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  1. I was just there yesterday, and saw some wooden crates with rebar or something in them off by the lake for Flight Deck. Anybody know anything about construction over there?
  2. I have the Mac Steam version, and when i try to download CS, it seems like I have missing folders. The folder I'm supposed to put it in doesn't even exist on my version. It still works fine. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help.
  3. Oh-so dear amazing Title Fairy, May I please have some Led Zeppelin lyrics as my title?
  4. I was kind of hoping that Whitewater would get to building a sphere slide first.
  5. No offense, because it is a good ride, I think you killed the thread with the ZacSpin.
  6. I'm in the process of learning custom scenery and supports (figuring out how to download them). Enjoy these images.
  7. Waterpark lovers/reddit users should go check it out!
  8. m.imgur.com/a/BAWBa Wanda Park's new teasers and a fan rendition.
  9. I don't see any major flaws other than it being a bit too fast through some inversions. As long as the G's are in the green, I don't care.
  10. Take a look at these HD (not) iPad screenshots. Also,vote for the name. Each name has it's own story and theme. Hopefully after two weeks, the name will be decided. The Uphill Launch and Top Hat The Beyond Vertical Drop The Interlocking Norwegian Loop and Twisted Stengel/Overbank The Overbank Slalom The Twisted Double Up Layout Overview
  11. Wrecked on Netflix is surprisingly decent. Adrien Brody is really good in it.
  12. On Tatsu's pretzel loop you are upside down, though.
  13. There's a slide at my local waterpark where I constantly fall out of the tube. Wait, what am I talking about, that's the BEST waterslide.
  14. Shenzhou Surfing Chuanlord Holiday Manor http://rcdb.com/10033.htm# I'm on my iPad, will post later
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