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  1. The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority will do a investigation on the cause and what to do to prevent it to happen again: Fire at Oceana Waterworld in Gothenburg Today I went by Liseberg/Oceana to take some photos of the aftermath of the fire... When standing outside you realise how extensive the damage is on the water slides and the main building I will not fly my drone over the area due to the ongoing investigation and that there are "no photo"-signs on the doors to Oceana. I will probably not post any more photos until they start the rebuild of Ocenan... All the best for Liseberg and to let them take care of their employees.. /// Marcus And from a distance:
  2. Here is Liseberg English press room about the fire: Liseberg pressreleases about the fire @ Oceana And in the Swedish press room there is a pressrelease that the executive board of Liseberg that the ambition is that Oceana shall be rebuilt: Oceana shall be rebuilt /// Marcus
  3. I will follow the investigation closely... It is very concerning that the slides can burn with this intensity.. /// Marcus
  4. On the page about the JetLine accident: https://www.gronalund.com/jetline/olyckan Gröna Lund say that JetLine will be closed during 2024. /// Marcus
  5. Just got the news that a fire have started in Lisebergs soon to be open water park Images from GP: It was reported that some loud bangs when the fire started... /// Marcus
  6. Good news: The construction of Oceana has come that far it's time to fill it with water all the 1,200,000 liters..... Press release /// Marcus And finally a new page in the thread
  7. Liseberg decided that the Christmas season for 2023 should end 2024-01-07 and that I'm still on vacation, I went to visit the park in the nice cold weather we have now after the storm passed. All attractions that was scheduled to be open was running and people was riding them despite that it was -6°C when I arrived to the park and it just got colder (I have -12°C @ home right now).. Liseberg had staff going around the park and deliver HOT coffee and tea to the rest of the staff that was working on the attractions and all the games due to the cold weather. The guest/staff ratio in the park was around 75/25, the amount of guests will increase the last 3 days of operation of the Christmas season.. /// Marcus All the water slides are assembled and the parking was now empty of parts.. The countdown to next Christmas has started, only 355 days left.... Perfect placement of a Christmas tree Santa gift workshop believes in YOU... Last year delivery route. I hope the ice is gone when Kollerado opens... Nice igloos around the ice skating rink Mmmmm... More Suovas kebab, this time with elk...... Flash... Who want to ride in this seat?? More flashing... I went in to the lobby of Hotel Grandiosa to warm up a little bit before leaving.. Where you can by the book with history from the first hundred years of the existence of Liseberg..
  8. Dam auto correction I mean ELK, but now I know that at least one reads everything in the post..... To bad I don't get any notifications when someone responding on a post anymore If someone want a quick response, send a im on twitter or use my callsign SA6LON on the HAM radio network.... /// Marcus
  9. Visited Christmas @ Liseberg after attending the early electronic and technology auction held by the ETA section @ Chalmers University of Technology. It was perfect conditions with subzero temperature and real snow in the park (photo date: 2023-12-02). In the station of the Liseberg tower Liseberg had arranged a 100 year anniversary exhibition with memorabilia from the first 100 years of Lisebergs existence. Due to the cold weather and real snow it was a lot of people in the park. The food highlight: Suovas kebab (reindeer & mouse with cabbage and lingonberrys in a pita bread and HOT blackcurrant juice to drink) Here is the perfect Christmas themeing... A model of Liseberg when it opened 1923 Some creepie park employees... The spacesuit the rabbits had when they crash landed in Liseberg.. /// Marcus
  10. I start first with Halloween for the consistency.... (photo date: 2023-11-05) First some photos of the progress of the Oceana build: Then we enter the park and wait for it to get dark.. German mobile haunted house Getting darker.. The new illumination of Balder is really nice Come and play with me... The World Of Volvo-building looks great in the dark.. /// Marcus
  11. I downloaded everything that was on my camera and realised that I didn't post any photos of my visits to Halloween and more resent Christmas @ Liseberg + some "drive by:s" At least 2 post with 100+ photos in total to post... I hope we can switch to a new page soon
  12. Visited the yearly book fair in Gothenburg last weekend (when I also took the latest photos of Liseberg) and I found this book at one of the exhibitors: They have it available in both Swedish and English if someone is interested. It's almost 2kg of the history of Liseberg /// Marcus
  13. Haunted House: https://www.gronalund.com/skrackhus/skeppet /// Marcus
  14. 2023-09-17 I attended my work on the yearly family day @ Gröna Lund. The weather was sunny for a day in the middle of September. I arrived ~20 minutes before the stated opening time and the entrance was already open and the attraction was running, so in under 30 minutes ALL open roller-coasters was crossed of, some more then once JetLine (still no accident report released yet) and Twister was closed.. No cue Almost empty station Some preparation for the Halloween season or someone has docked a old floating Chines restaurant in much need of restoration on the waterfront of Gröna Lund??? You could test some programming tasks and a VR-assembly tour of the products my company produces. Not a lot of space left in the park... The strap is still there, alas a bit more sun bleached... So after a couple of hours in the park I left for some sightseeing of the rest of Stockholm. /// Marcus
  15. When I unloaded the camera today I realised that I totally missed the Saturday photos I mentioned in the last post..... But here they are + the photos I took today. My work had a family day at Liseberg and I ended up with a fellow roller-coasterfantast doing all of the roller-coasters and AtmosFear with VR-googles (even more mind games).. So first some random photos in the park: The guest service in the park have now moved to the hotel. Construction photos: And the photos from today: Liseberg is getting ready Halloween that starts on Friday 2023-10-06 The funnel will be massive And just a little side note, during the summer I have been working on the next version of my 10-DOF motion logger that I'm using to measure roller-coasters and other amusement park rides. Below you can see the size difference between the previous version (v 8 ) and the new one (v 10) (version 9 newer left the design phase): The loss in weight between the last one ( 73,5g) and the new (16,7g) is huge I have found some thing with the new unit that (might) need to be fixed, so version 10b is in the design flow, but some other project (and work) have priority... /// Marcus
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