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  1. Fast Lane + is gone. There is only Fast Lane. The former FastLane + rides are now included in FL. I have had each meat option at Grain and Grill, my faves are the beef and pork. The couscous salad is the best side they have! They did downsize the indoor seating to accommodate cashiers and drink machines. Pull pork fries at Potato Works is on the meal plan! You will not be disappointed.
  2. I may or may not have spent an indeterminate number of hours recreating the JAWS ride from Orlando! I tried to add ride audio, but my version is slightly longer than the original. Currently, it is one of my most popular rides in my park! I will upload more screenshots as I take more.
  3. So I work for a delivery company, and my delivery area is out near Clermont Steel Fabricators! I pulled over to organize my next few stops, as it’s a somewhat busy 2 lane road. I see these. 4 or 5 sections. Perfect timing since Kumba is going down for annual soon!
  4. Did they confirm that it was closed for maintenance or was it a Covid thing? Hope to ride it again in June!
  5. I really hope Kumba is not going anywhere! I will be devastated! That was the coaster that got me hooked! I had never ridden a roller coaster, but the paper in my home town had Kumba on the front page. I KNEW I had to ride it! June 12, 1993 was my first trip to Busch Gardens, and was so excited to finally ride it! We rode Scorpion and Python, (and all the other rides) to work my way up to it. As we were walking to get into the queue, a train flew over the g-roll and down to the Cobra Roll, and I said “Nope!” I ended up not riding it that day. I finally talked my parents into taking me again later that summer to ride. I managed one ride that day, because it was so insane! To this day, it is probably the coaster that I have the most rides on. Wish I had thought back then to keep count So mad than I can’t get down there any sooner than June. Don’t remember if I’ve posted it in here, but here’s my car, Kumba!
  6. This is the final product from what is included in the files. There are roughly 289 printed parts in just these 3 rows. I have 5 rows total completed and currently working on printing the last 3 rows.
  7. I am painting the fenders and wings by hand, and the restraints and seats I am spray painting. Everything black is printed with black filament. The car is my Kumba themed Dodge Charger. I wanted to use it as a size reference. The first photo shows how long this train will be. once completed it will be roughly 46 inches long, and likely weigh 20-30 pounds. The metal hardware alone is for the entire thing will reach around $350 once said and done. I am around $150 spent on plastic, and $40ish on paints so far. If anyone is wondering, 1 order of the hardware will nearly complete the first 5 rows.
  8. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have posted, but I have been lurking and reading topics. I wanted to start a thread about my Montu train that I am working on, and will include a link to purchase the files for the train. So I have been working on this project since November 18, 2020. I am currently printing components for row 5. This is where I am at so far. I will upload the progress photos later. Link to get files: https://www.etsy.com/listing/728021621/digital-cad-files-for-3d-printable?ref=shop_home_active_1&crt=1
  9. Last year I visited Haunt at least half of the Fridays it was running, and I can confirm that it does tend to get busier closer to Halloween! Also, Fridays are better than Saturdays, by far, and maze lines get shorter later in the evening. I work at Banshee... THIS IS NOT A TEASER... This has been there since the beginning of the season. A member of my crew who was supposed to be looking for lost articles found it down the hill and in the trees, and thought it would be nice to have actual part of the ride by the Eternal Flame The flowers were put there by SOB fans. I repeat, this has NOTHING o do with a new ride or attraction. It was just the Banshee crew paying respect to the former occupant of that area. Repeat again... BANSHEE CREW FOUND THE WOOD.....
  10. So. I was at IOA on Monday, and while I had a great time, I had some awesome, fun, sad, and memorable rides on Dragons. First and foremost, the line was the typical station wait most of the day. It started picking up later in the day. Our first ride was on Horntail(Ice) in row 8. This was probably the BEST ride I have ever had on the dragons out of all the times I had ever been to IOA. It was so smooth, and the cobra roll wasn't as jerky as I remembered it being on some of my previous rides. Next we rode Fireball(Fire) in row 1. Other than what felt like a bad road wheel, it was a great ride, with the usual snap at the top of the second immelman. Still a very smooth ride. I took a couple people who had never been, and they couldn't understand why they are removing such a smooth and fun roller coaster. The longest we waited was either for River Adventure, or Kong. Both had 20 to 30 minute waits. Not sure which one was longer. We made a loop around the park, and ended the day with a mini Dragon marathon that was interrupted by a storm that lasted from about 6:30 until after 8 pm. They finally got the ride cleared to reopen after the storm passed, and we waited it out. Finally, we got the last public train on Fireball! Such an awesome ride! It was very sad for me as someone who loves B&M's. I could not imagine Kings Island closing Banshee. I would be devastated.
  11. I got my final rides on them today. They both were butter smooth.. Even took someone who had never been to the park, and they mentioned how smooth it was. We managed to get the last public ride on Fireball in row 7. From age 16 to 23 (when I moved away), I put in a lot of rides on those coasters. I have lots of great memories. The last ride was emotional for many reason, but what a great ride it was. I'm not going to make a special trip down for the new HP ride, but returning to Islands will never be the same.
  12. Mason Inn. Stay away from Mason Inn! News for the guy who was inconvenienced by the gates at Banshee not working. They now open automatically when the train stops. You should not have any problems getting out of the station now. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Hi there. I work at Banshee, and can somewhat explain these. The rides close in phases depending on storm proximity. Phase 1 is the big coasters such as Diamondback, Banshee, Invertigo, and the towers. These things close first. Phase 2 is things like SkyFlyer, Delirium etc. These cose second. Phase 3 is the entire park. Basically, if Phase 3 happens, run for cover! Some rides close when others don't depending on the history of said ride in the rain. Don't know what is going on with DB, but we are waiting on new pressure pads at Banshee. We try to open the second gate by the switch after the train stops, but we can't always tend to the gates. Sorry that annoyed you. It is just as annoying for us because it takes that much longer to get everyone out of the station and to send the next train.
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