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What is the best floorless?

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I would have to say Medusa at SFMW and Scream! at SFMM (tie). Although they are almost a mirror image of each other there are some things that are unique. I like Scream! because of it's fast pace through the entire ride. I like Medusa because of it's rare almost straight first drop, I love that feeling you get going down the hill. Both rides are extremely fun.

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Ive been on Scream SFMM, SKC SFFT, and B:DK at SFNE. Out of all of the coasters i would have to say SKC is the best. Its placing along the wall is excellent and no other floorless(except maybe hydra) has intense terrain settings. Its the tallest floorless, and has great speed. The loop and og have great airtime, the helix and drop has cool dive effects, and there a nice cutback. This isnt even considering the cobra roll and interlocking corks yet. I just think its a great ride overall!

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I have only ever been on Kraken, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. However, when we went on it later on in our trip it was rattled rather a lot. No matter, still a great ride.


Will ride Scream next year at MM, you would think they would put some pebbledash down to cover the parking lot, but hey ho


I just rode the Kraken last weekend, its seemed to be very smooth on our 4 rides. Though all but one were in the last row.

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1. Kraken

2. Superman Krypton Coaster

3. Scream

4. Dominator


Kraken is like a textbook example of how to properly execute each B&M element. From pictures it looks long and drawn out, but on the ride every part has just the right amount of intensity or weightlessness. It's just a completely seamless ride from start to finish. My only complaint is that I wish there was some sort of spiral or helix along the way.

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this should have been made a poll i'm curious to see who's winning! Have to go with the original and my home park queen Medusa (my fav overall coaster in the park), here's my whole list:


1. Medusa East

2. Kraken

3. Dominator (Batman Knight Flight when i rode it)

4. Batman- The Dark Knight

5. Hydra: The Revenge

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The only imaginable reason Superman Krypton Coaster isn't mentioned by everybody is that not many people have ridden it, because it is, IMO, a standout coaster in the sea of floorless coasters. The location at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, combined with the HUGE vertical loop after the drop... It's a great coaster.

-James Dillaman

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I gotta chime in with... I have never ridden any floorless design that has just blown me away. I find the idea rather gimicky. All the ones that I have ridden are at best OK. It seems to me, rather than make a floorless that has all the inversions and similar layouts, why not try this concept as a Hyper coaster. It would be ultimately cool to have no OTSRs and only a lap bar to hold you in as you traversed the course of an airtime monster. I think the freedom of the open air seating would only intensify a 200ft+ drop.


Don't be surprised to see this concept head this direction. Rumor has it that we might see it as early as on the Vdrop coaster at BGE.


But that's just my two cents. WTF do I know?

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