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  1. Wow... the castle looks stunning. I think it looks even better than the concept art.
  2. You can take the Free Farmington Trolly from the UTA Frontrunner Farmington Station Park and Ride Lot. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk Thank you!
  3. Quick question for the Lagoon experts out there... We are headed there today, but I am arriving later than my family. My wife will use our season parking pass. Is there a good place I could park my car for free and walk into the park? I don't mind walking a bit, as my wife could drive me to my car at the end of the day. I thought of the Lagoon Trailhead and also Station Park. Any other ideas...?
  4. I guess Universal gave up battling the "Fantastic Worlds" rumored theme park name with Warner Bros. after the latest Fantastic Beasts movie didn't do as well as they expected. I couldn't tell from the concept art if there was a Potter-themed land or not, but one of the images seemed to indicate a potential Potter-esque street leading to a Ministry of Magic building...? Overall thoughts? On the plus side, any new well-developed and thought-out theme park is a win in my book. And this looks and feels like Universal is going all-out on a big sized themed experience as opposed to shoe-horni
  5. SFMM does sell refill bottles that give you free refills for the rest of the day or free refills for the rest of the season. If you are going to be there for more than 1 day, definitely get the bottle that gives you free refills the rest of the season. (I believe they are the gold bottles this year.) I'm not sure about the cost, but i think the daily refill bottles are like $15-16 and the season refill bottles are like $20-21. There are a few places around the park that have the freestyle coke machines and I would highly recommend filling up when you see them. I know for sure the candy sh
  6. One other quick question - do they have soda mugs or with refill options for just the day of? (ie not a season passholder option) If so, what is the cost and is there a time limit between refills?
  7. Everything is basically the same as it was a few years ago. All rides have bins/shelves off to the side for your backpacks/drinks, except for X2. If you show up there with any loose items, they will make you buy a $1 fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo. No outside food or drinks are allowed. You can bring water bottles, but they’re like the TSA; they will make you empty them out before entering the park. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks! This was exactly the info I needed.
  8. Hey everybody- we are headed to SFMM for the first time in a few years this Tuesday. Has anything changed as far as policies with backpacks, etc? Can people bring water bottles and/or hydroflasks into the park? I remember being able to take a backpack and putting them on shelves when I rode the coasters. Wanted to make sure that is still the case. No outside food or snacks correct? Thanks in advance!
  9. To each his/her own... but I've tried several times to ride Forbidden Journey w/out getting sick... and I get motion sick nearly every time. And I'm fine on other rides with motion and screen-based effects (Spiderman, Gringotts, Flight of Passage, Star Tours) I have yet to ride a B&M invert that has made me sick... including Dragons (R.I.P)
  10. Was there a reason why they didn't soft open this to try and work some of the operational kinks out? I know some of it might be secrecy, and trying not to spoil some of the unique elements of the ride... but they gave us some press releases with information regarding the creatures, etc. so it wasn't like they were trying to hide the entirety of the ride. I know it often gets recognized at how quickly Universal builds and opens attractions compared to Disney... but at what cost? We all saw the debacle of Volcano Bay when it opened and they hadn't entirely worked out all the issues with th
  11. Howdy all - I am headed to SoCal during the first week of July with my family. We are hoping to hit SFMM while we are there. We know it will be a busy week, but it's the only time we're able to go. We don't have season passes, and don't live near enough a Six Flags park to get one (for the time being), so this will be a one and done for all of us. Currently I think the best deal is to get our tickets online at least one full day prior to our visit, or bring a Coke can to get $20 off the ticket booth price. Are any of you aware of any other local deals (supermarkets, convenience stores,
  12. Thanks for sharing - your description of the speed and unrelenting pace of the coaster is dead-on. It truly seems to pick up momentum as the ride unfolds - maybe that's what was so surprising to me. I was also impressed with the insanely deceptive length of the ride despite the somewhat small footprint. Truly an inspired design. That would be great if they could add another wooden coaster and try and build a replica of some of the older coasters!
  13. It was a great day all around. I also rode the Thunderbolt and enjoyed the ride as well. I was impressed with Luna Park overall and just loved the ambience of the entire boardwalk area. I wish we didn't have to rush back to the city (we had play tickets that night) because I would have loved to have watched the sun go down as I hit more rides, and strolled the beach a bit. I really wanted to get something at Nathan's - but the line was insanely long... it looked terrific though!
  14. Just returned from a weekend trip to NYC with my wife. The main purpose of the trip was a combined Christmas/birthday present to my wife (tickets to Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Waitress - all great!) To return the favor, she insisted we take the train down to Coney Island so I could ride the Cyclone. I have always wanted to ride it, but in our previous trips to NYC we have never made it down there. We had done everything we wanted to do in the city, so we headed down there Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect and Luna Park was quite full - in fact, the boardwalk and beach
  15. True, but if a Disney park had only been officially open for a "week-or-so" and had operations as described above, it would be eviscerated by the press and GP. The truth is, this would never happen in a Disney park. Universal? Perhaps... (see Volcano Bay...)
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