern for the first time.
  17. Suddenly the Batman clone and SLC at La Ronde don't seem so stange anymore.
  18. ^&^^ I would just like to inform you both that La Vibora is a Bobsled coaster. Not a stand-up coaster, or a stand-up bobsled coaster, but just a bobsled coaster. I'd like the ride back only cause it's interesting but really I'm all in on the launch coaster vote.
  19. Very cool to see B&M join the 300 foot club. I got to say it's a bit odd having it Canada's Wonderland, seeing as the have a fairly new B&M Mega already. But, atleast they got two Mega coasters, and not two Boomerangs! Have fun with that one SFNE
  20. Would this recreation happen to be a mod of the game release recreation? I agree with everyone else, it was nice to browse through the pictures. I haven't been to the park in a really long time (March ) so it reminded me of all I've been missing out on. The Terminocalypse recreation looks pretty damn good!
  21. Wow! Thank you guys for the welcoming party. Well I wish I had some awesome story to tell that would explain my lack of updates, but the truth is... I bought an Xbox 360, and fell deeply in love with Call Of Duty. I recently ranked up to a 15/50 (If you don't know what that is, it just means I played way too much.) and now the curse has been broken. I'm back on the RCT wagon and I'm picking up right where I left off with the Fantasy Village chain. Last time I updated there were 4 parks Fantasy Village West (USA) 11 Coasters 60% Complete Fantasy Village East (USA) 11 Coasters 95% Complete Fantasy Village Europe (Germany) 7 Coasters 85% Complete Fantasy Village Japan (Japan) 11 Coasters 15% Complete Well I have expanded once more (and I swear this is the last time) Fantasy Village UK (England) 10 Coasters 45% Complete Here are some updates for all 5 FVE - The Gauntlet has been rocking a Stand-Up train for the last few seasons. Rumor has it, this is just temporary. FVW - Nitro is the park's second launch coaster. The ride features a special inverted U-turn, tight, tight twist and transitions, all while staying at the height of a kiddie coaster. Nitro is considered to be one of the most intense rides in the entire chain. FVEuro - Spellbreaker offers a unique family coaster experience. The ride delivers both forwards and reverse motion, a reverse incline lift hill, and a launch section. Spellbreaker is the park's 3rd shuttle coaster. FVUK - Journey to the Forbidden Garden is an exciting family coaster with tight turns, steep drops, and terrifying foliage. FVJ - The Gauntlet and Dueling Dragons... This park will hardly be like the others
  22. Kraken and Manta got my vote. A lot of the submissions had too many rollercoasters all packed in on top each other, and I thought it really spoiled the look of Leafy Lake.
  23. Don't call it a comeback... Well okay, you can call it a comeback. The RCT1 5 Park Franchise Returns! Regular updates to follow shortly.
  24. Very cool way of making a portable ride look like a permanent attraction.
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