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  1. Attended the press meeting on the opening day of Halloween On Liseberg last Friday. The opening begun with the vice president of Liseberg had to round up the scary clowns that escaped from Liseberg and loaded them on one of the "Paddan" sightseeing boats to bring them back to Liseberg... New for this year is a collaboration between Liseberg and Gothenburg Film Festival to show horror movies in Polketten. Also Balder premiered after 15 month of track TLC and it's back better then ever. 15 points of 10 possible And the Halloween decoration in the park was perfect as usual after the staffs hard work to transform the park from summer to Halloween in under 2 weeks.. /// Marcus On to the photos..... Vice president of Liseberg in her normal businesses outfit..... One of the new haunted houses for this year. Very good interaction from the staff Almost full moon.... Even the playhouse looks scary with long exposure time..... Not a nice rabbit... Luna footers... The hotel look really good in the dark.
  2. And some more good news: Liseberg announced that Balder will open for rides after 15 month of renovations on the opening day of Halloween on Friday /// Marcus
  3. Last Sunday I passed by Liseberg and took some photos of the park. When I got home and started to download the photos from my camera, I realised that the last time I visited Liseberg was at the Summer opening and that I didn't upload any photos from that visit. Due to fuel prices and life I haven't hade the time and yen to do frequent visit to parks this year... Now with 600+ photos downloaded from the camera, here is a massive photo bomb update: First photos from the Summer opening and the premiere of two new flat rides in the Luna Park section on top of the mountain "Tempus" & "Turbo". Liseberg had put in a prayer for warm and sunny whether to the Æsir-goods (Odin, Frigg, Höðr, Thor, and Baldr). Also new to this year is that you can ride Atmosfear with VR-googles I wonder if they will thread the tracks of Luna beneath the tracks of Lisebergbanan New theme of the bumpercars: A Swedish classic candy - Ahlgrens Bilar. (Tho most sold car in Sweden ) Something is changing here... CLOSED New buildings are assembled beside Liseberg... And some new photos: The construction of the water land is moving along just fine.... The building for "World of Volvo" is massive. They vill move the Volvo museum with the all the cars to this building. Did Santa left some presents?? I think that the park looks at it best in the Halloween theme.. 360° version I hope to write here soon.... /// Marcus
  4. So back to the build update: As you can see, the construction of the hotell, water land and the parking garage the will have the Volvo museum on top is moving forward in a steady pace. And you see down below, there is a new building on the Liseberg horizon.. May your track rework go smoothly... The science museum Universeum are building a visualisation laboratory in a dome on top of the museum and it's now looking over Liseberg Information: https://www.universeum.se/nyheter/universeum-bygger-ut-och-upp/ (only in Swedish) 360° version Almost to sunny to take this photo /// Marcus
  5. I passed by Liseberg yesterday in the beautiful sunny weather to take new photos, before the fuel prices goes up to really crazy levels due to the current situation in the world..... When I downloaded the photos from the memory cards, I realised that I didn't post the photos from the visit to the park during the Christmas season So, to keep the timeline in order, here are the photos from the Christmas season: The days before the visit, nature dumped ca 50cm of snow, so all snow in the photos are real snow :) The amount of snow on my balcony in the morning of the visit to Liseberg Delivery route of Santa I hope that I have the photos from yesterday ready for posting tomorrow.... /// Marcus
  6. In the news today there was an artikel about that Balder will be closed the first half of the summer season due to track rework It's due to the same construction issues that made Colossos to be closed between 2016-2019 for track rework. Liseberg say that 33% of the track has been reworked last autumn and the work will continue this year until it can be opened.. The artikel is behind a pay wall, but I will link to the statement a soon it´s released. /// Marcus
  7. Sorry that I missed your question DCXS, due to that I don't get any notifications anymore via TT and and i'm only logging in to the forum once a month or less Today it was only a quick drive by photo shoot... The hotel looks almost finished on the outside and the water park and parking garage with the VOLVO experience center on top is coming along fine.. Cold but fun 360° version /// Marcus
  8. Time flies and it's already autumn...... To much other things to do, but I found time this Sunday in the beautiful weather to take a walk around the outside of the park. A lot has happen since last the last update, The outside of the hotel nears completion and the construction of Oceana is coming along. The construction of the new parking garagage has also begun.. Almost touching the stars... Preparation for the winter season is ongoing 360° version /// Marcus
  9. It is placed in the building next to the big stage: /// Marcus
  10. Today just a ordinary photo update.... 360° version /// Marcus
  11. Almost everything was running smoothly in the park, but some of the cues and dispatching of the trains needs to be adjusted, it's only the first day of operation in a CoVid-19 environment... Andreas and his staff was really happy to finally open the park to the public. /// Marcus
  12. VARNING - ATTENZIONE This post will contain a huge amount of random photos from the opening of Liseberg today Finally time to open The park is ready for guest for the first time since winter 2019 First some information about the news in the park: two new restaurants and a dark ride called Underlandet The Liseberg rabbits tried their best to support the technical description of the new dark ride... Then it was time to ride the new attraction Then it was time to pen the park fro the public Then it was time to ride some rollercoasters Valkyria is really close to the new hotel And now on to random photos of the park:
  13. Good to know why I don't get any notifications anymore in TapaTalk from ThemeParkReview and I was just thinking it was a "slow period".... Is there any other app to use for android to get notifications? Because I'm using TapaTalk for my main forums reader / notifier and very rarely visit the "full" web pages.... /// Marcus
  14. Here is a new photo update from Liseberg: Missed to post the photo I took last time I visited Liseberg.... And today as a comparison Did some more adjusting to the image: 360 And from the mountain lookout: Next time will be from the inside /// Marcus
  15. Yesterday Liseberg released the name of the new ride for 2022: Luna The contract is sign with the ride manufacturer, but nothing else is released...... /// Marcus
  16. Some more good news: the 3:de of June Liseberg will open but with some restrictions. Only ~5000 guest per day are allowed in to the park and you have to prebook your visit. Today @ 1000 the prebooking for all spots for the summer season will open!! /// Marcus
  17. Liseberg announced today that they will open the park for "walking" visitors and let them experience the spring in the park. No attractions will be operating. In the past Liseberg was open for the GP a couple of hours before the rides started to operate. /// Marcus
  18. Today it was a sunny, but cold and windy Easter Monday and I hade time to pas by Liseberg for some updates. Not a full "little planet"-montage due to high winds.. The hotel construction is full steam ahead and the prepwork for water land och parking garage is going fine. /// Marcus And now something really exiting, Liseberg had Helix and Valkyria out for preseason warm up Going down..... Loop de loop
  19. Due to good weather and nothing else to do today, here is a update.... The preparation for the waterland continues: The cleanup is on the way: View of the park: The view of the hotel at ground level: A full tiny planet shoot (you can almost see me ): And a classic view of Liseberg: /// Marcus
  20. They are going to move the museum from the factory in Arendal to on top of the new parking garage. https://volvomuseum.com/ /// Marcus
  21. Due to life and other stuff I haven't got time to do a photo update until now... First som photos from 20210103: And now to the photos from today: They have started with the roof construction and also with the entrance Liseberg has also started the construction of the waterland beside the hotel. The old SAAB transmission factory is now gone and the construction of the new parking garage and Volvo museum can begin.. View from the south end of the old parking lot. And I did som experimenting.... /// Marcus
  22. Passed by Liseberg today an took some photos: One wing of the hotel is rising fast... The entrance looks like normal, but is lacking visitors The staf @ Liseberg will have to wait until summer to greet visitor welcome. I hope that they haven't melted until then.... /// Marcus
  23. Passed by Liseberg yesterday and the weather was good so I could use my photo spot... /// Marcus
  24. Some new overview photos from my new photo spot I still hope that the regulations are changed in time, so Liseberg can be open for Christmas season...... /// Marcus
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