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  1. Test track is still a great ride, I could just do without the entire “build your own car” bit.
  2. Okay so next update....Here we have Epcot. I don't need to go into much detail because you all know what Epcot is about. So, I will dive right into it. Listen....I know I'm going to catch a lot of heat for this but....Out of all four Disney World parks, Epcot did the least for me. Test Track is fun as well as Soarin and Living with the Land, but besides that I wasn't blown away by Epcot. That being said, I do NOT think Epcot is bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Epcot..Especially the World's Showcase is beautiful. The food was fantastic as were the drinks. I think where Epcot
  3. You really can’t go wrong with a Sky Rocket II. It is the new Batman The Ride Clone.
  4. I have never been to Hershey’s halloween event, are the Intamin’s open?
  5. The Screamin Swing will be a great addition. They’re awesome rides and I love the setting.
  6. Being a New York City native I love hearing/seeing people's reactions to their first rides on the Cyclone. It is truly a classic and I agree at your age it is amazing that it still delivers an out of control, airtime filled ride.
  7. Saturday was our free day of the trip. I went out and drank plenty of beer after MGM Friday so it was nice to wake up and not have to rush, we had brunch at the Grand Floridian at 11am and besides that nothing planned but a few flash passes at Magic Kingdom. The Grand Floridian really is an amazing place. I love the "Old Florida" look and as per usual Disney hits it out of the park. I had French Toast with Sausage which was absolutely delicious. After that my brother and I hopped on the Monorail and shot over to Magic Kingdom to enjoy some rides during the afternoon. Here is where I wi
  8. I just like the overall feel of MGM. What it defintely could use is some more shade. It is unbearable mid-day. Slinky Dog is now a must ride when you’re at Disney.
  9. Okay so after our endeavor to Magic Kingdom, the following day we headed out early to Disney's MGM Studios. The Swan & Dolphin offers boat transportation there and it provides a nice quick 5 min boat ride over. I have to say that our day at MGM was great, we arrived at opening and left a little bit before closing which allowed us to ride all the rides including Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash. As far as Toy Story Land goes, it is a wonderful addition and is a hit with all fans of the movies no matter what the age. MGM for me personally, is my second favorite Disney Park behind Magic Ki
  10. I can agree with all that. The old school B&M’s have a snappiness to their inversions, it wasn’t all one fluid motion like they are now. The old B&M’s felt like you were on a rollercoaster. The newer ones feel like you’re riding air.
  11. I really will never understand the Skyrush hate. It is by far the craziest hyper coaster I’ve ever ridden. The only hyper that comes close is SuperMan:The Ride which is surprise....Another Intamin. The only B&M I’ll go out of my way for are Inverts or any other pre 2003 B&M.
  12. No I agree 100%, my reasoning was I wasn't even sure if Zamperla owned it since it was in the old Astroworld section or whatever. I have no idea what goes on there. I live 15 minutes away, all I care about is it is improving.
  13. This is awesome news, the new flume will be a hell of an addition. So I guess the flume that they already have will be removed?
  14. Interesting, maybe a T-Rex. I feel like Hershey is late to the RMC Party.
  15. Okay everyone, welcome to the largest installment of this trip report. Yes it is the place we all know and love...Disney World. I know, I know, it has been reported on so many times before but I have to say my piece because this was my first time at Disney in 18 years. For those of you that can count 18 years is a pretty long time. Yes, the classics I remember from my childhood are still there but a lot of attractions were brand new to me. I'm glad I got to experience Disney World as an adult because I have to say that it is one hell of a place. Everything is efficient and so well done, the fo
  16. Sorry everyone, I’ve been very busy lately but here is the next update of the thread....The place we all know and love...Dorney Park! Yes it has a stagnate coaster lineup but I head back every year because Talon is worth the 90 min drive as well as Waffle House which is 20 min from the park. I know we always joke about Dorney being empty but this was the absolute most empty I have ever seen it. It was a rainy Wednesday in July and the place was a ghost town. Anyway, Im not gonna sit here and go super in-depth over Dorney so....Enjoy the photos. They really trimmed Thunderhawk to death.
  17. No problem! i’ve been to Gettysburg and it is absolutely incredible. I have yet to have been to Fort Sumter but in due time I will get there.
  18. The next portion of this trip will be that of Kentucky Kingdom and a quick look at Louisville Slugger Stadium, home of the Louisville bats. I had a fun few hours at Kentucky Kingdom. I will say though, I was very surprised at how small this park actually is. I arrived at opening and ran through the park around 3 1/2 hours. I understand this place is just getting back on its feet, the ride selection although small is really good. Im still shocked at the size of the place, I wasn't expecting big but I definitely wasn't expecting this tiny. Besides that it is your typical generic amusement pa
  19. Before I get to the Kentucky Kingdom portion of the trip, I'd like to share some of the other experiences I had when I was down in Louisville. Let me start by saying that Louisville is a terrific town. It is fun, clean, overall pretty safe and very nice looking. The cuisine and nightlife are very lively to boot. I headed to Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday but on the Thursday I took a tour of Louisville Slugger and Friday I hit the famous Kentucky Bourbon trail. If you're a baseball fan like myself Louisville Slugger is definitely something you need to hit during your lifetime. I don't have a
  20. Even though I can’t stand the Steelers I love this addition. The pavilion looks great and the ride is unique. Just another reason to go back.
  21. This is way off. It is either an Arrow or Togo Hyper.
  22. Yes I have to agree that when you are actually there standing where it happened, it has a very powerful and solemn feeling. Thank you for the website to resize photos. I will give it a try.
  23. Okay so as those of you who have read my trip reports before, I like to mix in the history of the area's I visit or some of the other attractions in the area. On the way back to New York City on Sunday we decided to stop at the house Stonewall Jackson died in as well as Fredricksburg Battlefield. Both of these sites are run by the United States Park Service and they do a wonderful job at preserving the history that had taken place in these spots. Disclaimer: I'm posting this because I know some people on here have an interest in the historical aspect of it. The American Civil War was thi
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