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  1. I love the look of that color scheme! Banshee and the Bat are going to look great next to each other.
  2. Well, you're on a coaster enthusiast site, not an Intamin or RMC enthusiast site. I would say being enthusiastic about a coaster is normal.
  3. Well, since I just went and I'm kind of busy right now, someone else can have my turn.
  4. I guess I'll take a shot. Is it Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun?
  5. ^Neither of those, either. Hopefully that narrows it down quite a bit.
  6. All of those are incorrect. Another hint: It opened in 1995.
  7. ^Yes, it is wooden, and it is located in the United States.
  8. I love B&M coasters, but most of the wing coasters just look dull to me. I did, however, absolutely love X-Flight at SFGAm, so I can't be sure about the others.
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