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  1. Visited the yearly book fair in Gothenburg last weekend (when I also took the latest photos of Liseberg) and I found this book at one of the exhibitors: They have it available in both Swedish and English if someone is interested. It's almost 2kg of the history of Liseberg /// Marcus
  2. Haunted House: https://www.gronalund.com/skrackhus/skeppet /// Marcus
  3. 2023-09-17 I attended my work on the yearly family day @ Gröna Lund. The weather was sunny for a day in the middle of September. I arrived ~20 minutes before the stated opening time and the entrance was already open and the attraction was running, so in under 30 minutes ALL open roller-coasters was crossed of, some more then once JetLine (still no accident report released yet) and Twister was closed.. No cue Almost empty station Some preparation for the Halloween season or someone has docked a old floating Chines restaurant in much need of restoration on the waterfront of Gröna Lund??? You could test some programming tasks and a VR-assembly tour of the products my company produces. Not a lot of space left in the park... The strap is still there, alas a bit more sun bleached... So after a couple of hours in the park I left for some sightseeing of the rest of Stockholm. /// Marcus
  4. When I unloaded the camera today I realised that I totally missed the Saturday photos I mentioned in the last post..... But here they are + the photos I took today. My work had a family day at Liseberg and I ended up with a fellow roller-coasterfantast doing all of the roller-coasters and AtmosFear with VR-googles (even more mind games).. So first some random photos in the park: The guest service in the park have now moved to the hotel. Construction photos: And the photos from today: Liseberg is getting ready Halloween that starts on Friday 2023-10-06 The funnel will be massive And just a little side note, during the summer I have been working on the next version of my 10-DOF motion logger that I'm using to measure roller-coasters and other amusement park rides. Below you can see the size difference between the previous version (v and the new one (v 10) (version 9 newer left the design phase): The loss in weight between the last one ( 73,5g) and the new (16,7g) is huge I have found some thing with the new unit that (might) need to be fixed, so version 10b is in the design flow, but some other project (and work) have priority... /// Marcus
  5. Yesterday on my last vacation day I went by Liseberg to take some new photos. Some tubing left to install: I hope that the turquoise ride don´t end like that Airtime: New photo spot: I hope that I get some more photos this Saturday. /// Marcus
  6. As for what Andreas Andersen @ Liseberg said they are not closing down Lisebergbanan at the moment, because Lisebergbanan share some technical elements with Jetline but is constructed one year earlier than Jetline. The biggest difference is that Lisbergbanan got new trains ~5 years ago... Found this image in a post on twitter: Someone could have easily got struck by the wheel assembly /// Marcus
  7. Just from the press information: Gröna Lund will be closed for at lest 7 days or for how long time the investigation needs. The rest of Park and Resorts amusement parks will at the moment remain open. /// Marcus
  8. Flumride will be running this year and probably also next year also, Liseberg is still early in the planning phase of replacing Flumeride with a new water ride with similar ride capacity / throughput.. /// Marcus
  9. And now back to present day.... I attended the media day (18/4) that was hosted together with ECC to make a dry-run of the park and the hotel and we had the task of reporting all the things that needed to be fixed before the grand opening.. During the day we got to attend the media pre-launch of Luna, a walk through of Oceana (opening 2024) and Lisebergs family day for the employees, in all a full day at Liseberg As always when it´s a media day at Liseberg it was a beautiful and sunny day. Still things to do before the park is opened... The view and details in the hotel is real top notch I don´t think they could have found a bigger bell.... Even an old carousel inside the hotel for enjoying guests on the rainy days Several conference rooms if you need to have a meeting And the slide in the lobby where kids in all ages and size can enjoy them self... The view from the roof top bar over the park is stunning.. Now on to the media part of the event (and to ride Luna for the first time)..... Going up the lift hill...... ...and going back down again Point of no return... Liseberg has really shoehorned in Luna in the space that is left form Lisebergbanan... All the small details... Back to the car to lighten the load of the backpack... And found a new viewing point from the newly opened parking garage beneath "World of Volvo" The new sign is assembled.. And while we waited for the construction tour of Oceana, we were allowed to stroll in the empty park in the sunny and warm spring weather... The upgraded South entrance of Liseberg Kids in all sizes and ages.... On to the construction tour of Oceana: It´s huge inside.. After that I did walk through the staircase and corridors of the hotel.... And was treated with all the small and big details Liseberg had put in to the hotel. I found this room number and also rooms 217 & 237... And the Liseberg was opened for the employees and families. No water in the harbour.. The Luna observatory: On the last ride of Lisebergbanan the train stalled at the very top of the lift hill and after some faultfinding we was rescued and had to walk the lift hill back to the station... While we waited all the cameras in the train was deployed and we got some nice views of Helix zooooooming by After a couple more rides on Helix it was time to go home.. The hotel looks really good in the dark Someone had already littered the new Liseberg sign with a rental E-scooter And a photo of "World of Volvo" that will open next year.. Luna will be a big compliment for the park and the guest that has something more to ride beside Lisebergbanan before they are big enough to ride Balder, Helix and Valkyria... Big thanks to Liseberg and ECC to arrange this day. Liseberg also released the information that Flumride is in the end of its lifespan and will be replaced with a new in the near future... /// Marcus
  10. I realised that I have missed to post any photos in the thread between last time and now So here is a catch-up post before the 100+ photo update tomorrow /// Marcus
  11. Perfect timing Liseberg has released a status update that almost al tracks is assembled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub3xniFAeBg /// Marcus
  12. Bonus construction update During my visit to Liseberg I accidental bumped in to Andreas Andersen that was on the way to give @Eftelflags (twitter) among others a construction tour of Luna. A BIG kudos to Andreas and Liseberg to let me tag along on the construction tour The roof of the water land on the way to be finished. World of Volvo-building looks impressive, but it's more spectacular in the dark.. It's really close to de building.. Luna footers. More Luna footers.. Even more Luna footers, the top of the hill is riddled of Luna footers Station building Preparing for blasting for even more Luna footers?? We had to crawl through a hole in the fence to get to the Luna station building... Lisebergbanan will go really close to the station building The inside of the station building will have the same "steam punk"-theme as the rest of the "Luna Park"-area Rare "used to be off limit" view of Lisebergbanan. Even more Luna footers.... Here will the fun begin... Exiting through the same hole in the fence that we entered.. More Luna footer that is waiting to be installed.. Massive footer that is incorporated in the existing buildings.. The Luna Park-area will never be the same after next summer End of the tour... They are getting ready to install tracks as soon the park is closed for the season /// Marcus
  13. I took the last working day of the year of and made a visit to Liseberg for the last time this year. So lots of (random) photos from the park The sun shines its rays on Valkyria Only 359 days to the next Christmas Eve Weeee.... The Santa helpers are grumpy and sad that it's the last day of winter season 2022 at Liseberg. but they are happy that they can now rest for 9 month.... As a OHS representative at my work It's good to see that they keep a good working environment in the Santa workshop... Who have been naughty this year? Maybe NORAD can borrow this map for next season "Santa tracker"??? The new hotell looks really good in the dark. The interior of the "VOLVO experience center" look impressive. Happy New Year and looking forward to the next season that also will be the 100 year anniversary of Liseberg!! /// Marcus
  14. It's for warming (roasting ) visitor on and it's a box/tray with burning black coal in it... /// Marcus
  15. Yesterday I hade the time and option to make a visit to Jul på Liseberg The construction of the water park is still in full swing even that it was -7°C or lower... For the hotel, the finishing ground work outside is waiting for warmer weather, but work will continue inside instead.. /// Marcus On to the photos: Lots of people is waiting to get in to the park.. Balder against the sun.. First train of the day... Some brave riders... Brrrrrr..... The new hotel is BIG. The spaceship a.k.a Volvo experience center has landed I hope the rooms here has extra noise cancelling Weeeeeee....... Brrrrrr....... This photo has the perfect Christmas theme No river rafting today Emptying a load of Christmas wishes.. The big Christmas light tree is interfering with the tracks of Helix. Luna footer More Luna construction The Liseberg rabbits don't care about the work area fencing.... Down the escalator ride The south hemisphere have some ice build up issue... Loop de loop around the light The tugboat is now a icebreaker Weeeeee......... Liseberg Helix Can I crack your nut? 360° version
  16. Attended the press meeting on the opening day of Halloween On Liseberg last Friday. The opening begun with the vice president of Liseberg had to round up the scary clowns that escaped from Liseberg and loaded them on one of the "Paddan" sightseeing boats to bring them back to Liseberg... New for this year is a collaboration between Liseberg and Gothenburg Film Festival to show horror movies in Polketten. Also Balder premiered after 15 month of track TLC and it's back better then ever. 15 points of 10 possible And the Halloween decoration in the park was perfect as usual after the staffs hard work to transform the park from summer to Halloween in under 2 weeks.. /// Marcus On to the photos..... Vice president of Liseberg in her normal businesses outfit..... One of the new haunted houses for this year. Very good interaction from the staff Almost full moon.... Even the playhouse looks scary with long exposure time..... Not a nice rabbit... Luna footers... The hotel look really good in the dark.
  17. And some more good news: Liseberg announced that Balder will open for rides after 15 month of renovations on the opening day of Halloween on Friday /// Marcus
  18. Last Sunday I passed by Liseberg and took some photos of the park. When I got home and started to download the photos from my camera, I realised that the last time I visited Liseberg was at the Summer opening and that I didn't upload any photos from that visit. Due to fuel prices and life I haven't hade the time and yen to do frequent visit to parks this year... Now with 600+ photos downloaded from the camera, here is a massive photo bomb update: First photos from the Summer opening and the premiere of two new flat rides in the Luna Park section on top of the mountain "Tempus" & "Turbo". Liseberg had put in a prayer for warm and sunny whether to the Æsir-goods (Odin, Frigg, Höðr, Thor, and Baldr). Also new to this year is that you can ride Atmosfear with VR-googles I wonder if they will thread the tracks of Luna beneath the tracks of Lisebergbanan New theme of the bumpercars: A Swedish classic candy - Ahlgrens Bilar. (Tho most sold car in Sweden ) Something is changing here... CLOSED New buildings are assembled beside Liseberg... And some new photos: The construction of the water land is moving along just fine.... The building for "World of Volvo" is massive. They vill move the Volvo museum with the all the cars to this building. Did Santa left some presents?? I think that the park looks at it best in the Halloween theme.. 360° version I hope to write here soon.... /// Marcus
  19. So back to the build update: As you can see, the construction of the hotell, water land and the parking garage the will have the Volvo museum on top is moving forward in a steady pace. And you see down below, there is a new building on the Liseberg horizon.. May your track rework go smoothly... The science museum Universeum are building a visualisation laboratory in a dome on top of the museum and it's now looking over Liseberg Information: https://www.universeum.se/nyheter/universeum-bygger-ut-och-upp/ (only in Swedish) 360° version Almost to sunny to take this photo /// Marcus
  20. I passed by Liseberg yesterday in the beautiful sunny weather to take new photos, before the fuel prices goes up to really crazy levels due to the current situation in the world..... When I downloaded the photos from the memory cards, I realised that I didn't post the photos from the visit to the park during the Christmas season So, to keep the timeline in order, here are the photos from the Christmas season: The days before the visit, nature dumped ca 50cm of snow, so all snow in the photos are real snow :) The amount of snow on my balcony in the morning of the visit to Liseberg Delivery route of Santa I hope that I have the photos from yesterday ready for posting tomorrow.... /// Marcus
  21. In the news today there was an artikel about that Balder will be closed the first half of the summer season due to track rework It's due to the same construction issues that made Colossos to be closed between 2016-2019 for track rework. Liseberg say that 33% of the track has been reworked last autumn and the work will continue this year until it can be opened.. The artikel is behind a pay wall, but I will link to the statement a soon it´s released. /// Marcus
  22. Sorry that I missed your question DCXS, due to that I don't get any notifications anymore via TT and and i'm only logging in to the forum once a month or less Today it was only a quick drive by photo shoot... The hotel looks almost finished on the outside and the water park and parking garage with the VOLVO experience center on top is coming along fine.. Cold but fun 360° version /// Marcus
  23. Time flies and it's already autumn...... To much other things to do, but I found time this Sunday in the beautiful weather to take a walk around the outside of the park. A lot has happen since last the last update, The outside of the hotel nears completion and the construction of Oceana is coming along. The construction of the new parking garagage has also begun.. Almost touching the stars... Preparation for the winter season is ongoing 360° version /// Marcus
  24. It is placed in the building next to the big stage: /// Marcus
  25. Today just a ordinary photo update.... 360° version /// Marcus
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