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  1. I did the survey and I am sure all the details are not all listed for competitive reasons but I sure hope they are not planning on getting into this alone. If so, getting into the Hotel Business is a questionable venture for SFSTL at best, it's not a true year round park and doesn't have enough destination attractions to justify such a move considering the many already existing hotels in the area. The Hospitality industry is VERY competitive and having traveled for work a lot, if they want to get into this, they need to understand, they cannot run hotels like they run amusement parks. You c
  2. Okay, plans have changed again. How busy will the park be during the week of Aug 27-Sep 2? I know during the weekdays the park has shorter hours. Any suggestions on which day to attend for reduced crowds?
  3. Given Six Flags' past, they probably have the old SFOG Ninja trains somewhere and they are using them for parts. I mean they still use parts from Mega Zeph's and Twisted Twins' trains on the Boss' trains. The only new parts train I've seen is one train from Roar. The park didn't get Medusa's trains after it closed and the last Arrow train the park received was the spare for Boomerang. Also weren't the old trains on Blue Hawk Vekoma? If they were I doubt very many parts from thpse trains would work on an Arrow. One of the trains on Blue Hawk was one of the arrow trains from GASM
  4. Note that I said "If", meaning I don't think we need it right now. As of right now, you are 100% correct that this would not make sense. My point is I can see this someday being a possibility because I have ridden many GCI's that haven't aged all that well. I don't see it happening with the Boss as it remains popular, I don't see it happening with the Screaming Eagle because it remains a staple and has aged quite well, but I could see it happen to the American Thunder say 10 years down the road if it has aging issues like many other GCIs. To be honest, it is the one I would prefer to be tr
  5. Thank you joelwee for the information. Do you have a link for this quote? I honestly would prefer to wait a year or two before going back, but with the rumor, I really don't want to miss the last chance to ride the Viper (or the Ninja for that matter).
  6. The former Rattler and Boss are two very different coasters with very different levels of roughness. While the Boss will never be mistaken for smooth, the Rattler was so rough in shaking left and right it slammed my rib cage pretty much non-stop on the ride. The Boss at least has some pretty good airtime hills, the Rattler was pretty much just a never ending helix. The Rattler desperately needed the Iron Horse conversion and the parts removed, no one misses. The Boss all in all is a very good wooden coaster, if it could be smoother that would be great, but it doesn't need it like the Rattl
  7. In light of the rumors about the Viper being possibly tore down, I'm looking at visiting the park again either the week of June 4-10 or on September 21. When would be better to attend in attempting to have shorter ride lines? Do when know if any of their coasters are scheduled to be down during either of these time frames (particularly X2, Viper, Ninja, Twisted Colossus, or Full Throttle)?
  8. What would be interesting is if they built them using the T-Rex track set up. That would probably help to make them more affordable. I could see this with new installations, but not as much with refurbishing Arrow Mine trains. The Mine Trains are the oldest group from Arrow (aside from Disney's unique attractions) of rollercoasters that exist today. While some are most certainly not the smoothest and in fairness a number of them could use some re-imagining in parts, they seem to be sufficient for the parks needs hence the reason that they have mostly not been torn down and replaced (unlike
  9. This is what I will say on the matter. I'm not thrilled about the new attraction but I'm not going to carry on about it. Many of the people who work at the park are saying that the park is investing in park maintenance that had been neglected for a long time. Let me ask you this. How is the impact on the attendance of the park itself since they have been going this direction especially considering the increasingly aggressive competition from HW and SDC? Also, what exactly have they been working on as there is much there that looks to be in terrible condition (parking lots, roves, paint jo
  10. Visited Dollywood on 06/20/2016 (if I remember correctly): Tennesse Tornado: The Arrow for B&M fans. This has to be one of the smoothest coasters I have ridden and much smoother than a number of B&Ms I have ridden (any Batman the ride but especially SFOT, Rougarou/Mantis in both forms, Raptor, Riddler's Revenge, Scream!, Dominator (KD), Alpengeist, just to name a few). So smooth, I did not even hold on to the handle bars and did NOT knock my head once. Air time was a bit weaker than I remember experiencing on Vortex and Loch Ness Monster, but stronger than most B&Ms. If it
  11. Visited the park on 06/22/2016: Goliath: Hands down the best coaster in the park. Stronger airtime than the very overrated Diamondback (KI). Not as strong as Magnum XL-200 or Phantom's Revenge. The very back seat hurt my back at the last dip before the break, towards the front seems to be the best location. 8/10 Mind Bender: One of the best Schwartzkopfs I have ridden. Would have to ride this back to back with Schockwave to see which I like better. It would have benefitted from more elements though, but it is an older coaster afterall. It took almost an hour to get on it though 7.
  12. I could see the point of adding Mystic Timbers if the park was using it to replace the Racer, but frankly what does this add to the park experience that was lacking? If this were 15-20 years ago, I could possibly see the wisdom of this addition or if it were to have around a 150-160 ft drop as a way to compete against HW's Voyage in being a more modern type, but why this and not an RMC coaster? Why not have RMC make a replacement to Son of Beast that is actually good? KI the park that broke the records for having the longest wooden coaster (still standing record), the first suspended coaste
  13. This is obviously the case. Corporate in general seems not to really care about investing much of anything into the park. The often lamented poorly treated SFA since the bankruptcy has received 2 coasters while we received 1. SFFT has received 2 new coasters (one fixing their terrible wooden coaster). SFOG received a new coaster and a noteworthy refurbishment to an old one (not just adding a silly gimmick that does nothing to enhance the ride for everyone. I will also say this to be fair. While SFSTL may not have the best coaster line up (anymore) compared to its local competition (SDC
  14. I think it's really interesting that WoF seems to have what we all claim Six Flags needs, a legit hyper. But when it comes down to it you still say it doesn't have one of those rides that really grabs you and makes you want to come back. Makes me wonder if SFSTL ever did build a hyper if it would calm the masses, or if its just been seen as another geneceric or clone. I understand what you mean, but just going by the statistics isn't enough to compare roller coasters. Imagine taking cars with similar track/performance times and saying they offer similar driving experiences, because they a
  15. Nor do I hence why I rate the Rattler below it as that slammed me side by side resulting in very hurt ribs and a hurting back and debate whether Mean Streak is worse or not. If it is supposed to be a family friendly wooden coaster, why does it have the same height requirement (48 inches) as Prowler? Why does WOF rate it as a 5 (Aggressive Thrill) and the Prowler as only 4 (High Thrill)? Also why is it not listed under WOF's family rides & Family Attractions? Considering its established reputation of having injured riders (an 11 year old boy in 2014 not to mention the 1995 fatality an
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