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Your first Arrow Dynamics coaster

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I think it would be Iron Dragon, when I became tall enough. My first coaster with a 48" restriction was Magnum, I believe. I'm not sure what I rode first - CCMR or Corkscrew, but I would guess CCMR. Corkscrew introduced me to "Arrow headbanging"

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Strictly speaking, it was the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland CA in 1994. (I chickened out in 1986.) I kind of don't want to count a Disneyland ride though..partly just because it's a lot of people's first Arrow and partly because Disneyland is just different for me.


If you don't count that one, my next Arrow was ironically, their last - X. Very first ride of the day on a trip to Magic Mountain on September 2nd, 2007.

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Looks like Matterhorn is taking it.


My first arrow was my second coaster ever--Dragon Mountain at Marineland in '86. The camp counsellor wanted to ride and I was the only kid holding out so she bribed me by letting me sit next to her. I think I had my eyes closed for drop and first two loops. The themed stuff still isn't finished I've heard

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Quite embarrassingly, I've never ridden an arrow as there are not that many here in Europe but I'll ride my first in a few days at Cedar point! Just haven't decided if it will be corkscrew or magnum.

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