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  1. Uh, I think you forgot a team. *cough*Vikings*cough* I'm a Giants fan and the only games I'm worried about in there season would be Saints and the Cardinals. Other then that, I predict only 2 losses there entire season.
  2. Tomb Raider at KI before it was poured into a bowl of suck. -The theming -The actually ride itself Now I wish they would just tear it down
  3. Halloween Haunt at Kings Island in 07. We were supposed to be there by 12:00pm to meet up with some friends. We didn't get down there until 4pm because of personal issues with my friends friend. Once we got there, we didn't realize that we had to spend $50 just to get in. I asked my friends if they wanted to wait an hour so we could spend less, but they didn't want to. It went all downhill after this. - We only got to ride Backlot and Derilium. While these were cool because it was my first time at Kings Island since 02, I didn't get to ride FireHawk because it broke down so many times. -Waited the longest time I ever waited to get on a haunt. I waited 4 hours to get on Club Blood, only or it to be really dumb. Then we waited an hour just to get on Trail of Terror, which was all right. - I couldn't get anything to eat, because I spent all my money at the front gate. And that was it. Such a shame too, because the atmosphere was really awesome. I loved all the theming and fog machines stationed in the park. Hopefully when I go this year, it won't be so bad. Diamondback looks amazing from the pictures I've seen with all the fog.
  4. Wow... I probably wouldn't ride a coaster again if that happened to me. Did anyone see the smoke at the end? Just imagine if something caught on fire?
  5. There is no search button on this site. Only a "Go to page" option. It would help out a lot, because I looked for hours for a KI discussion thread, but gave up after boredom/being tired.
  6. Wow, Diamondback 7th best steel rollercoaster? I knew it was a good ride, but I didn't think it would make the top 10. Lol, The Beast is also 7th best wood. King's Island, home to the 7th best rides in the world lol.
  7. Park Location - A year round warm climate. Plenty of trees and foliage surrounding a lake, with rivers coiling around the park. I own about 150 acres. Coasters (All themed, and takes advantage of the lake/river landscape) B&M Custom Floorless B&M Custom Invert Intamin Impulse GCI wooden Custom Eurofighter Flats Your basic flats plus tons of theming[Like what Tomb Raider was at KI]) Water rides (All heavily themed) Log Flume River rapids Dark water ride
  8. King's Island. Hopefully next year, I can make a trip across the US, and go to many different parks. I'm defiantly going to CP, KD, and Carrowinds next year for there new rides.
  9. I'm not going to lie. I'm disappointed. I thought it was going to be a coaster until about a week before they announced it, but I didn't think it was going to be this. This ride is going to be extremely boring if it isn't heavily themed.
  10. ^I can't remember much from the Smurf's ride. I think I was around 4-5 the last time I rode it. Phantom Theater was a really nice ride I enjoyed in my childhood. IMO, it's a lot better then Scooby doo. The blaster is so annoying after awhile with its high pitches. I never had such a bad headache after riding that with my friends trying to get 1st. I would like that to comeback if anything.
  11. Whatever it is, it should be a nice addition to the park. Cedar Point almost has everything anyway. A B&M flyer would be nice though.
  12. The most likely story is they'll do what they always do: make it a generic version of its former self. Just a generic shooting dark ride with ghosts. It's really not that special of a shooter anyway. The guns often don't work that well. Maybe they'll call it something hilariously generic like "Shooting Dark Ride". I'd like Phantom Theatre back. That'd be a HUGE plus for the park. But...it's a wish. Same. I don't remember much when it was Enchanted Voyage, but I do remember very good memories from my childhood with that ride. It's a really nice ride to relax on.
  13. Both rides have their strengths & weaknesses but after watching the animations for the zillionth time I think that KD's will be pretty good. I'll be checking out all 3 CF coasters next year, so it won't bother me. I'm sure I305 will be good, but it's color combo doesn't look good at all. What's up with so many McD's colors coasters these days?
  14. Queues that don't have cover/enough cover over them. I've gotten sunburned to many times while waiting to get on FireHawk/Diamondback with there crappy covers over them. For any that haven't seen them, there like a diangled piece of tarp. They are only good for a certain time of the day, when the sun is facing that direction. But when it's morning time, and the sun is blazing there doing nothing at all. Yes I'm aware there's this thing called sunscreen, but it's still annoying to sit there in the intense sunlight getting cooked alive. Not to mention you can't even bring anything on Firehawk, and the wait can be as long as 2 hours.
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