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  1. I love the look of that color scheme! Banshee and the Bat are going to look great next to each other.
  2. Well, you're on a coaster enthusiast site, not an Intamin or RMC enthusiast site. I would say being enthusiastic about a coaster is normal.
  3. Well, since I just went and I'm kind of busy right now, someone else can have my turn.
  4. I guess I'll take a shot. Is it Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun?
  5. ^Neither of those, either. Hopefully that narrows it down quite a bit.
  6. All of those are incorrect. Another hint: It opened in 1995.
  7. ^Yes, it is wooden, and it is located in the United States.
  8. I love B&M coasters, but most of the wing coasters just look dull to me. I did, however, absolutely love X-Flight at SFGAm, so I can't be sure about the others.
  9. I prefer B&M. Sure, B&M has made a lot of similar coasters, but each individual coaster has variety. I would personally rather have a so-called "forceless" ride with a variety of different elements that a coaster made up of nothing but intense air time hills. However, I do not have much experience with Intamin, so my opinion is likely to change in the future.
  10. That's exactly how I feel. A coaster doesn't need to be intense to be a great ride. I usually prefer coasters that are more intense, but as long as a ride is fun, it's fine by me.
  11. ^I personally love the "rumble" that Outlaw Run has! It makes it feel like a wooden coaster, and I think it adds more excitement to the ride. I would not at all mind if Goliath was the same.
  12. Is it just me, or does the vertical loop look really small? Hopefully it will provide some nice forces!
  13. This past summer, I rode Wildfire at Silver Dollar City in what was at first light rain, but we ascended the lift hill, it started pouring rain, making the ride a painful but amazing experience.
  14. Some of my favorites... Alpengeist Apollo's Chariot Wildfire Sheikra Prowler
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