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  1. Here are some completed shots of Xcelerator. It looks good. I'd rather a brighter red though. The supports are a just a shade lighter than what was on there. The color change has grown on me. Usually, any color change is a no thanks, (Scream, Tatsu), but this I like.
  2. they probably sent all the guys to knott's to paint xcelerator. LOL there's been no shortage of painters there.
  3. Theme Park Review was invited to the first night of Holiday in the Park. We received a hot chocolate cup and s'mores kit when entering. No formal party this year so I didn't get to taste any food. The lights are excellent as usual. I'm not sure if the snow was working yet, we didn't see any in the snow zones. But the snow makers were around the Gleampunk District. The arch that was in DC Universe is now in The Underground. SFMM had a decent amount of entertainment actors roaming in the different areas. A nice touch for sure. S'more fire pits were in their usual spots...near Santa across from the theater, by Justice League, up near Roaring Rapids and Tatsu, and a new location in The Underground. Here's some pics...
  4. Theme Park Review was invited to the first official day of Knott's Merry Farm! You will definitely need more than one day/night to see all the shows and more days to eat all the unique food items. I was overwhelmed seeing all the Merry Farm food laid out. There is just so much! There's also quite a bit of merchandise as well. I'll probably pick up the water bottle this weekend. Snoopy Ice Show: Merry Christmas, Snoopy! is back, and awesome as ever. I believe they are only filling the theater half full, without any social distancing. So, get there early for any of the shows. Here's some pics... A huge thanks to Knott's Berry Farm! The whole park was just outstanding!
  5. that looks pretty fun. i'm guessing that cobra kai money helped this project.
  6. at least they have Baynum Painting doing the work. hopefully they went with whatever coating they used on X2 and this one lasts a long time. anyway, my point is, they've hired an excellent company. did you ever notice all the white all over when they painted revolution? they sure didn't worry about paint spills. eventually, most of it disappears. lol
  7. sad i go every day and didn't even know until a friend told me they did. i looked today and sure enough. kind of looks like a quikie job, but whatever. if you listen to some, hangtime was supposed to open tomorrow, then monday. who knows. i just know not all of the chain is installed right now. i'm not sure if you just replace or repair a chain and you open the ride right away or not. but we have to be really close either way. i did notice xcelerator not open this morning and just assumed it was just a late opening since i saw a mechanic up there.
  8. that crew is pretty big, and i'm one of them. LOL i go nearly every day, play beary tales, then go eat at panda express. then leave and get some work done. many times returning to get a second meal. you just see a flock of the same people rushing in before closing to get food. LOL
  9. Knott's is selling a lot of the decorations from the 100th anniversary. It went on sale this morning. I just wanted a couple things and was able to get them. The ticket was displayed in Virginia's displays. I don't think there were that many of them. The other sign is from the Roaring 20's. The ticket was $40 and the other K sign was $55. Total after Platinum discount was $81.89. I'll also add some pics from a few days before the sale.
  10. it just closed Monday. it's fine. it's either going thru some rehab or it's staffing.
  11. Theme Park Review was invited to a media preview of Fright Fest for 2021. Not so much a preview since Fright Fest opened up last weekend. Maybe they were still building up staff since Sewer of Souls was not open last weekend. We had some food, then heard about the two new scare zones, The Deadzone, and Terror Rising Dark Developments. As always, the opening of Fright Fest with Unleashed was awesome. The park was jam packed. Every place I've ever seen them park cars, was used. I almost parked next to the new roller coaster track. LOL I'm not sure what they need to do, but with so many people in the park, the scarezones mostly just became selfie zones with every teenager just wanting pictures with the actors. Not a lot of room for sliders to do their thing. The scarezones were just packed of people. Meanwhile, the mazes weren't as crowded. If you had an express pass, the waits were nearly non existent which was great. I assume SFMM is still trying to fill spaces in the mazes and scarezones since actors seemed a bit sparse. But still some really fun times in both. Here's some photos...
  12. Theme Park Review was invited out to get a construction tour of Sesame Place San Diego. Slated to open in Spring 2022, Sesame Place® San Diego will be the only theme park on the West Coast based entirely on the award-winning show, Sesame Street®. Conveniently located just 20 minutes from San Diego and 2.5 hours from Los Angeles, this theme park is perfect for families with kids of all ages. The new theme park will feature 7 themed dry rides, an interactive musical play area, and 11 water attractions including a 500,000-gallon wave pool – one of the largest in Southern California. The park will also feature an interactive Sesame Street Neighborhood complete with the iconic 123 Stoop, a live character show, a daily parade, photo opportunities and of course, everyone’s favorite furry friends. The tour started with an unveiling of the new Sesame Place San Diego entrance sign. Clint Brinker, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Corporate Project Manager, then took us around the construction site to see where some iconic Sesame Street areas will be. 123 Sesame Place, Community Center and Abby’s Garden, Elmo’s window, Sesame Street Subway Station, Big Bird’s Nest, and Hooper’s Store will all be part of the Sesame Street San Diego neighborhood. We also got to see the near completed family roller coaster, Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.
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