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  1. Replies: Ace Of Spades: Thanks, glad your enjoying the park. I can't imagine the park getting really big in the future as it doesn't have the space but I hope I can keep you interested as it grows (provided of course that I don't go bankrupt!) Season 2 So, season 2 was a bit of a slow one for us with not a lot happening as we tried to sort out the books a bit and get some profit back into the park. Firstly we switched to a fixed entry price and then free rides which, somehow worked despite charging £25 for two flat rides and a tiny coaster! We also chose to up the price of our f
  2. Little Lakes Family Park So, I picked up parkitect a little while back and didn't really play it much up until the other day when the theme park bug bit me for some unknown reason and I decided to give Parkitect a go. Now I don't really have a whole lot of free time to actually spend playing the game and making a park so I choose to go small (also one of the reason I choose Parkitect over Planet Coaster (the other being that I love the RCT2 vibe and that I don't actually own Planet Coaster)) in the form of the 60x60 map that I hope to make into a small family park. Anyway enough random
  3. Entry 10: Concept art? Hey guys just a quick update today. I came into work and found these lying on my desk with permission to show you guys. Now as you can clearly see the first drawing is definitely the Gargoyle ride but I'm not sure what the second is. It seems to be concept art for an area called Harrington Hollow but without a park name this could be obsolete concept art from before this park started or scrapped stuff. Mind you it could also be this park I suppose, we'll just have to see. Anyway as I said a short update though there has been some progress as y
  4. Probably the airtime hills on Rita for me. They were much worse than the one on Stealth. Cheers James
  5. I thought they submitted the planning application for a coaster no higher than 35 metres for 2016? Unless its a coaster dark ride which would be cool plus, if it was Dr Who themed then I'd have very very little trouble convincing my wife that we need to go to Thorpe Park again. Cheers James
  6. Replies: Schawarziland: Thanks and you are indeed correct. I screwed up a bit their but oh well (as I did with the sky also) but hey you learn from your mistakes right. DoinItForTheFame: Thanks and here's some more for you plus I'm sure you could draw like it. Just takes some practice lol. GCI Wooden: Thanks and yes Swarm is a rather nice looking coaster (pity I screwed up the train length a bit lol). Yep I'm only drawing coasters I've been on but don't worry there's been a fair few to keep me going for now. YoshiCraftt2011: Thanks and yep they are simple. Just something fo
  7. Entry 9: Phase 2: new area? Well, today is all good news, or at least looks like it! Firstly though I'm happy to announce that the improvements to Leaky Creek have been completed and the ride is open again with a greatly improved ride experience for all. I can also reveal that over several days the same treatment was given tot he underground turnaround of Gargoyle to bring it in-line with the new standard of the water ride. Anyway that's all brilliant news but not as exciting as what appears to be a expansion to the park. There's not a lot that I can tell you at the moment (trust m
  8. Alton Towers Trip Report 23rd Oct 2014 Me and my wife visited Alton Towers several days ago as a birthday treat for her and I just wanted to write up some of my thought on the place. Now unfortunately I kind of forgot to take any photo's of the place so it'll just a be a written account but anyway let's get on with it. So this is the first time I've visited Alton Towers in probably around 10 years (last time I visited it still had Black Hole and Corkscrew and I think Oblivion was the newest ride there). I was also less of a coaster fanatic at that point and although I (luckily
  9. Thorpe Park as well. Despite living in Devon its definitely the park that I've been too most. Probably around once a year for the last like 8 years (my old girlfreind used to go to uni in London) and then I just kept going there. (Though I suppose you could count Crealy Adventure park as the most visited but its not really what I'd call a proper park.) Cheers James
  10. NOTE: This is my thread for my current park. I'm just going to start off from where were at over at SGW. The rest of the thread can be found here http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,16499.0.html As you may notice in the thread linked above there is a download to Phase 1 already up. Now given that not all of you probably have accounts on the SGW site needed to download the file I've uploaded it here too. SO just click below and download to enjoy your day at the park! www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3198 Anyway let's get on with it shall we, here you jo
  11. Now here's something that I thought some of you may be interested in. Basically I've recently started drawing/painting (my deviantart page in case anyone wants to see more of my stuff http://89james89.deviantart.com/) my coaster credits. Anyway here's the first three. Hopefully you'll be able to tell which coasters they are (one is slightly obvious) without actually reading the page notes but hey, I hope you enjoy them anyways. PS. Coaster Enthusiasts may notice a error that may annoy them but shouldn't affect people that don't know the coasters. Kudos to whoever spo
  12. Update 2: Working towards Christmas! hey guys just a small update as to show you where I'm at with my Christmas gift park (in case your wondering what I'm on about with the whole gift thing, basically I aim to have this park finished by Christmas and a download up a couple of days before Christmas as a early gift for you all. Providing of course you have RCT 3, RCT 3 Soaked! and RCT 3 Wild!). Anyway here's some more images of the work on the park. Again not much to say about them but that it's progressing nicely. As for the mountain park I'm still chipping away
  13. Replies: yay101: Thanks and I don't really know. I kind of liked the red but I'll change it back and see what I think. the ghost: Thanks and no offense taken lol. I have a tendency to post for a while then disappear so its all good. Glad your liking it though as, as you said it can be hard working with NCSO RCT3 at times but hey, I enjoy it and that's what matters in the long run. Update: Its that time of the year again! Right first an apology as the mountain park has taken a back seat in light of a new project that I'm working on. Meant as a sort of seasonal gift for
  14. Update: Right I'm back with some more work done on the random mountain top castle park. Now firstly I should probably apologise for the long gap between updates but I do tend to get easily distracted with random things so this got pushed to the side for a while but just like in the past, I picked it back up a few days ago and have a renewed sense of purpose for the park (and for another smaller side project related to something else which you will hopefully see soon). As an aside for anyone interested in the RCT2 project that is also progressing nicely and my plans are to release it t
  15. ^ Thanks and don't worry I plan on sending it into NE if I think it'll get anything at the end so it will definitely be available at some point for download. Cheers James EDIT: There is also some more screens in my work shed thread from this project if you wanted to see more.
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