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  1. They could easily have the ride hop over the midway into the mostly unused foresty area by the rapids ride and Top Gun's brake run. Yes they could, didn't even think about that. That being said, a Hyper would be nice.
  2. The 26th can't come fast enough for me. Will be a long day but worth it. Going to leave Sacramento around 4am, plenty of time to get to the park for opening.
  3. Might be able to pull this off. Crossing my fingers I can secure some extra funds.
  4. As far as the footprint goes, they can run the break run, station and lift along the alley as it is, maybe even extend it a bit. Where the drop and rest of the ride is has plenty of room for airtime hills and a helix or two.
  5. i'd say probably not bad. i think the week of most graduations is good, too, i believe. maybe someone can correct me. but, i'll probably be finding out for sure the same time you do, may 26th. lol I'll also be heading down to the park on May 26th. Crossing my fingers that it's a dead day. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see some busses in the lot for school trips. But they will be gone by late afternoon if they are there.
  6. Really flys through the course. I think I'm going to head down the 26th
  7. The trains are being put on the track according to the parks Twitter. Should see testing pretty soon.
  8. Opening day has been very busy in the past. Since you don't frequent the park I would suggest getting fast lane.
  9. I get them when I go to a park that I don't get a chance to visit that often. so if I'm not at one of my home parks I get one.
  10. I'm a little smaller than you but I'll tell you that batman would be a tough ride to fit on. Same with superman, Tatsu and riddlers. Now this is just a generalization, it really depends on how you're built. But those rides are a tight squeeze for me.
  11. There we have it. The prelift looks like it will be fun. Can almost tell where a lot of airtime will be just from the pov.
  12. CGA- First drop on Goldstriker SCBB- First Drop on Giant Dipper SFDK- First Drop on Medusa SFMM- That face first drop on X2 but Goliath's first drop is real close. BGT- First drop on Sheikra Magic Kingdom- Space Mountain Epcot- Malestrom Disneyland- Matterhorn
  13. I assume that you are talking about single rider lines. Only one ride in the park with a single rider line and that's delirium, and it's not a coaster.
  14. Honestly I've never had a problem with Demon. Maybe it's because I've been riding it since the late 80s and know how to brace myself accordingly.
  15. ^ I would rather them replace it with something actually fun. Though Vortex is forceful I don't think any gp's would care that it was transformed into a floorless.
  16. Exactly, regardless of dispatch times and trains synching, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.
  17. I doubt they add anything this off season, maybe a flat. For the future though my thoughts are if Vortex doesn't get a new coat of paint this offseason, it's days are numbered and removal and replacement will follow at the end of the 2015 season.
  18. The park posted this to their twitter. I'm gonna go with a b&m flyer and not the super loop
  19. This year I've gained 13 new credits. A small number compared to most of you. But this is the first year I've traveled outside of my home parks CGA and SFDK.
  20. I am. I was actually sent an invitation in the mail with this promo image - Best post I've seen all day lol
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