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What Ride Have You Ridden the Most?

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I can't say for certain, but it has to be El Toro for me. SFGAdv is the park I have visited the most and since El Toro was built I rarely ride any other coaster in the park more than once per visit, but El Toro always gets multiple rides.

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I've ridden Mamba over 1,500 times. Ever since i was six, when i go to Worlds of Fun, i ride Mamba, get back in line, and ride again. All though its not my favorite in the park, prowler is, but mamba has a certain re-rideability that prowler does not have.

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Demon Drop


Every day during the 2015 season, at least 6 times per day.

Looks like someone didn't need coffee/tea/caffienated beverages of any sort in the mornings...


I still needed coffee to make it up those steps for daily checks, haha.

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I've ridden Excalibur at Funtown over 100 times, so for coasters that's number one.


Of all rides, I probably have the most laps on Palace Playland's flume. We used to go there 2 times a year and I would ride the flume for 2-3 hours in a row without getting out.

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El Toro 100+

Nitro 50+

Bizarro 30ish



Moreys: (all easily 100+)

Great White

Sea Serpent

Great Noreaster






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Diamondback, KI. I have ridden that ride over 600 times. Stopped counting a few years ago, so it could be close to 800-900.



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oh my god.. and you still feeling anything? that's just craziness

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Kumba- current record is 20 laps in a single day, estimating about 170 rides total. It's not an obsession, trust me...

Big Thunder at WDW- 113 times total. The airtime in the back of this thing is awesome.



The Paratrooper at Fun Spot- 65 times. Back me up, coasterbill.

Phoenix at BGT- 40 times. Also, it's kinda the only real flat ride at the park.



Ihu's Breakaway Falls at Aquatica- Blue side, 34 times. Best trapdoor slide ever.

Brain Wash at Wet n' Wild- 21 times. Hope this one gets moved to Volcano Bay, it's an awesome Tornado.

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Lightning Racer definitely. It's a coaster I've been consistently riding for at least 7 years, way before I was even a coaster fan. I grew up going to Hershey all the time, and it was one of my first big coasters. I don't keep count how many times I've been on rides over time, but it has to be in the hundreds. Nitro is probably comes in second for my most-ridden coasters.

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