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  1. Passed by Liseberg yesterday and the weather was good so I could use my photo spot... /// Marcus
  2. Some new overview photos from my new photo spot I still hope that the regulations are changed in time, so Liseberg can be open for Christmas season...... /// Marcus
  3. Liseberg has released a teaser for Underlandet: I was also outside Liseberg and tested my new camera: The construction of the new hotel is progressing New view of the park A lot of cars and park visitors is missing in this photo :( Because of the CoVid-19 regulations in Sweden the big amusement parks are not allowed to open, so the small traveling ride operator Axels Tivoli booked the big gravel field Heden in central Gothenburg and operated some rides this summer.... They are also suffering this season, due to all the small "farmers markets" they usually attends is also
  4. Due to CoVid-19 Liseberg is not allowed to open the park But they are releasing onride videos from the big four, so everyone can take a virtual ride at home.. /// Marcus
  5. Today the Swedish interior minister informed that there will be no easing of the "maximum 50 people"-rule that restricts amusement parks in Sweden to open this summer... This means that Liseberg, Skara sommarland & Gröna Lund aren't allowed to open anytime soon Liseberg hope to be allowed to open at halloween...... /// Marcus
  6. At the moment there is no set date when Liseberg is going to open this summer, but it has been communicated that all musical performances until midsummer eve is canceled.. The maintenance and certification of all attraction is done so they are ready to spring in to action when Liseberg get the go ahead from the authorities. The construction of the new hotel continues. The new hotel Some rearrangement of rides is ongoing Ans some panoramic views of the park from the dates I have passed by Liseberg: 2020-02-02 2020-03-21 2020-04-19 2020-
  7. Liseberg has release a new drone flight video: /// Marcus
  8. Due to the situation with COVID-19, Liseberg will delay the season opening to 2020-05-16. The date can change, if the situation changes. /// Marcus
  9. With to much other stuff to do, I still got the time to visit Liseberg. But I didn't got time until now to post the photos... The workers at Liseberg has done a amazing job to transform the park from Halloween mode to Christmas mode in under 2 weeks time. And now the staff are able to rest until the summer season with the opening of Underlandet. /// Marcus
  10. Finally got time to go to Liseberg last Saturday with my camera and tripod.... Unfortunately it was quite crowded and then it started to rain...... And soon it's time for Christmas... /// Marcus
  11. Yesterday evening was the premiere of Halloween on Liseberg. Probably due to rain during the day the crowd was quiet moderate and I was able to do all the haunted attractions and ride all roller coasters in the park without almost any cues The new haunted attraction Skogen was really good. On to the photos: Kållerado without the water Hmm, I don't think that this is the correct way to install downpipes..... /// Marcus
  12. Yesterday evening the board of Liseberg gave the go-ahead to start the build of the hotel project.. https://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/liseberg/pressreleases/groent-ljus-foer-lisebergs-hotellprojekt-2923830 (swedish) So now they finally can start building the hotel.. /// Marcus
  13. ADVChina visits a city in northern Vietnam: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] /// Marcus
  14. Big news today: The new CEO is Andreas Andersen!!! /// Marcus
  15. And a bonus: I found some public documents at the city planning office about the expansion of Liseberg: First step /// Marcus
  16. The time goes to fast and I'm already back at work but I managed to vist Liseberg one time on my vacation and here aer the photos: Tight Two out of four Zoooom zoooom Hamnkvarteret looks really good One new load of riders And I finally got to ride the new trains on Lisebergbanan and there is some minute differens, but nothing that changes the joy of riding Lisebergbanan. /// Marcus
  17. Liseberg has released the drone video of Helix: /// Marcus
  18. Hi! Due to other stuff I haven't been so active on reporting things about Liseberg Liseberg has released some teaser videos when they chase the trains of Valkyria and Helix with drones And today they released the full length chase of Valkyria: Next Friday my 3 weeks of vacation starts and I will have some time to do a major update and I finally get time to ride Lisebergbanan with the new trains /// Marcus
  19. Latest news: Liseberg CEO Andreas Andersen is leaving for Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Pressrelease /// Marcus
  20. But now we have a place to make offerings to the roller coaster gods and that can still include beer, hammer and nails.... /// Marcus
  21. They was only running one train on Lisebergbanan, so the queue was very long. So I can't give you my opinion, but from a good source, the new trains is a improvement. /// Marcus
  22. Today it was the premiere opening of the summer season. After a period of sunny and warm weather, the weather gods decided that rain was needed.... Four teams competed for the glory to open the season. It was team Valkyria that was victorious and got to do the honors. And then the rain started (I wonder, if team Blader won, would it have been sunny?). Photos: Go team Valkyria The staff of Liseberg was greeting us New decoration inside the station of Lisebergbanan The new facade looks really good Lots of mist today Whoooooooo Liseberg has upgraded the entr
  23. Today the city planning office said ok to the building plan of the new hotel and water park. Just the main go ahead from the city left /// Marcus
  24. Today I hade a early errand in Göteborg and with the sunny Easter weather I took this photo from my usual spot. High resolution photo Liseberg also announced a competition that you can sign up for... The competition: Four teams will compete under 120 minutes to ride the 4 big rollercoasters (Lisebergbanan, Balder, Helix & Valkyria) in the park (a SuperFour). Every time your team completes a SuperFour, the team gets one point. The team with the highest score after 120 minutes wins. https://www.liseberg.se/superfyra-tavling/ <--- in Swedish /// Marcus
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