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What Ride Have You Ridden the Most?

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I know for a fact that several of you not only count the number of credits (different rides) you've been on, but some of you count the number of ride cycles you've ridden on a single ride.

I want to know: What flat rides, water rides, or roller coasters have you ridden the most?


Mine's a flat ride at Castles n' Coasters falled Free Fall.

I've been on this Moser Spring a total of 64 ride cycles, or 320 drops.


What are yours?

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Mine is certainly Jaguar at Knott's. After 2 years of doing Coasting for Kids and getting about 350 rides on it I can't imagine I've ridden anything else as much.


Outside of events like that, second place would have to probably be Colossus at SFMM just due to it's age and that I still ride it on most visits to the park.


Water Ride probably goes to Log Jammer or Jet Stream at SFMM although Pirates of the Caribbean is a possibility as well.


I'm not a huge fan of flat rides for the most part but the most is probably the Tilt a Whirl that used to be at SFMM in different incarnations. I would ride that pretty much every visit and I'll ride a Tilt a Whirl at pretty much any park I visit.


Dark Ride it's probably Mr. Toad at Disneyland.

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Flat Ride: Would have to say Extreme Swing at Valleyfair, we ride that at least 7-10 times each time we go. Last year I am guessing we went on it 100 times.


Roller Coaster: Wild Thing at Valleyfair, an average of 3-5 times per visit. Guessing we rode that 40 times last year and we will probably break that number on June 9th for Coasting For Kids

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That's tough to say. I imagine the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland are the top, but Apollo's Chariot would be right up there, too.

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The wood Coaster at Playland (At The PNE).


When I have my season's pass, I then

go to the park 1-4 times a week, and ALWAYS ride

Coaster at least twice in the visit.


Have no idea of how many times. But - it's a lot, lol!

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Coaster: Colossus at Thorpe Park. I can't ride as many times per visit because there are so many more coasters now than in 2002 but I've ridden it around 50 times. I love the little airtime hump before the Cobra Roll.


Flat: A Sonacase Twister at a local seaside family park. It's been there since I was 9 years old and I always have a ride when I'm in the area. Never any waiting line so it's a case of buying a wrist band and riding til' you're sick! I have no idea how many - probably close to 100 if not more.


Water: I'm not a fan of wet rides (even in the summer) but Logger's Leap at Thorpe Park is my highest. Although I don't like getting wet the airtime from the flat in the middle of the main drop is petrifying... to the point where my relief that the log hasn't fallen out of the channel at the bottom is greater than my annoyance at having wet feet!


As for coaster count I don't agree with counting rides per coaster. I'd find it much more impressive to see somebody who has 50 but has travelled the world and counts each coaster as 1, than somebody who has 500 but has just visited SFMM many times and counts rides per coaster. Just my opinion.

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While I count the number of coasters I've ridden, I've hardly kept track of my lap count, especially on flat rides. But here is what I think I've ridden the most.


Roller coaster: Either Bizarro/Superman: Ride of Steel or Thunderbolt, both at Six Flags New England. I have marathoned Bizarro plenty of times, the most being about 20+ during the commercial shoot for Bizarro, so it's very likely my #1. However, I have been riding Thunderbolt since I was a kid, and since I was terrified of the bigger coasters. And I visited the park a lot of times before I became an enthusiast, so it's a pretty good chance Thunderbolt is my #1.


Flat ride: Either Scream! or Crime Wave/Wave Swinger, both at Six Flags New England. I was terrified of Scream! all the way up until 2009 where it was one of the rides I was working on. Once I rode it a few times, I suddenly couldn't get enough of it. Now, I practically abuse the single-riders line whenever I visit the park. However, for the same reasons as Thunderbolt, Crime Wave might hold the highest lap count for me. I remember finding the swing set at my old elementary school boring after riding the Wave Swinger.

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In one day was probably Power Tower at Valleyfair. There were extremely short lines at the end of the day and my sister and I got probably 10 rides throughout the day. We also re-rode American Eagle 9 times in a row once on a rainy, empty day at the park and we never once had to get out


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Definitely the Paratrooper a Funland in Rehoboth Beach. We've been going there for our family vacation since I was born. I've probably ridden it hundreds of times.


As far as coasters, it's probably Bizarro. I just don't know which one. We've had Six Flags passes since 2000 and live right between SFNE and SFGADV.

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I don't keep track of laps on rides, so I have no idea what I've actually ridden the most. However, I can make a few educated guesses.


Coaster: I'm pretty sure it's either Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Jaguar!, GhostRider, or Matterhorn Bobsleds, as I've been going to Disneyland and Knott's frequently for pretty much my entire life. I remember sometimes visiting Knott's when I was younger and riding Jaguar over and over, but I also can't remember the last time I visited and didn't ride GhostRider (unless it was down for refurbishment). It could also be Timberline Twister at Knott's or Freeway Coaster at Adventure City, but I don't remember riding these as much.


Water Ride: Almost certainly Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm. I've always liked that ride. Other candidates would be Bigfoot Rapids and Splash Mountain, but as I don't remember riding Bigfoot Rapids regularly and was scared of Splash Mountain until I was about 8, I'm pretty sure I rode Timber Mountain Log Ride more.


Dark Ride: Something at Disneyland for sure. Probably it's a small world, but it could also be any of the Fantasyland dark rides, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Haunted Mansion.

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