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  1. Here's some random night shots from Taste of Merry Farm. Camp Snoopy looked the best at night, imo. I guess I like the lights up the trees thing the best. The Bear-Y Tales sign looks great lit up. Baby Yoda being carved out. Required Catawampus picture. The big tree. Happy 60th Birthday to the Calico Mine Train! The stage looked great! They had live entertainment this time around. This was soft serve o
  2. i'm going to do it just because i think it's cool to drive your car through the park. oh, and free for pass holders and members. lol
  3. they've had some video of an old guys band on the big screen at the stage. does that count? LOL
  4. over the last day or so the tickets have gone FAST. now just Nov 1st is available and i'd expect it to be gone by the end of the day.
  5. i went to the last day of Taste of Calico. maybe because it was the last day, it was fairly crowded. i'm glad they made it bigger. it wasn't nearly as easy to find tables the day i went.
  6. there is a job listing. so i guess from anywhere as long as you're what they're looking for. https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/SIX1001SIX/JobBoard/b54520f9-d278-4363-939a-3f42461e3e25/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=297508da-2d82-4027-9f26-e932e45aea22
  7. This sounds like a cool event for the foodies. https://www.knotts.com/play/events/taste-of-calico
  8. I decided today was going to be my day to try Mrs.Knott's Chicken Dinner again. I'm not really a fan to be honest, and the last time I had it was during a West Coast Bash a number of years ago. But, since the vloggers have been going, and giving their two cents, i figured it was about that time to try it again. Well, actually, it was better than i remembered. I feel it is better than Hometown Buffet which i compared it to before. it's good, but not my favorite. anyway, the whole marketplace is open now. TGiFridays, and Mrs. Knott's have inside seating available, as well as outsi
  9. while watching the video what stood out most, very few strollers. she kept commenting how the kids wore masks. the ones i remember seeing in the video were all calm, not running around wild or anything. but of course, it was just her perspective.
  10. so i ended up watching 6 plus hours of a girl's live stream from her day at the park. i only wish the parks in America are going to be the same. incredibly low attendance because of the cap, crazy friendly cast members, and totally respectful guests.
  11. i've wasted about two hours of my life watching this girl enjoy her day around the park. she actually got lucky and got her reservations for 10:30 yesterday. she assumed someone must have cancelled. she also said you had to use the first one before getting another. there was basically no lines. she walked in to qr code check, security, and main gate. waked on Tron. mask stayed on fine. watched the short two float character parade. anyway, i'd have no issue going to the park the way it's being shown on her video. but, i assume the guest are not going to behave anywhere near
  12. Just replace platinum with whatever the next tier in the program is for you. The exception is regular members who do not have gold yet, and that is a permanent upgrade. Obviously this is subject to change, but at least right now do not expect your keeping that upgrade. I have the cheapest Six Flags Gold Membership. The upgrade for this membership to Gold + is said to be lifetime. Some have called and supposedly verified this to be true. All other memberships yes, just for 2020. I pay $6.10 a month, so I haven't paused my payments.
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