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  1. They have been there at least a year, maybe two. And they aren't trims. Correct, they're part of the emergency stop system if a train needs to be evacuated on the lift hill.
  2. Being part Nuclear Engineer major I know the Chernobyl disaster quite well, one of the most fascinating things from the entire disaster was the special ops team they deployed to the roof top to clean the exploded graphite and debris off down to the ground for bulldozers to clean up. Needless to say, those men's lives didn't last much longer past that night but truly an incredible story to say the least.
  3. I think it's so funny this is the most land escavation they've done at Dorney for how many years, and it's for a pavilion
  4. Just when I didn't think the internet could become more stupid, I just saw an argument where someone was persistent in thinking that Maverick will be removed since it is a sub-par coaster compared to the RMC Meanstreak. I'm sorry, what?
  5. Haha always have to appreciate the new ride season though, all the newbies know the specifics!
  6. UGH all this Wicked Cyclone talk makes me miss it even more right now. Just an incredible design
  7. I have two home parks so... Hersheypark 1) Skyrush 2) Storm Runner 3) Lightning Racer 4) Great Bear 5) Fahrenheit 6) Laff Trakk 7) SDL 8) Wild Cat 9) Comet 10) Wild Mouse 11) Sidewinder 12) Coco-Cruiser 13) Trailblazer (honestly awful one trick pony) Six Flags New England 1) Wicked Cyclone 2) Superman 3) Batman 4) Thunderbolt 5) Pandemonium 6) Gotham City 7) Mind Eraser 8) Flashback 9) Catwomans Whip 10) Goliath (since I haven't even got to ride it...)
  8. I still think Banshee is one of the more beautiful coasters out there
  9. Always thought it looked awesome with the whole setting it sits in. Great video!
  10. To be fair (barring Mean Streak somehow being a 2017 attraction), right now the 3 biggest coasters coming to the U.S. next year are this, another mid sized GCI and a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter thing at the Jersey Shore. It's really not even much of an underdog... there's basically no competition here. Very true actually. As of now it would be the 2nd best most likely
  11. I think InvadR is going to be one of the underdogs this year that makes a big impact. The theming is going to be incredible and should provide a nice ride with the tunnels and ride interaction
  12. Very unfortunate it is to remain closed until further notice. It is just very mind boggling that the building permit can be terminated that easily. Is that how it is in the US too?
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