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  1. Test track is still a great ride, I could just do without the entire “build your own car” bit.
  2. Okay so next update....Here we have Epcot. I don't need to go into much detail because you all know what Epcot is about. So, I will dive right into it. Listen....I know I'm going to catch a lot of heat for this but....Out of all four Disney World parks, Epcot did the least for me. Test Track is fun as well as Soarin and Living with the Land, but besides that I wasn't blown away by Epcot. That being said, I do NOT think Epcot is bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Epcot..Especially the World's Showcase is beautiful. The food was fantastic as were the drinks. I think where Epcot didn't do it for me is: A.) I've traveled a lot so seeing the little hamlets didn't really impress me since I've been to a lot of the actual countries. B.) Although there are more countries in the showcase, I wish they were a little bit bigger ala Busch Gardens Williamsburg. C.) Japan was lackluster. Japan was one of the countries I haven't been to (One day soon) but I was looking forward to seeing some of the cultural exhibit. Instead I got a giant store selling Japan products. Anyway, I drank and ate around the world and I had a wonderful day at Epcot. It was just my least favorite Disney Park is all. Everyone knows this view. Literally the only reason to ride "The Seas" is too see the greatest creature on earth...Manatees. Look at this magnificent beast. The Grapefruit Hefeweizen (although only 2% alcohol) is very tasty and refreshing. We'll end Epcot with a picture of some awesome pizza from Napoli Restorante. My ancestors would be proud. Zoom Zoom (Please don't sue me Mazda. Okay for the uncultured ones on here (just kidding) This is a Michilada. It is nothing more than a beer Bloody Mary. I have to say the one I had here was better than the ones I had in actual Mexico. Look at it while it viciously attacks this piece of lettuce! Started off with China. I'm showing you a picture of the pastry I had in France because it was better than the beer there. I enjoyed Soarin'. I enjoyed waiting only 30 minutes for it eve more. Disappointing Japan...At least I had a Sapporo when I was there. Test Track was fun, I liked the older version better though. Whoops.
  3. You really can’t go wrong with a Sky Rocket II. It is the new Batman The Ride Clone.
  4. I have never been to Hershey’s halloween event, are the Intamin’s open?
  5. The Screamin Swing will be a great addition. They’re awesome rides and I love the setting.
  6. Being a New York City native I love hearing/seeing people's reactions to their first rides on the Cyclone. It is truly a classic and I agree at your age it is amazing that it still delivers an out of control, airtime filled ride.
  7. Saturday was our free day of the trip. I went out and drank plenty of beer after MGM Friday so it was nice to wake up and not have to rush, we had brunch at the Grand Floridian at 11am and besides that nothing planned but a few flash passes at Magic Kingdom. The Grand Floridian really is an amazing place. I love the "Old Florida" look and as per usual Disney hits it out of the park. I had French Toast with Sausage which was absolutely delicious. After that my brother and I hopped on the Monorail and shot over to Magic Kingdom to enjoy some rides during the afternoon. Here is where I will give my review of Seven Dwarf's Mine Train. I rode this coaster twice when I was there, once at night and once during the day and while I do like the night time experience better, this is a great ride. The coaster part is nothing to write home about but the dark ride section is where this thing works its magic. The special effects are bar none, every detail is perfect. The part that really got me was when going up the second lift hill you see the shadow's of the dwarf's marching up the mine. A must ride if you're at Magic Kingdom. This is a short update, the next one will be Epcot sometime this week (If you're interested in seeing me drink a lot of beer). One of the mine trains pulling into the station. Really a beautiful complex. Some theming on the queue line. Happy Riders. Magic Kingdom's newest coaster. This was the perfect amount of food. It was enough to make me full but not over bearing when dealing with the Orlando heat. I love the Victorian Architecture. The Main Lobby of the Grand Floridian.
  8. I just like the overall feel of MGM. What it defintely could use is some more shade. It is unbearable mid-day. Slinky Dog is now a must ride when you’re at Disney.
  9. Okay so after our endeavor to Magic Kingdom, the following day we headed out early to Disney's MGM Studios. The Swan & Dolphin offers boat transportation there and it provides a nice quick 5 min boat ride over. I have to say that our day at MGM was great, we arrived at opening and left a little bit before closing which allowed us to ride all the rides including Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash. As far as Toy Story Land goes, it is a wonderful addition and is a hit with all fans of the movies no matter what the age. MGM for me personally, is my second favorite Disney Park behind Magic Kingdom and the only other park I went back too during my stay besides Magic Kingdom. Dinner at the park that night was at 50's Prime Time Cafe which I enjoyed very much. I had a stuffed Pork Chop which was delicious, although I wish the portions were a bit larger. The drinks were reasonably priced and included cool glowing ice cubes. So, like I said, overall it was a really fun day so lets move on to the rides. Rock N Rollercoaster 1x: Our first ride and fast pass of the day was the Vekoma Bowl launched themed to Aerosmith. I really enjoyed this ride. The theming and pre-show were very cool. I think my favorite part of the ride was the station and pre-launch were Disney designed it to feel like you were outside in a back ally. Besides that the actual special effects on the ride were a bit dated and the coaster itself is nothing to write home about but it was still very fun. Toy Story Mania 1x: I'll be the first to tell you I'm not a huge 3-D/Shooter ride person but I really enjoyed this ride. The theming was so and I mean SO well done. Bravo to Disney for really doing the franchise justice. It is a must ride just to experience the ride queue. Walt Disney, One Man's Dream: I know this isn't a ride but if they can squeeze it in I really suggest it. Disney was an amazing human being and the little museum along with the 15 minute film is a great way to learn about the man himself and cool off. Indiana Jones: This show was pretty cool, even if it can be cheesy at certain points. I mean, who doesn't like seeing sh*t blow up? Star Tours 1x: Dated is one word that comes to mind when riding this ride. I still enjoy it because it is Star Wars (Not the horrible new trilogy either). My one question is, does anyone else know how the ride jumps era's like it is nothing? Tower of Terror 3x: This ride was an absolute home run for me and I am so thankful of finally being able to experience it after hearing about it from others for so man years. I am a huge Twilight Zone fan and I can say that the entire experience is so well done. It really makes you feel like you're taking part in the episode. As for the ride itself, that portion also kicks ass as well. I love how no two rides are the same so it keeps the experience fresh as you can only guess what is going to happen. I think this was my favorite ride in all of Disney. Muppets 3D 1x: It was a nice little show, I got a few laughs. As a fan of the Muppets I wish they could have done a little more. Slinky Dog Dash 1x: Okay...So I got extremely lucky. It rained that night at around 9:15 so I stuck around and as I walked into Toy Story, the Slinky Dog coaster opened. It was a miracle, all day long lines were 3+ hours and I was able to sneak on within a half hour. The ride itself was a lot of fun. Kudos to Disney and Mack for making a coaster that is geared towards family but still packs a punch. I would have ridden another 5 times but alas, the lines. Tune in Lounge/50's Prime Time Cafe was really cool! Guitar: The Ride!!! The ride trains. This is about as solid a family coaster as they come. It really is something everyone can enjoy. Look at how nice it looks. First up, a Vekoma and Aerosmith collaboration. MGM's entrance. Disney does a fantastic job of getting people into the park with a minimal wait. Look how awesome it is in all of its glory. The entrance to the marvelously themed Toy Story area. The pre-show area with some Aerosmith memorabilia. This was a great meal. A Pork chop stuffed with Gouda Cheese and Apples...What isn't to like?! The inside of the cafe. This was Grandma's Punch. Without getting into specifics....It is a lot of different kinds of booze with pineapple and orange juice. Just drink it. The next few shots are Toy Story Mania's queue in all of its glory. Tower of Terror dominating the park's skyline. A train getting ready to launch out of the ally. More great theming for Slinky Dog Dash. A view down the main Blvd. There he is now. I love the map from the movie in the background. "Evil Dr. Pork Chop" gets me every time! New Update will be up in a few days.
  10. I can agree with all that. The old school B&M’s have a snappiness to their inversions, it wasn’t all one fluid motion like they are now. The old B&M’s felt like you were on a rollercoaster. The newer ones feel like you’re riding air.
  11. I really will never understand the Skyrush hate. It is by far the craziest hyper coaster I’ve ever ridden. The only hyper that comes close is SuperMan:The Ride which is surprise....Another Intamin. The only B&M I’ll go out of my way for are Inverts or any other pre 2003 B&M.
  12. No I agree 100%, my reasoning was I wasn't even sure if Zamperla owned it since it was in the old Astroworld section or whatever. I have no idea what goes on there. I live 15 minutes away, all I care about is it is improving.
  13. This is awesome news, the new flume will be a hell of an addition. So I guess the flume that they already have will be removed?
  14. Interesting, maybe a T-Rex. I feel like Hershey is late to the RMC Party.
  15. Okay everyone, welcome to the largest installment of this trip report. Yes it is the place we all know and love...Disney World. I know, I know, it has been reported on so many times before but I have to say my piece because this was my first time at Disney in 18 years. For those of you that can count 18 years is a pretty long time. Yes, the classics I remember from my childhood are still there but a lot of attractions were brand new to me. I'm glad I got to experience Disney World as an adult because I have to say that it is one hell of a place. Everything is efficient and so well done, the food is amazing as well. The only complaint I had was not on Disney itself which was the tourists who have absolutely no idea what they're doing. It is annoying when a group of 10 stops in the mid-way to chat and look like at a map. Common sense tells you to move over to the side so nobody walks into you but I know that is lacking these days. Anyway lets get on with the show! We arrived at our resort, Swan and Dolphin mid-afternoon. My family and I were staying in the Dolphin portion of the resort and I have to say I was immediately impressed. It was clean with plenty of amenities, restaurants and five pools. The grotto pool was clearly the most attractive with two hot tubs and a waterfall. That night we got ready and made our way over to Disney Springs. Disney Springs to me was a giant outdoor mall (like Short Hills) if you live in the New York/NJ area. Either way it was impressive. My family had dinner reservation at Bongo's which is a Cuban restaurant for those that are unaware. I had the slow roasted pork with a traditional Mojito, both were delicious. It was cool having the Mojito with sugar cane in it. After our night as Disney Spring', Thursday morning was our first day of parks which started with none other than Magic Kingdom. I remember bits and pieces of Magic Kingdom as a kid but man, did it blow me away this time. At this age, now being an enthusiast for 15 years, I really got to appreciate it. There was not one ride that let me down in the theming and quality department, every ride was immersive. Dinner that night was Liberty Tree Tavern which was an awesome family style dinner, I would recommend to anyone going to Magic Kingdom. Also don't forget to grab yourself a Dole Whip while you're there (I had about 4 the entire trip). Lets get on to the rides: Space Mountain 3x - This ride can be summed up in two words: Classic Fun. Space Mountain doesn't blow you away with size or speed but it will crush you in the fun department. The pitch black of the ride building really enhances how fast you are going. The speed with short sudden drops really makes for an amazing experience. I was laughing the entire time. People Mover 1x: Anybody that has ridden it knows....You just gotta do it. It's a nice classic ride to relax on. Carousel Of Progress 1x: A dated, but classic Disney ride. It was hilarious how the timeline jumps 60 years from the 1940's to the new millennium even though the last part was originally the 80's because of their clothing. Monsters Inc 1x: This attraction was so-so. It is great for kids so I give Disney credit for that. The first act which consisted of the geography schtick really did have me laughing. Splash Mountain 2x: This probably was my second favorite ride, if not my favorite of the entire trip. I really really loved this ride. Song of the South is a great movie with a tumultuous past. Even though younger generations can't experience the movie, its legacy and music lives on in this ride. The ride itself consists of numerous drops and show rooms, don't miss it! Pirates of the Caribbean 2x: Another classic, I loved this ride as a kid and still love it now even though a lot has changed with it over the years. It is amazing how large the show building is, you really feel like you're outside at some points. Hall of Presidents: As a history teacher this was another incredible experience not to be missed if you're into this sort of thing. I love that Disney had such a passion for American History and it shows throughout the parks. Small World 1x: You have to do it if you go to Disney no matter how annoying it is. My GOD do they beat that song into your head. Haunted Mansion 2x: I love this ride...Even after all these years the special effects are very solid. The ball room scene still gets me every time! A true classic. Big Thunder Mountain 1x: A fun little mine train that has some great laterals. My restraints were a little loose so I was also catching some air and being thrown around. I also rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but that will be in the second part of the Magic Kingdom report...Thanks for reading...Next up will be MGM! The Boardwalk at night, its nice to drink a few beers and watch the boats go by. The front of the resort....Very nice! Splash Mountain...Truly one of my favorite rides out there. It combines fun, great theming and nostalgia for me. Iconic. Liberty Tree Tavern's awesome spread. Pork, Pot Roast, Turkey, Gravy, Cranberry, Stuffing, String Beans, Mac N Cheese and Mashed Potatoes...Whats not to like! Walking to Liberty Square from Tomorrowland I paid some respects to the man himself. First up was our fast pass on Space Mountain. Magic Kingdom's iconic entrance. The Hall of Presidents..They have some cool artifacts in the lobby...Plus air conditioning. And dessert was messed up! A fudge filled heath pastry with ice cream. Dolphin's beautiful lobby The Slow Roasted Pork with Plantains and Rice from Bongo's. A view of some of the complex. Main Street....When you turn the corner and see that castle...It really is awesome. Space Mountain's trains featuring my blurry finger...Enjoy! One more shot for good measure. Later on after Seven Dwarf's I got Dole Whip...Which was also very very good. The awesome looking grotto pool featuring the water fall. A shot of what walking into Tomorrowland is like. Waiting for the show to start! Goodnight Magic Kingdom. After seeing our presidents it was a time for some delicious chicken taco's at Peco's. Once lunch was over we all headed over to the Haunted Mansion for some frights. The wait was only around 30 minutes which was great. A train doing its thing. I having been to Sedona Arizona and doing the red rock tour, our guide as before creating the idea for this ride Disney imagineer's traveled to Sedona and used it for inspiration. I have to say they did a great job in capturing the look! Big Thunder Mountain was a lot of fun.
  16. Sorry everyone, I’ve been very busy lately but here is the next update of the thread....The place we all know and love...Dorney Park! Yes it has a stagnate coaster lineup but I head back every year because Talon is worth the 90 min drive as well as Waffle House which is 20 min from the park. I know we always joke about Dorney being empty but this was the absolute most empty I have ever seen it. It was a rainy Wednesday in July and the place was a ghost town. Anyway, Im not gonna sit here and go super in-depth over Dorney so....Enjoy the photos. They really trimmed Thunderhawk to death. Not a fan. I do love Steel Force’s sign, very classic. Talon at the entrance. The place was so empty the let us park for free and only one entrance gate was open. Talon was running like its normal, great self. Demon Drop is still scary as sh*t. Everything was a walk on. Standard Steel Force shot. The best part of Hydra is it being photogenic. The next part of the update is Disney’s Magic Kingdom so stay tuned! This is what it looked like the entire visit.
  17. No problem! i’ve been to Gettysburg and it is absolutely incredible. I have yet to have been to Fort Sumter but in due time I will get there.
  18. The next portion of this trip will be that of Kentucky Kingdom and a quick look at Louisville Slugger Stadium, home of the Louisville bats. I had a fun few hours at Kentucky Kingdom. I will say though, I was very surprised at how small this park actually is. I arrived at opening and ran through the park around 3 1/2 hours. I understand this place is just getting back on its feet, the ride selection although small is really good. Im still shocked at the size of the place, I wasn't expecting big but I definitely wasn't expecting this tiny. Besides that it is your typical generic amusement park. Standard food, some less then spectacular landscaping but at the same time pretty clean. If you have a few hours to kill in Louisville definitely stop by to ride Storm Chaser and Lightening Run if nothing else. Lightening Run 2x: I was very excited for this coaster, I had heard so much about and I was finally going to get a chance to ride it. My first ride was in the front row and second in the back. It is a very, very, very SOLID ride. It really has no flaws but for some reason I was expecting more, thats where it left me a little disappointed. The first drop is awesome and it has a fantastic layout, but I as expecting more airtime. I'm not knocking it and I think park's should look to add more of these. Great job Morgan. Thunder Run 1x: Really good first drop, the rest I found underwhelming. It does however get bonus points for not being rough at all. T3 2x: Lets not kid ourselves here folks, new trains/restraints did not save this ride. It stinks, flat out. I rode it twice to make sure I was just being a hater but the second ride confirmed two things. SLC's have great layouts but the execution just isn't there 98% of the time. Storm Chaser 4x: This ride is truly special. Having ride Twisted Timbers the week before, it was really really hard to determine which was the superior coaster. I would say these two are 1A and 1B to each other as they offer a similar experience, especially with the first drop. Front, back, wherever you ride it, Storm Chaser delivers. Around 2 o'clock I left the park headed back to the hotel and showered in preparation for the Louisville Bat's game. It was Bourbon night (surprise) so Jim Bean was handing out flights of Bourbon and the team changed their name to the "mashers" to honor some Bourbon Mash. The stadium is a beautiful little complex with cheap beer and great food. Against the Grain Brewery is attached to the stadium so it is a great place to stop in before the game and have a few and a bite to eat. This will end the Louisville portion of the trip and I have to say it is a wonderful city and I hope to go back one day! Okay so every local I spoke too told me I had to get this and I waited 25 minutes for one. It is a fried Bologna and cheese sandwich. As a non-bologna person I have to say it was really good! The cheese was melted and the white bread was toasted. Another must try if you find yourself here. Enjoy everyone! It should be P3 for Pain to the Third Power. First up, the much anticipated Lightening Run. It does have an interesting layout though. Enough to keep you engaged. This was about as "meh" as it comes for me. I stopped for a lackluster cinnamon pretzel.....I scoffed it down anyway I was starving. This over bank really is a thing of beauty. This final stretch of the ride hauls. From start to finish, it is perfection. Lift Hill porn for you lift hill weirdos. It was really nice looking inside as well. Beautiful stadium and a beautiful night for a game. Did I mention the Bourbon Flights The ballpark had a real nice old time look to it. The dry rub wing's were on the money. Against the Grain Brewery, they had some really good stuff! I love stuff! Kentucky Kingdom's little entrance plaza. The star of the show and boy did it live up to it. It was great but as a snobby ride person I still expected more (Humbug). God help me.
  19. Before I get to the Kentucky Kingdom portion of the trip, I'd like to share some of the other experiences I had when I was down in Louisville. Let me start by saying that Louisville is a terrific town. It is fun, clean, overall pretty safe and very nice looking. The cuisine and nightlife are very lively to boot. I headed to Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday but on the Thursday I took a tour of Louisville Slugger and Friday I hit the famous Kentucky Bourbon trail. If you're a baseball fan like myself Louisville Slugger is definitely something you need to hit during your lifetime. I don't have any pictures of the factory floor because it is a working factory and they want to keep the process within the walls. It is pretty incredible to walk through the building and see who they're making bats for that day because they have it posted above the factory floor! Each bat is different and no two players have the same bat...Pretty incredible. That being said I do have pictures of the museum. A tour is about an hour and costs 15 dollars which is a great deal. You learn a lot about the different trees they use to make the bats, the history of the company and a bunch of other awesome baseball tidbits. Friday was the real reason why I headed down to Louisville in the first place. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a guided tour of the many different Bourbon distilleries that can be found in the state. Tickets are 150, the tour lasts about six hours with Bourbon tasting and a full lunch at a local restaurant included. Now, it is impossible to hit all the distilleries in one day so each day it runs includes different places. This Friday included Jim Bean, Barton 1792 (Who just had a warehouse collapsed and lost 9,000 barrels), Lux Row and my personal favorite Maker's Mark. If you're a Bourbon person just like if you're a baseball person, Louisville is a must go!. Our next stop was Barton 1792. We did a quick tasting here and the staff was very accommodating, they let us ask as many questions as we wanted about the warehouse collapse. This is a photo of a Kentucky Hot Brown I had. It is turkey, bacon, cheese and tomato served in a skillet! They cool off and store their barrels in a cave. One of Babe Ruth's bats from his 60 home run season. We stopped at a family owned restaurant Kurtz for lunch. Its been open since 1937 and has some of the best Mint Juleps in town. Inside they have some of the best memorabilia outside the Hall of Fame such as Honus Wagner's uniform and bat. This is what the inside of a Bourbon "Rickhouse" looks like to those interested. Maker's Mark is absolutely gorgeous. It gives a true "Kentucky Hills" southern vibe. Our first stop after lunch was Lux Row. They broke ground on this distillery in 2016 and just opened the doors this year. It is a very pristine facility. Good luck to the guys over there! Jim Bean is the largest Bourbon distillery in the world. Lastly we have Joltin Joe DiMaggio's bat from his 56 game hit streak. That night I hit the Eagle for some of the best authentic Kentucky Fried Chicken in town. There is Jim right now...Welcoming us. The next day started bright and early as we made a 45 min journey to the first stop on the trail....Jim Bean! Maker's Mark also has a restaurant that serves Bourbon Slushies....So whose really winning? It tasted like a Bourbon and Ginger. I could have drank 100. First stop, the 120 foot tall baseball bat outside Louisville Slugger. The final stop of the tour was my favorite because it is my favorite Bourbon. It is the oldest operating distillery in Kentucky. These are two of the original copper stills that keep chugging along today. In the museum you can read up a quick history of the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. And at the end of the tour you can bet your bottom dollar they let us taste some...Paired with chocolate of course. To those who don't know the two are a match made in heaven.
  20. Even though I can’t stand the Steelers I love this addition. The pavilion looks great and the ride is unique. Just another reason to go back.
  21. This is way off. It is either an Arrow or Togo Hyper.
  22. Yes I have to agree that when you are actually there standing where it happened, it has a very powerful and solemn feeling. Thank you for the website to resize photos. I will give it a try.
  23. Okay so as those of you who have read my trip reports before, I like to mix in the history of the area's I visit or some of the other attractions in the area. On the way back to New York City on Sunday we decided to stop at the house Stonewall Jackson died in as well as Fredricksburg Battlefield. Both of these sites are run by the United States Park Service and they do a wonderful job at preserving the history that had taken place in these spots. Disclaimer: I'm posting this because I know some people on here have an interest in the historical aspect of it. The American Civil War was this countries' darkest hour and I think we can all appreciate the men on both sides who gave their lives fighting in it. So please, refrain from any political input about the subject and enjoy the photos of some of this countries' most incredible moments. If you can't handle it, skip this section of the trip report. When you climb down Prospect Hill and travel a little deeper into the woods you see more moments from the battle. At the top of Prospect Hill you get to walk the footsteps of General Lee as he watched the battle. These are two parrot cannons at the top. Next up was the Innis House. This is the same house that was here during the battle. The Innis family refused to leave their home during the battle and stayed throughout its entirety. This was a chair located inside the Chatum Manor. It has been here for a VERY long time. George Washington, James Monroe, James Madison, Robert E, Lee and Abraham Lincoln all when they visited the manor. The grounds are still beautifully maintained. This was where Stonewall's brigade's trench was located. At the end of the battlefield trail you come to Chatum Manor which was a plantation at the time. After the stop at the house we traveled farther down the road into Fredericksburg. There you can follow a trail that follows that days events. This here is The Sunken Road, where 7,500 Union soldiers gave their lives charging the walls in which the Confederates were entrenched. They still do grow grapes and corn here. This was a manor beyond the Sunken Road. It looked beautiful but no visitors can visit the grounds right now. This is a statue dedicated to a Rebel soldier who rushed across no-mans-land with water to aid dehydrated and dying Union soldiers. So I'm a little disappointed that the photo I have of the actual room and bed he died in his too large to upload. Im working on it so i'll keep you guys updated if I ever get it to work. This however is the room his doctors worked in to make Jackson's medicine. He is the marking that proves it. Inside the house you can see where bullet holes and shrapnel hit. Why you would want to stay there at the time may be hard to comprehend but back then people would never leave their land and homes. We arrived at this little house between Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg mid Sunday morning. This little inconspicuous building was the house Stonewall Jackson died at after being shot by his own men accidentally after their victory at Chancellorsville. The final stop was a Union cannon that was pointed across the Rappahannock River at Confederate lines. I hope you all enjoyed this portion of the trip! Next up will be Kentucky Kingdom along with some other spots in Louisville.
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