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Your first Arrow Dynamics coaster

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  • 10 months later...

It was "Wild Thing" here at Wild Waves, a 1984 Arrow loop/double screw, and I went back and rode it today...

My god that thing is relentless- it goes about 10mph faster than it needs to to clear the loop/corkscrews, so even in the back seat you get positive G's at the top of the loop, then it all goes sideways (literally) when your head bangs on the restraints through the weird, circular-profile corkscrews. Why Arrow seemingly understood the concept of a colloid loop, but made these corkscrews perfectly cylindrical, is beyond me.


The only part I really liked was the air time on the first drop- back seat only. I have video, I will post when it's edited

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The Wild Thing at Wild Waves.


Really?! You were there today too?? Lol

I agree. I Went on it today and got head banging in every way possible!


Were you wearing a green fleece and jeans? I thought about saying something to the other lone guy I saw on the coasters. You might be in this video, actually:


The back is WAY better than the front for comfort, plus the little airtime on the drop, but it doesn't make up for the savage headwhipping I was subjected to in any seat.


Timberhawk, on the other hand... tons of fun!

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Dahlonega Mine Train at Six Flags Over Georgia was my first. Thankfully, very few follow, limited to The Bat (KI), Tennessee Tornado (DW), Carolina Cyclone (CW), Carolina Goldrusher (CW), and Vortex (KI), probably the most painful rollercoaster I have ever ridden.

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Good ol Great American Scream Machine.


Which, despite its many faults, I still miss probably out of pure nostalgia. Was my first big lopping coaster! After SooperDooperLooper seeing that monster was so awe inspiring.

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It was either Canyon Blaster or Demon at PGA. Can't remember specifically. All I know is that Canyon Blaster and Lochness Monster are probably the only 2 Arrow loopers I actually enjoy.


The other loopers/corkscrew rides aren't necessarily terrible rides, but they're not particularly thrilling either

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