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What Ride Have You Ridden the Most?

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Diamondback, KI. I have ridden that ride over 600 times. Stopped counting a few years ago, so it could be close to 800-900.



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oh my god.. and you still feeling anything? that's just craziness


Bahaha. I don't know why I love that ride so much. I guess it comes down to a great combination is my favorite forces for a rollercoaster.



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Well, previously I would probably have said FlumeRide@Liseberg, but the last time I visited the park I went on Kanonen 25 times so it has probably passed.


I'm super jealous of you americans who can buy a cheap Six Flags or Cedar Fair pass and ride Nitro/Diamondback/whatever how many times you want, while I need to pay a small loan of $200 for unlimited access to just Liseberg.

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Colossus the Fire Dragon @ Lagoon. My body has become accustomed to it the same way people get used to the rocking of a boat. I'm pretty sure I could sleep on it if they didn't make me get out of my seat and back in line between rides.

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Coaster = Texas Giant. I rode it more than 400 times before the RMC conversion. Since the conversion I've ridden it probably around 200 times. Second is Titan with about 300 total laps.


Flat ride = Spinnaker. I rode it the day it first opened in 1977. I continued to ride it up until it's removal in 1995. I rode it a few times after it had been relocated to SFFT as Wagon Wheel. Altogether I've probably ridden more than 1000 times.

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