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  1. When you look at those operating hours they are mighty sparse. Not open Mon-Wed and closing at 7 pm Thursdays, 8 pm for Friday's until the last week in July and then only 3 straight weeks of open time and back to the 'normal' schedule for the rest of the year after that. But it is better than last year, at least they will be open.
  2. It looks that way, good find. If you go to the site www.christmasincolor.net you can already sign up to buy tickets for Valleyfair. They have 5 other places listed in the United States also. It starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas Eve. Below is information from their website. *** Remember it is 1 Ticket Per Vehicle *** $30.00 per vehicle Sunday – Thursday from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Time slots are sold for 30-minute increments. You can arrive anytime within the purchased 30 minute ti
  3. The update looks really good, thanks for all the efforts. The usability features that were added should make it a much better site, especially for mobile. Let's hope in 2021 more parks get to open so people have a reason to post and use the new features. Change is hard sometimes though. I like everything so far except I miss the old SharkTums avatar. Should have left that 'old school'.
  4. This is what has prevented me from visiting the park to ride Lighting Rod. I wish it was more consistent than 50/50 on any given day.
  5. Thanks for the trip report and Orion review. Have not been since 2016 so now I have two new coasters to try out. Hoping they keep the Orion beer around for next year too. I have been to KI three times and have never rode that Boomerang. Why would I waste my time? Good to see you didn't either.
  6. Nice trip report, thanks for sharing. If you could guarantee me four rides on Steel Vengeance without Fast Pass on a weekend I would have went. Good to see you had some fortune and things went your way for line queues.
  7. Because humor is all they have. It's not like they are busy with construction or marketing plans.
  8. At $19.99 for a 2 hour pass with unlimited rides and only 250 allowed in the park should be a pretty good deal. They said all rides will not open though. So if the flume ride does not open then it won't be a good deal. I usually do not hit this park until it snows but with VF closed that will change.
  9. With cases rising you want the governor to allow the park to open? It does the park no good to spend resources and prepare to open like Disney did and then delay the opening like they had to in Florida due to rising cases. For 2021 everything that was planned for 2020 will return EXCEPT the Monster Trucks that was planned for this year in the Dino's old area. And we can only hope that RMC Raptor shows up in South Dakota. After this year though, who knows if or when it will arrive.
  10. Good to hear! If you have the time after your visit if you could come post your thoughts on how your trip went with the new restrictions and precautions. And of course a review if you get on Orion.
  11. Now that we know the opening date for KI does anyone know if they are still going to have a Media Day for Orion? Looking forward to some reviews of Orion so if you do go and ride please post your thoughts here.
  12. I will be waiting to see how the park adapts and what the experience will be like. If my home park was KI and had some new hotness then I would be there on the 3rd or 4th day after the park opened and figured out their new operations. But with no new hotness there is really no reason for me to rush out to VF or NU, I'll wait a couple weeks after they open. With all my trips now canceled for 2020 I consider anytime at a park bonus time now. The only thing I can see traveling for is if Orion reviews are REALLY REALLY good. Then I may change my mind to not wait until next year and because I can
  13. I would welcome that with open arms. Would like to see Herschend Family Entertainment buy it if possible. Even if all the park got was their cinnamon bread it would be worth it.
  14. Pro Tip: It definitely makes a difference to visit when school is still in session like you did this second visit, even if it is a weekend. Great report, thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your visit because 8 days later is was closed. And yes, the Log Chute is probably the best ride in the state. If you are a fan of flume rides you need to get to NU someday.
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