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  1. ^This guy is awesome^ I agree 100%. I am baffled that someone would complain about a giga.
  2. All blueprints are now leaked. 330' ft high. You can see them at KI Central
  3. I've been staring at the posters from Winterfest 2018 for hours now. I'm wondering if the text in "Flight of Cheer" are colors of the coaster. The 355 written on the bottom of the calendar is the height and the face in the loop is the logo. The trademarked names of Orion & Polaris certainly fit the X-Base / space theme also. Also, the #5 that keeps popping up in easter eggs like Son of Beast station means the 5th giga in North America???
  4. Centurion - I think Cedar Fair trademarked it five years ago which is about when development of this coaster started.
  5. Centurion - I think Cedar Fair trademarked it five years ago which is about when development of this coaster started.
  6. The weather in Mason this evening is the kind when the Beast gives religious experience night rides.
  7. I still tip my hat to King's Island for going big and building a hyper woody. I don't think it worked out so well because the technology might not have quite been there considering it was in design stage in 95 or 96? Among other things.
  8. Great thread idea! Coasters in the snow are beautiful to look at. (Polar) Vortex - King's Island.
  9. Oh how i wish the surviving Arrow suspended coasters did this. I'm sure the shock companies do too. Just look at that car past 90 degrees! Nothing but OTR restraints too. You can also see how the brake design was already blowing the paint off the cars a few weeks into testing. One of the best things about getting old is saying that i got to ride the Bat.
  10. I love the feeling of having a coaster train all to yourself. It's rare for this to happen in my opinion. I've been lucky enough to have i305 twice, Banshee once, the Racer twice, the Beast once, and Magnum once. How about you?
  11. The Beast was giving religious experience rides last night. Nothing like a cool, dark foggy October night to bring out the best in that coaster. I've ridden it for 35 years, last night ranked as the best.
  12. The Mantis has broken from it's footings at Cedar Point and has flown to King's Island. it is currently eating the Eiffel Tower.
  13. I've done i305 58 times in a day. The Beast 35 in an afternoon. The Racer 62 at the charity event. Banshee 33 times on media day with the charity in the evening. Gatekeeper 48 times on media day. I even got sadistic and rode Vortex 22 times once, never again.
  14. Son of Beast cracked my C7 vertebrae. It healed naturally over time but my neck has never been the same since. I didn't let KI know because i was on LSD at the time and was afraid of police and ambulance lights. Ahhhh the good ole days.
  15. Yeah, KD has one of the best coasters in the world in i305. It's a great park and very clean. Give it a few more years. I don't you're going to get another coaster in the near future.
  16. There have only been two coasters i hated and wanted destroyed. Son of Beast and Mantis. I like this new Cedar Point announcement. I hope it is removed and they allow the GP to bring their own weapons for the demolition.
  17. Just wondering what all the enthusiasts think. If you could choose four legendary coaster people to be on Mount Rushmore, who would they be? Mine: Anton Schwarzkoph Werner Stengel Alan Schilke John C. Allen
  18. They did a charity called "A Kid Again" in the spring for kids with life threatening illnesses. Some of the money donated was used to make the bronze statue you see there. It was placed in May or June if my memory serves me.
  19. Yeah, i305 is way more intense than Maverick. Not even in the same league. I've not ridden them all, but i305 makes all other coasters boring to me.
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