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  1. I believe it was the Rock N' Roller coaster w/ aerosmith at Disney Studios Paris. I was 7 at the time (now I'm 14).
  2. I really like McDonalds in France, much better than in the US. I would say KFC is better in USA though. Here, they don't have mashed potatoes or coleslaw, and the bread for sandwiches is pretty bad. Plus in the US they've got the Double Down! Here We've also got Quick. It's kinda like a french McDonalds. It's alright, but not as good as McD. I also like Subway. Usually get The Chicken or Subway club w/honey mustard sauce. I like the Meatball Marinara too but it always becomes a mess. Next to our house, we've got a fast food called "K-pital". Those guys serve burgers with like 3 slices of cheese and 1 pound of beef along with some other crazy sandwiches like one with two steaks, two breaded filets and chicken inside. Poor waistlines...
  3. ^ I agree. You should use a more original name for the looping coaster. Other than that, the park is great so far, nice job!
  4. I really like it so far. Nice work with the review, enjoyable to read, and the park is great!
  5. Roller coaster looks nice, also Windstorm gets my vote for the name.
  6. MUCH better than how Kings Paradise started. Nice start, can't wait for more. Park looks way better too with the little terraforming you did.
  7. Florida (Where I was born, got a house there) South Carolina (My dad's hometown) North Carolina New Jersey New York
  8. Looking good so far, nice entrance. Can't wait to see more. I'm not a big fan of the name "Alabama Adventure" though.
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