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  1. i remember a few places. at least a couple places near the front somewhere. when they'd stop and drop you off for the special effects stage, and then again at the prop plaza that chuck mentioned. i didn't even really know the name. i just remember it being optional. then under the escalator by E.T. which I guess where Jurassic Park would get in the way.
  2. Universal opened some rides today for taste of universal. that would have been a cool surprise.
  3. hmm, i'm in the same situation. had a cheap gold membership and was upgraded to gold plus. i see the email from september you are talking about. mine doesn't mention being a gold plus at all in the email. for me, i'm happy with gold plus, but will definitely have emails ready and question it when i go to the park.
  4. out of all the trip reports, videos, and chats i've had with people that have gone, the one good thing is they all think superman might actually go 100mph now. thanks to some parts from Dreamworld. lol
  5. I hope something happens to expand the parks, but i'm also old enough to remember WestCot and Disney Sea/Port Disney. I'll have some hope when some dirt is dug somewhere. I do think it's probably a good time to ask Anaheim for some help getting some permits through. Anaheim was begging for Disneyland to be able to open. I'm guessing Disney will be in a better position with Anaheim post pandemic.
  6. Last Sunday I did the Taste of Universal at Universal Studio Hollywood. For $54 you get admission to the upper lot and 5 food items. They started charging $10 for parking two days before I went. Thanks Obama. We got there at opening and it looked like a ghost town. Was it going to open today? LOL They were already letting people in pretty early before the noon opening. Park hours were 12pm-7pm this sunny Sunday. Walked around a bit to see what was new since I hadn't been in a while. Secret Life of Pets is ready to go, so hopefully it opens when the park decides to fully open to gues
  7. I went to "Touch of Disney" on Monday. It's Disneyland's version of a food event. The food is a bit different with them bringing over some favorites from Disneyland instead of all unique items sold during the Food & Wine festival. Tickets went on sale a few weeks ago and as usual, jammed up the servers and caused errors. You were put into a virtual queue and waited, and waited. I believe it took me checking from 7am until the queue actually opened at 10am? I forget, but it wasn't until probably until after noon or later that I finally had my tickets. Before the day was over, Disney
  8. i don't see the infrastructure ready for parks to reopen that fast. the only thing i see happening for sure is they can start recalling employees, training, and making sure everything is in place.
  9. I'd be fairly pissed if I paid and went before they offered this. But glad they are offering this to Members and Pass Holders.
  10. I did pay $65 to do Stranger Things. That was pretty excellent, IMO. A car show? I just don't get it. I'm a car guy, and I don't go to car shows to drive by cars. I want to look and see what's been done to them. The cars in Holiday in the Park were the weakest part. But, I can't fault SFMM for coming up with something to bring in some money.
  11. I was pretty shocked at the price of this car show. Curious to see how it does since members/pass holders are only getting a small discount. Better that they are doing, per car, instead of per person like Holiday in the Park though. So up to eight is the same price. Load up a suburban. But then they also request that you only come with people in the same household, which no one except me did for HitP. LOL
  12. I remember when Superman was announced for 1996, West Coast Racers was going to open in 2019, and be the park's 20th Roller Coaster. LOL Well, Spring 2021 ends June 20th, so who knows what can possibly happen by then.
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