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  1. Revolution at Dorney was operating today as well.
  2. First of all it's been hard enough for people to get a ride on it no matter what time of day it is. Second the park isn't open very often past daytime regardless.
  3. YES!!! Every trip I take I usually do the regular lines of Forbidden Journey, Escape from Gringots and Men in Black once. After that I use the single rider line for rerides.
  4. ^ My friend and I were wondering if night ERT happened. I'm glad we gave up around 10:45 as we were both beat from the 30+ hours over the two days. Im glad to hear that those who waited it out got a little bit of ERT though. We hit the park Sunday and got a bunch of rides as the crowds were very light and then I made the 11 hour drive home which sucked. Overall I was surprised by CoasterStock and I'm thinking that I'm going to make it an annual event.
  5. This looks like the rumors about a Mack might be true. The supports on Manta look very similar. This makes me instantly very interested in what this is going to be!
  6. 61/62 in north America. I haven't been to Worlds of Fun since 2003, so no Patriot for me. Also I can't say it will be anytime soon...well maybe 2018 depending what SDC is building.
  7. I've actually met you during Coasters after Dark (RIP) on El Toro a couple of years ago
  8. 112 of 126 items (89%) Rank: #4 of 457 users (top 1%) I will being doing all three of the new for 2017 and at least 5 maybe 6 that i'm missing. The 2 Canada ones i'm missing and one mexico won't happen for a few years. Washington state fair will likely be the last one in the US that I ride.
  9. I agree they are absolutely hideous thankfully Great adventure didn't get those colors. I'd want to vomit every time I walked up to the gate
  10. Universal Studios Orlando the second weekend of February because the 2 1/2 month off season just is still too long. I'm definitely getting spoiled.
  11. Oh dear I just had flashbacks of the cesspool that RRC became.... Anyways this guy is obviously crazy. Also bringing the kid into it...WTF I'm surprised you made it as long as you did doing trips with how self entitled people are these days. I went on one TPR trip in 2013 and had a great time. I can't say that every aspect was catered to my liking but I'd be crazy to expect that it would be on a group trip. Heck one part of the trip that I thought was going to be completely stupid ended up being one of the highlights AKA City museum. I would have been hard-pressed to have saved much money doing it myself. At the same time all had to do is show up. I didn't have to spend any time on planning or any of that stuff which I love doing but in that case I didn't want to especially since I did additional week afterwards on my own. And of course I'm sure Robb remembers my crazy roommate of the same name but not once did I ever complain about because it was out of his hands. what was the point of complaining he had no idea the guy was going to be a weirdo. Anyways closing statement you did an awesome job with the trips it sucks that people had to ruin it
  12. Wow I never though that someone couldn't be more singular in their though process. I've always said everyone one is entitled to their our opinions but this sir is lunacy.
  13. Is West Coast Bash still happening this year? I thinking about travel plans and just want to confirm that its still happening.
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