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  1. Theme Park Review was invited to Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest! SFMM delayed the media night a week, which would now be the third weekend Fright Fest has been offered. Finally, after some delay, weeks and even hours last night, their new maze, Truth or Dare opened. The night started with Spirits with Spirits, a new food and drink option. "A haunted happy hour with spirits of both natures and devilish treats to die for. Buffet +1 drink included. 6-9pm each Fright Fest night in the West Picnic Pavilion. Additional fee required. Park admission not included." cost is $59.99 and for anyone who have attended West Coast Bash, they use the same picnic area. Couldn't spend too much time eating our first round because we wanted to get over to DC Universe for Unleashed. The monsters come out in smaller waves this year. So, it's not just one big parade. I think I like when they all just come out all at once. CarnivHell is a new scarezone in Bugs Bunny land. Honestly, it was very lacking in scare actors. I think there were 3 when I walked through. Hopefully that changes in the coming weeks. I'm not sure if they are still working on Truth or Dare. I'd have to guess it's not complete? There are a lot of blank walls. But some good scares and it has one of those laser fog rooms. I think those are so cool visually. There's a section with a long area of strobe light that completely got me lost for a moment. I'm still shocked I just didn't walk into a scare actor or the wall. Condamned was my favorite maze this year. It had the most scare actors inside at the time I walked through. Aftermath 2 is always fun too because FIRE! Who doesn't love fire? Anyway, had a Six Flags day! While Fright Fest doesn't have or doesn't spend the budget as some of the other haunts, I still have fun. The scare actors are awesome as usual and it's a fun vibe with GP types staying around since you can still experience a lot without doing the mazes.
  2. this was today. not a great time to go if you're trying to ride more than Silver Bullet. LOL I guess Hangtime had some issues recently and has been down. But, it was testing this morning. So maybe that's good news for reopening. I'm assuming Calico is being changed to the Candy overlay.
  3. Knott's is adding a new chaperone policy. I think this is a good reaction to the fights that happen often there. The final straw, but much too late, imo, was the closure last week.
  4. Today was media day for Wonder Woman Flight of Courage! Awesome addition to SFMM's lineup. Now there are two coasters I will ride every time i'm there. I have not ridden either of the first edition single rails that just look like they are sped up in videos, but I believe this is just enough for everyone. The front was more violent than the rear, but the rear has the type of airtime I enjoy. First drop was my favorite in the back seat. There still seems to be a lot of detail work to be done in the future, but it's ready enough to open, I guess. As you may have heard, Batman's entrance is now the old exit. Before going up the ramp, they created a new concrete walkway to the original queue. The stairs still smell the same post closure. lol. SFMM opened it for media day as well so I got one ride in. The new DC Universe entrance looks great. There is a ton of open space in the plaza area as well as some space surrounding the ride. The old turnaround area for Tidal Wave is unused dirt at the moment. There definitely has to be a plan for that land. Walls are still up in that area. Anyway, an excellent addition to Magic Mountain's already solid lineup!
  5. here are a few pictures from today, july 12th. you can see that the loop is gone. looks like it was plasma cut off. i think there are two cranes in the area. since the loop was hacked off, i'm interested in what all will be kept, if anything. or, will they weld a new loop in place. there were a couple contracted workers there. one walking the track and taking some pictures. see who can decipher the logo on their shirt. LOL.
  6. Theme Park Review was invited to Knott’s Summer Nights! Knott's Summer Nights has started! It will be on select days throughout the summer. Ghost Town alive really was alive yesterday. Knott's seems to have double or tripled the amount of characters walking around the streets. Characters were seemingly everywhere. I mainly like to come to Summer Nights for the food and entertainment. I wasn't able to stay too long, but I'll be back to watch some bands play. I did get to see some of the food offerings this year. Knott's also provided lunch from Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant. Here's some pics and Knott's press release... Summertime at Knott’s Berry Farm brings back exciting entertainment with the return of immersive, western escapades in Ghost Town Alive! This summer, Knott’s is bursting with adventure, both day and night, with Ghost Town Alive!, Knott’s Summer Nights and Knott’s Soak City. BUENA PARK,CA–There’s something fun for everyone at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer, with original adventures that can’t be found anywhere else. Starting with the exciting return ofGhost Town Alive! with an all-new storyline, the night timeblock party liveliness of Knott’s Summer Nights and Knott’s Soak City Waterpark reopening its gates for another wet and wild summer. There’s only one place to experience fun all day and night and that place is Knott’s Berry Farm. Ghost Town Alive! Your favorite town of Calico comes to life once again with the return of the award-winning, interactiveGhost Town Alive! Two years have passed without a celebration and the citizens are determined to make this year’s return a great one. Guests are invited to become the star of this summer’s new action-packed storyline in the streets of Ghost Town. Each guest has the power to unlock secret missions with characters, influence the day’s events, and take on mind-challenging puzzles in this immersive version of the Old West. Ghost Town Alive! will offer new adventures, roles and characters this summer on select days startingMay 20. Summertime Entertainment Venture into Fiesta Village to be charmed by the colorful and light-hearted showing of Alegre! by theBob Baker Marionettes, a Southern California treasure since 1963. The entertainment continues with sounds from South of the Border as the Mariachi Angelitas present a lively show filled with rich history and tradition.While in Boardwalk, tune into the coolest station on the dial as our resident K-NOT Radio DJs are back to keep you up to date on all the happenings! A trip to Knott’s isn’t complete without checking out the shenanigans of Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies in the Wagon Camp. Grab a seat for the most toe tappin’ and downright funniest band of musicians this side of the Calico Mine. Also in Ghost Town is Miss Cameo Kate’s Western Burle-Q Revue at the legendary Bird Cage Theatre. Miss Cameo Kate returns to the World-Famous Birdcage Saloon, bringing with her a vibrant travelin’ troupe of singers, dancers and tuneful musicians who perform a daily rip-roarin’ western musical can-can revue. Knott’s Summer Nights The summer adventure continues long after the sun goes down, with a nighttime summer party that will liven up the evening. Knott’s Summer Nights offers a variety of live music, classic summer eats and games for the whole family to enjoy. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of top 40’s bands that rotate throughout the event at the Calico Mine Stage. Those in attendance can also choose between bopping to the beats of the Boardwalk DJs around Charleston Circle Fountain or jamming out to an array of bands, including the genres of Latin, Reggae and Zydeco all performing at Calico ParkStage. Classic backyard games and festoon lighting will set the stage for guests to enjoy their summer nights at Knott’s. The Party Planning Crew of Summer Nights encourages good ol’ fashion fun and games that keep the party going all night. A summer night party is not complete without an abundance of food and drinks, and no theme park does food quite like Knott’s. The Knott’s culinary team creates tasty twists to classic summer dishes, from Crab Cake Sliders and Korean BBQ Burgers to Vegan Lettuce Wraps–not to mention Peach and Pineapple Shaved Ice. Guests can experience their favorite summer food in a whole new way at Knott’s Summer Nights. A great way to indulge in all the new food items is by purchasing a tasting card priced at$50 (or $45for season pass holders). The tasting card will offer six tastings from a selection of over two dozen seasonal-inspired dishes and drinks. With a hub of live music, unique summer food offerings, Instagram-able photo opportunities, interactive experiences and family-friendly games, Knott’s SummerNights will be an event to remember.
  7. Here are some completed shots of Xcelerator. It looks good. I'd rather a brighter red though. The supports are a just a shade lighter than what was on there. The color change has grown on me. Usually, any color change is a no thanks, (Scream, Tatsu), but this I like.
  8. they probably sent all the guys to knott's to paint xcelerator. LOL there's been no shortage of painters there.
  9. Theme Park Review was invited to the first night of Holiday in the Park. We received a hot chocolate cup and s'mores kit when entering. No formal party this year so I didn't get to taste any food. The lights are excellent as usual. I'm not sure if the snow was working yet, we didn't see any in the snow zones. But the snow makers were around the Gleampunk District. The arch that was in DC Universe is now in The Underground. SFMM had a decent amount of entertainment actors roaming in the different areas. A nice touch for sure. S'more fire pits were in their usual spots...near Santa across from the theater, by Justice League, up near Roaring Rapids and Tatsu, and a new location in The Underground. Here's some pics...
  10. Theme Park Review was invited to the first official day of Knott's Merry Farm! You will definitely need more than one day/night to see all the shows and more days to eat all the unique food items. I was overwhelmed seeing all the Merry Farm food laid out. There is just so much! There's also quite a bit of merchandise as well. I'll probably pick up the water bottle this weekend. Snoopy Ice Show: Merry Christmas, Snoopy! is back, and awesome as ever. I believe they are only filling the theater half full, without any social distancing. So, get there early for any of the shows. Here's some pics... A huge thanks to Knott's Berry Farm! The whole park was just outstanding!
  11. that looks pretty fun. i'm guessing that cobra kai money helped this project.
  12. at least they have Baynum Painting doing the work. hopefully they went with whatever coating they used on X2 and this one lasts a long time. anyway, my point is, they've hired an excellent company. did you ever notice all the white all over when they painted revolution? they sure didn't worry about paint spills. eventually, most of it disappears. lol
  13. sad i go every day and didn't even know until a friend told me they did. i looked today and sure enough. kind of looks like a quikie job, but whatever. if you listen to some, hangtime was supposed to open tomorrow, then monday. who knows. i just know not all of the chain is installed right now. i'm not sure if you just replace or repair a chain and you open the ride right away or not. but we have to be really close either way. i did notice xcelerator not open this morning and just assumed it was just a late opening since i saw a mechanic up there.
  14. that crew is pretty big, and i'm one of them. LOL i go nearly every day, play beary tales, then go eat at panda express. then leave and get some work done. many times returning to get a second meal. you just see a flock of the same people rushing in before closing to get food. LOL
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