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  1. My last coaster was Comet at Waldameer. Pretty tame coaster, but I love the park.
  2. Honestly, waterslides are much scarier to me than any other rides. Most of them are fine, but some of the more intense ones can make me nervous just because there's less of a sense of security than on other rides. That's actually why I like waterslides though because they can still give me the adrenaline rush of being a bit scared on a ride.
  3. Cedar Point would be home park. I'm about 45 minutes away.
  4. I'm personally excited for this ride when I visit the park for the first time next year. B&M inverts for me have always been risky because I always either love the ride or come off feeling sick, even if its the same ride. This however, doesn't look like anything I would have a problem with. Its always nice to ride something and not worry about getting sick!
  5. Yesterday I visited Waldameer for the first time, and I can say that the park definitely exceeded my expectations. Due to the weather we did not get to spend as much time as we would've liked, but we still managed to ride quite a few rides. What surprised me most about the park was how pleasant the atmosphere was. The landscaping was very nice, and the bronze statues were a nice touch. We ended our trip with a quick visit to the water park which was a nice feature due to the low price of admission. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Waldameer, and I plan to return during the years to come. Here are my opinions of each of the rides I rode in the order I rode them: Ali Babba - This was actually my first magic carpet I've ridden. I wasn't anything too special, however I did think that the inclusion of the fountain in front of the ride made it very appealing. Steel Dragon - This ride was much more fun than I was expecting. While it obviously was not very intense, it was hectic and very enjoyable with a group of friends. We got two rides on it, and I would've done more had it not been for the weather. Ravine Flyer II - Fantastic ride! The ride really hauls for its height. You get plenty of airtime, especially going over the bridge. The 90 DEGREE banking turn really did live up to the hype. The ride almost never let up and maintained speed very well making for great pacing. We only got to ride it four times, but I would say that riding in the middle on the right side was the best. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite woodies, and maybe even crack my top 5 coasters overall. I can't say enough good things about this ride. I can not wait to ride it again! Scrambler - Nothing too different about this than any other scrambler. I did really like the paint job though! Whacky Shack - This was a pretty neat old school dark ride. I thought it was pretty fun, but it was nothing compared to how much my friend enjoyed it. I don't think anybody who was involved in making the ride thought that any adult would enjoy the ride as much as he did. I'm pretty sure it is now his favorite ride he's ever been on anywhere. Music Express - I was expecting this ride to be intense. Everything I had heard up until this point made me think that. But STILL I was blown away by how fast they run this ride. Once this thing has picked up speed you have to hang on for dear life! My friends who was sitting in the inside was eventually smashing into me. All of this makes it sound like I didn't like the ride, but of course I actually loved it. I really regret only riding this once as this is one of the best flats I've ever ridden. Mega Vortex - I couldn't stand this ride. I really don't know why I went on it. The position you sit in is very awkward. Nothing was very interesting about the ride other than the feeling it gave me in my stomach, and the feeling of imprisonment in the awkward seating position. Comet - This ride was pretty much what I expected. There was nothing to really get excited about for it, but it was running more smoothly than I had expected.
  6. My last coaster was Gatekeeper which I was very pleasantly surprised by. It was my first wing-rider and now I wanna ride the others!
  7. Just road Gatekeeper for the first time yesterday. It wasn't too forceful, but I personally still thought it was great and really enjoyed it.
  8. Probably the Gemini at Cedar Point. I ride it 3 or 4 times every visit since the line is always so short, and I live close to Cedar Point so I've made a lot of visits.
  9. I think this looks really neat. It would be such a relaxing ride on a nice day.
  10. I just don't like any of the over used coaster names like wildcat or boomerang. Part of what appeals to me about riding a new coaster is anything unique about it, but when I ride something with an overused name, I don't feel like I should expect anything unique.
  11. I'm getting really excited because I just found out that I will get to visit Waldameer for the first time this season! So I was wondering how RFII has held up since being built. Has it gotten very rough?
  12. Almost all cobra rolls bother me. Especially the one on Raptor.
  13. For me its definitely the first drop although I am also a big fan of air time.
  14. Most likely Gatekeeper unless I go to Hershey first. Then it'll probably be Farenheit.
  15. I would also say Mean Streak. They could do so much more with all that space.
  16. Seeing some actual photos is making me a lot more excited than I was before. I really underestimated its height.
  17. Waterslides probably scare me more than any other kind of ride since you don't feel secure, but thats part of why I like waterslides because they get my adrenaline pumping.
  18. Mine was the Double Loop at Elitch Gardens. It's not too exciting of a ride, but it was one of my most memorable experiences as a kid at an amusement park.
  19. Gold Striker looks like the most fun to me, but I doubt that I'll make it out there to ride it so I'm most excited for Gatekeeper.
  20. Wicked Twister! I only made a quick stop at Cedar Point and that ended up being the only coaster I rode, but I still love it.
  21. I'm glad to see that a park like this is doing so well. I've still never been there, but I'm really excited to go there next year once it reopens.
  22. El Toro I305 Nemesis Skyrush Bizaro Phoenix Tatsu
  23. I agree that Mantis can be painful sometimes, but I still think its a great ride. It also has one of my favorite paint jobs of any ride at the park.
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