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Your first Arrow Dynamics coaster

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My first (and sadly only) was Python at BGT. I was 8 or 9, and I cried for the whole queue. I don't remember anything except for the headbanging on the corkscrews :/ I wish I would have ridden it more now, as there aren't many left, and I would like to have a complete memory of one.

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Mine's the Runaway Mine Train at (Six Flags) Great Adventure. Not really well-known, but it was a pretty good ride.


My first one really well known for ages the world over was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which is accessible via an hour's drive from my house, if you know what I mean!

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My first Arrow was King River Mine Train at Six Flags Over Mid-America (aka SFSTL) I think 1991.

My first looping coaster Arrow had a hand in building was Ninja at Six Flags Over Mid-America 1993 I think.

My first pure Arrow looping coaster was the Orient Express Worlds of Fun 1995 or 1996 I think.

My first suspended coaster was Flight Deck King's Island 2011.

My first Arrow Hyper was Magnum XL-200 in 2012.

My first Arrow 4D was X2 in 2013.


I have yet to find an Arrow that I don't like.


I can't say that about any other manufacturer.

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I'm pretty sure it was Great American Scream Machine. I vaguely remember my first visit to Great Adventure in 1993....oh crap its coming back to me as I type! I remember we first went to GASM but the friend I was with made some lame excuse for not wanting to ride it. So we then rode Rolling Thunder follow by....Runaway Mine Train so that was my first. we never did ride GASM that day we rode Batman which i remember having a really long and it broke down a lot. I don't believe it was until 1995 that I was taken to Great Adventure again. I finally got to ride GASM and i loved it until the last ride I took on it.


I also could have been taken to Hershey Park first and it might have be Trailblazer, but I doubt it.

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my first Arrow coaster was Steel Phantom at Kennywood, the first week it was open. i LOVED the thing. it blew me away. in hindsight, yeah, it was rough, but i didn't know any better. (B&M hadn't built Batman: The Ride yet!)



i still have a Steel Phantom t-shirt and my daughter wears it as her nightshirt!



my second arrow coaster was Drachen Fire (R.I.P.). i loved this one as well, though not as much as Steel Phantom. my third arrow was Anaconda.

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